WAR-Destiny of Future
180 Chapter 172 - Blind Spot.
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WAR-Destiny of Future
Author :AI380
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180 Chapter 172 - Blind Spot.

Later, evening, Maria and the girls reached White's village with Grandpa White, they followed Grandpa White to Mr. Teacher's house. Mrs. Teacher is crying while Darrie is comforting her while wiping off her tears. Maria is a bit moved by the sight, as in his impressions, they are supposed to be mean and arrogant. He walked to them and greeted politely, however...

"Mom, why is he wearing lady's outfits? Is he what people called as tranny?" Darrie asked and Mrs. Teacher quickly pulled her son away from Maria.

"Stay away from my son!" said the lady.

Yes, that's how they should behave, it's hard for someone to change their personality after all. Maria nodded as a sign of understanding.

"I see, then I shall take my leave." said Maria, about to step out of the house.

"No, hold on..." Grandpa White stopped Maria, then he proceeds to explain the situation to the mother and son.

After realizing that Maria is the help Grandpa White brought for them, they apologize to Maria for their rudeness.

Mrs. Teacher starts explaining the situation to Maria. According to her, Mr. White went to the forest three days ago without telling them the reason, for her, it's quite unusual since the forest can be quite dangerous and her husband doesn't like outdoor activities.

"I see, but didn't anyone in the village helps to look for him? I mean, it has been three days after all." said Maria.

"Well..." Mrs. Teacher tried to say something but felt a bit awkward.

"No one wants to help them apparently, except for me and Fetty's husband. We had tried finding him the whole yesterday but we didn't found him, he might have gotten into the deeper part of the forest, which is quite dangerous, especially for two unarmed old men like us. So we do not dare to get in further." Grandpa White.

Maria thought for a while, he almost believed that Grandpa White is an 'unarmed old man' if Junior didn't tell him about some super robot Grandpa White make, but right now that's not his concern.

"I am not as capable as Chris and is not able to do his sense link, but I do have my own way to trace Mr. Teacher's current location. Can you please get any of his close items for me?" Maria asked.

Then, Mrs. Teacher took out a pair of indoor slippers from a shoe rack. Maria took out a small silver ball and rubbed it in a special pattern, the small ball starts to open up and turned into a small creature with a big nose, I avoid confusion, let's just call it Big Nose. Big Nose sniffed that slippers... And sneezed.

Everyone including Maria, look at that little guy, the atmosphere is a bit awkward, after a few seconds, Big Nose starts taking its steps walking towards the door. Every step it takes will leave a glittering footprint. Seeing the little creature start walking, Maria relieved.

"Now we just need to follow this little guy, he should lead us to Mr. Teacher's location." said Maria.

Then Maria and the girls as well as Grandpa White start to follow Big Nose's footprints and reach the forest near White's Village...


Meanwhile, Quill Town, Cathedral, Dominic's room.

Dominic is preparing for the evening prayer later, as Dan was badly injured, the other clergy took over his place temporarily, it's the clergy Sky and Chris saw from the tracker. He handed Dominic his clothes for the ceremony. Then the clergy started to ask some rather confidential questions.

"Your Grace, those outsiders seem to had successfully cleansed the abandoned building, but none of them are reporting this to you, do you want to summon them again for the detail?" the clergy asked.

Dominic gives him a leer which caused him to flinched a bit.

"You probably don't know that I don't like people to ask me such a confidential thing. But I'll forgive you this time. As for the matter you asked about, I believe once they had get everything done, they will come and give me a report, the reason they are not reporting anything to me to is most likely that the issues in that building had not been entirely solved, they have the freedom to not report every single little thing of the quest, since they are not under my authority, and most importantly, I trusted them." said Dominic with a smile.

The clergy nodded and proceed to help Dominic to put on the clothes and accessories for the evening prayer.


Mini Dimension.

Sky and Chris are still observing the tracker's records. Ben had left the Mini Dimension as soon as Seito and Bob recovered from the incense's effect in order to prevent unnecessary suspects from the caretakers. They had been tracking the every single movement of Dan and the other clergy from the tracker's record and found something super suspicious, especially Dan.

In some occasions, Dan will suddenly 'disappear' from the tracker's record, by disappear, it means that at a same period all of the trackers do not have any record of Dan in it, and it is confirmed that he is still in the town as his movements still captured by the trackers a second before the sudden disappearance.

"Could this be the blind spot for these trackers?" Sky asked.

"Probably, but why do these blind spots even existed? I wonder if they have any special purpose?" said Chris.

Sky switched back and forth in-between the different trackers, then he stuck into a deep thought.

"Hmm? Did you figure out anything?" Chris asked.

"I don't know, but give me a few minutes." said Sky before taking out his tablet and opened a map of Quill Town, then he starts doodling and marking the maps while carefully observed through the tracker's records...


*Something out of the story

Sky: "Dear readers."

Chris: "Hmm?"

Sky: "This chapter is meant to be released for webnovel.com."

Chris: "Oh! This matter. Yes, if you're reading this chapter on another platform than webnovel.com, know that it's an illegal copy diffused without the Writer's authorization."

Sky: "As what Chris said. Right now, this story is free on the authorized platform, so please read it from authorized platforms as mental support for the writer."

Chris: "Mhm... There are two authorized platforms. One is webnovel.com. And another one is that messy and half-dead Weebly site that she uses for draft and backup... But not recommended."

Sky: "Ah... Haha. Yes, as Chris said."

Chris: "But look out, those scums might change this note to their own website link. So, be cautious.

Sky : "By the way, if the cover page is the old cover page that shows  two stickmen, stop reading it, it's cursed and might caused the writer to stop writing."



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