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Travelling Through Worlds with Hax
Author :Silent_Moon
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2 System




"Starting fusing with the host!"























"Successfully fused with the host"


"Hello, Host"


'So this is the system that I asked for...? So, what kind of system are you?' Akatsuki asked.

'System is System.' The system said in an indifferent tone that sounded like a woman's.

'Hoh? *chuckle*' Akatsuki chuckled in amusement.

'So, what are we going to do now?' Akatsuki asked with an amused tone.

After saying so, the system immediately replied with the same indifferent tone. "We are going to do that in a moment but first do you wish to know your identity in the 'New World'?'

'Heh? All right, but first let me ask some questions first.' Akatsuki asked the System.

'Shoot.' The system said.

'First, are you a male or a female? Though I'm pretty sure that you're a female I just want to make sure that you aren't an Otokonoko.' Akatsuki said with a suspicious look etched on his face.

The system seemed to be reluctant about answering his question as it took a while before it answered. 'I am a female. a woman. a girl.'

'Heh? a female? *chuckle* Then what am I going to call you? As calling you system isn't really convenient or do you want me to give you one myself.'

'Give me something good.'

'All right! for now on I'll call you Irene!' Akatsuki said with a cheerful tone.

'Meaning?' The system now called Irene asked.


'What is the meaning of the name?' Irene repeated her question.

Akatsuki didn't answer for a while and after a while, he finally answered.

'Hmmm... I don't know. I just gave you the first thing that came to mind.'

Irene didn't answer as she probably just gave up as talking with this guy is just a waste of time.

'Then, can I just tell you your background?' Irene asked with a helpless tone.

'Yeah sure.'

After a while, Irene began to talk about his background in the 'New World'.

She explained that his new identity is the 'Prince of the Great Tomb of Nazarick' and also the next-in-line to the throne of Nazarick, in other words, he is the Crowned Prince of Nazarick he's name is Alexander Lionheart.

Alexander Lionheart is an NPC that was originally created as both the Strongest World Enemy and World Guardian. He is both a God and a Devil. The Devil God. Created from both demonic and divine power and the greatest masterpiece that the Game Master created before the End of Yggdrasil, he was supposed to be introduced in the game in the next update, unfortunately, because of the sudden change on the developers the game marked it end but three days before the game ended he was gifted to the Guild, Ainz Ooal Gown as a farewell gift for some reason.

After he was given to Nazarick, he was immediately titled as the Prince by Momonga to ease his loneliness and began treating him as his child even though he was just an emotionless NPC. He was also as devoted as the others as his settings were also tampered by Momonga. (Of course, it's not the 'In love with Momonga' part.) His settings that were originally empty became some kind of essay because of Momonga's tampering. He also put a 'Treats Momonga as his biological father and completely loyal to Nazarick' to his lore. and he was also titled as the strongest character in not only Nazarick but the Entire Game as well.


Alexander's Stats are as follows:

Total Level:


Racial Level:

Noah (15)

Demon King (10)

Devil God (5)

Job Level:

Fallen Apostle (15)

Banished Deity (15)

World Enemy (10)

World Guardian (10)

King of Hell (10)

Ruler of Heaven (10)

Approximate Status:

HP - 500

MP - 500

Phy. Atk. - 380

Phy. Def. - 350

Agility - 350

Mag. Atk. - 450

Mag. Def. - 430

Resistance - 340

Special Ability - 500

Total - 3,800

(A/N: OP right?)


'Hoh? Just as how I want it to be.' Akatsuki now Alexander thought while chuckling evilly.

This is how he wanted his status to be. Though he was quite dissatisfied about the things Momonga put in his Lore, he let it slide as he knew that Momonga was just angry that most of the members quit the games and decided to put more attention to their real lives. Something that Alexander was really familiar too.

After nodding in satisfaction about his status, Alexander asked Irene.

'Hey! So what about my appearance deal with the old man?'

Looking like she just remembered it, Irene just shrugged it off and replied.

'About that... Do you really want to change your appearance? I'd suggest that you take a look in your avatar's appearance before trying to change it because I know that you have some shitty tastes.' She said in a mocking tone.

Hearing her words, Alexander was originally enraged but knowing that it was the truth he tried to calm himself down as he said while trying to stop himself from wishing that she never existed.

'Oh? Bring it.'

'Game.' She said.

After she spoke, a screen appeared before Alexander, in it was a portrait of a naked young man with a lean build, white hair, and emerald colored eyes. His body is absolutely perfect, something that Alexander himself was jealous of especially the guy's ample asset it was 13.5 inches long... absolutely breathtaking.

The guy's white hair was also perfectly compatible with his eyes coupled with the guy's incredibly handsome face, it was a miracle! a sin!

While Alexander was enviously looking at the avatar, he realized that this body was his! His new body! If this is not his, whose nameless bastard should it belong to? He believes that a perfect body should be with the perfect man! Such perfection should only be with the best! and who is it if not him? Yeah, Totally a lie.

But, Alexander seriously believed that this is his soon-to-be body! He couldn't wait to have this body! He wanted to do a roleplay too and Nazarick is the perfect place to just do that.

He couldn't hold his excitement any longer as he immediately decided to ask Irene if this body is his.

'Hey, Irene! Is this body mine?!'

He asked in an excited tone. Who wouldn't be excited about this? Learning that you died, then met a God, and then going to transmigrate to another world while having such a perfect body that's basically every man's dream body, who wouldn't be excited?

His attitude in front of the old man earlier was just nothing but a petty revenge a way for him to vent his resentment. he wanted him to feel what he felt even if it's just a little bit.

'Yes, it is. What, unsatisfied?' Irene asked with a confident tone.

'Unsatisfied? No! I'm absolutely satisfied!' Alexander was so excited that he even ignored the provocation.

His excitement continued for a while until Irene finally decided to drop a bomb.

'Oh! By the way.' Irene said.

'What is it?'

'You will not be able to use me, the system while being on this world.' She said in a serious tone.


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