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3 Granny Elixer
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Author :Celestial_monk
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3 Granny Elixer

Yuan was impatient to get rid of his memories. He had always been wondering if one day he would be able to live a better life, and here he was given an opportunity. As he swiftly made his way through the other side of the gate, he realised that the world had changed.

It was no longer gloom, nor were there any signs of crimson sun. Was this a different world? Yuan was not sure but before he could advance any further, something crashed onto him, making him tumble onto the ground.

"How dare you stumble upon me. You moron. Stop looking at me with your hideous eyes. Lick the floor and I might forgive you."

A voice came from underneath him. Yuan was about to move, but he was thrown away before he could do anything. Being an unfortunate person all his life, he stood up with a calm expression.

He glanced ahead of him to see a small lady, with bright crimson eyes who stood proudly with her underdeveloped body. Although she tried to portray a mature face, it seemed like a kid pretending to be an adult.

"Did you not hear me? I will destroy your soul if you are to disagree," she said whilst pointing her tiny finger at him.

Yuan was frustrated as he realised that he had been wronged. Unable to control his anger, he said, "Sorry, it's my fault I could not see someone so tiny. I mean, even now as a soul, it hurts my head to tilt to see you. You must be one of those bitches who think they are at the top cause of their daddy. Guess what, you are just someone who is basic."

Realising that she was at her peak moment, he added, "Where even are your parents? Oh wait, they probably got tired of you and hanged themselves"

Yuan was not sure how confrontation worked. He never once tried to stand up for himself as he never could feel the confidence. He continued for quite some time until he vented out his emotions. Unable to endure the sudden ruthlessness, the young lady started to tear up.

"You… just you wait!" She said as she tried wiping her tears. Mortified that people would see her tearing up, she ran away while hiding her tears. As one of the ten commanded of Granny Elixir and the precious daughter of Lord Yama, it was the first time some had dared to bad mouth her. Going through the first confrontation of her life, she did not know what to say.

"Did I do too much?"

Yuan questioned himself but realised there was no need to feel guilty. Either way, his memories were about to be wiped out, so the guilt was short-lived.

The girl finally calmed after getting to her home. Although as she thought back, her heart began to burn with wrath. The tingle of redness gave her a horrifying image, which further intensified as she smiled.

"This humiliation is rather unsettling," she said as she placed her hand onto her pocket. She took out a cubical object, and said, "Let me see what he despises the most."

A jumble of image popped up from the cube, in form of projections. It was full of Yuan's experience with bullying, which amounted from his birth to his death.

Looking through it like a movie, tears started to gather around the girl's eyes. Rather in disbelief, she said," Guess I have to tone down the punishment. I will not kill him as I am not that much of a ruthless person"

'His memories are rather harsh, so I might as well give it to him. Next time he comes, he will make sure he doesn't confront me.' As she thought, a glass appeared in her hands. Inside the object, a deep blue liquid was present, which oozed out the most overwhelming smell.

Yuan walked for a while before

"Is this the place?" Yuan questioned a horned being near the

Ignorant of the fact that his life was soon to have an astonishing start, Yuan headed inside.

As he slid the door, he saw an old lady sitting, with a seiza position in front of a luxurious table. The carving was a fine art of itself, which could not be bought with money. Yuan wondered if he could have sold his body in his previous life to buy himself such a table.

While he was wondering about random things, a voice entered his ears, "Hello there, young man. Let me look at your hands."

Startled by her soothing voice, he naturally extended his hand forward. Although he was nervous, he braced himself as he saw her transparent wrist sliding through his palm.

Granny Elixir sat with a composed figure, and after a sip of tea, she glanced at his eyes full of commiseration. Her voice turned even more soothing as she said, "You are someone who has suffered a lot, although not as much as some people I have encountered in my life. You do not have to be so dispirited. Life is a cycle, and the gathering of experience is a contribution in our society."

Yuan felt like a grandchild as he faced the granny: she was like his foster father, who cared for him more than anyone

"Alright drink this elixir. These shall send you free of those memories," she said as she handed him a glass.

Yuan's eyes gleamed as he emptied the glass with no hesitation. However, he did not feel anything fuzzy or became unconscious. He felt like nothing had changed.

"Do not worry. It will take time to take an effect," the granny said as she smiled. She raised her index finger and pointed it towards his finger as she said, "You shall find fortune within your unfortunate self."

A crazy amount of energy poured out of her index finger and onto Yuan's head. As he felt a gush of information, he started to shake.

"The world has free will. It provides the person who has suffered the most, the most fortune. The technique I have passed onto you which unifies the world, so treat it with extreme caution. This will only take effect when you are twelve or so. The world you are to visit is one of danger greater than your previous world, so think before you act."

"There are six directional worlds waiting for you to inhabit. Prepare yourself to choose."


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