chronicles of morred
3 Chapter two: The prince
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chronicles of morred
Author :Yusco
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3 Chapter two: The prince

Layla sighs and says " but we can't go down without a fight ". she hears some snarls and quickly turns back and see's a lot of orcs rushing towards her.

She swiftly sets an arrow and fires continuously, killing them one by one but their numbers continiously increasing by the minute.

*****(In the clouds)*****

A griffin with a mixture of coffee brown feather and golden brown fur with its fore legs as that of an eagle but its hind legs as that of a lion, with a lions tail and an eagles head covered with white feathers and golden yellow beak. looking closer its rider wear a white silk hooded robe, which envelops his whole body. another creature swiftly approaches it a white winged horse its rider also wearing a hooded robe.

The second rider pulls down his hood and pushes back the robe revealing a standard travellers attire composed a long sleeve shirt made of cotton with leather braces on his wrist and his sword in his scabbard carefully slung across his shoulder and a pair of black pants also made out of cotton. as the winds blows at his face he is caramel skinned with a low cut.

He shouts yells " should we be doing this ". the other rider also pulls down his hood and reveals white skinned face face, his black hair neatly kept.

He yells back " why not ". simultaneously pushes back his robe and pulls out his sword which is slightly larger then the other riders he is dressed in the sam attire as the other rider.

He says " well we're here, I'm going in ". he pats the griffin and says " let's do this boy ". the griffins squeals. the rider his sword and begins to draw energy into his blade, his eyes and sword are enveloped by the white energy. the griffin dives down breaking through a blanket of cloud, the other rider following suite.

*****(in the battlefield)*****

The orcs begin to overwhelm layla pushing her to the edge of the hill. she swiftly jumps off the hill some of the orcs follow suit. she begins shooting them mid air. She receives a backhand from an orc causing her to hit the ground with great force. she becomes dazed.

The rider shoots out the sky swiftly swings his sword forth, a large amount of energy flies out vaporizing tons of orcs within moments. he immediately jumps off. the griffin goes into a frenzy attacking multiple orcs.

The rider still enveloped with energy everything slows down due all his senses being drastically enhanced he looks around the battle field and sights layla laying helplessly on the floor she slowly raises her head as an orc reaches for her.

He gasps " layla ". and swiftly dashes towards her, killing more orcs with raw force. he instantly grabs layla and appears behind the orc escaping its grasp. it turns and yells in orcish " die you fiend ". it throws his axe forth. the rider turns around and smoothly dodges it. he throws a kick an invincible force flies from it hitting the orc and those behind it.

She ragains her self, looks up and say in a shocked tone " Morred ".

He grins at her and slowly places her on the ground. she is still dumbfounded. but immediately comes out of the shock as loud cries can be heared all around them as more soldiers run towards the battle field instantly overpowering the orcs. forcing them to flee as the soldiers begin to jubilate.

The other rider is shown pulling his blade out an orcs chest. he walks towards morred who just powered down and says " aren't you going to talk to her ". he points at layla.

Morred replies " I'm about to ". he walks towards layla and he starts to talk to her the other rider watches. brontus slowly walks up to him and says with his hoarse voice " long time no see ".

He smiles and replies " Indeed my friend ". brontus looks at layla and Morred then says " that's not going to end well ". The griffin lands a few feet away from them

In the blink of an eye Layla burries her fist in his belly and says " don't ever touch me again '. she walk towards the griffin and pats brushing his head then smiles and say " long time astral ". then she continues towards the rider then says " Finn ". he smiles then says " layla ".

She immediately walks past him brontus following suite. Finn walks towards morred whose back is now on the floor with his hands on his belly as he winces in pain. He helps him up and says " well how did it go ".

Morred replies " better then I expected ". as he reaches his griffin then pats his head and says " Girls are a the greatest mystery yet to be resolves ".


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