The Ascension Merchant
21 Temple of the Nine Divine
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The Ascension Merchant
Author :Nihility
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21 Temple of the Nine Divine

The hellish scream of the Ancient Corrupted Sentinel Guard still echoed throughout the city as Joseph, Ann and her mother had made their escape through all the alleyways and back streets to avoid any suspicious thoughts being raised about them.

Every now and then the trio would run into small groups of other citizens making their escape making for the various city gates or to other areas of the city unaffected by the demonic construct and in their fear there was hardly any time to really take notice of their surroundings.


"Where's Joseph?" - His mother was anxiously crying out to her husband, ever since the incident they had noticed that their son had gone missing. While they were aware he had gone to down into the city with one of the young maids normally it would have fine and there would be no issues.

But out of the blue some one had summoned some kind of demonic creature while everybody was panicking in the lowest city circle, those in power were quick to notice that this demonic thing just seemed to stand in place as if it was dormant.

They soon realized how wrong they were when the Ancient Corrupted Sentinel Guard released it's hellish scream from its corrupted maw.

"Calm down dear, I'm sure my grandson is safe and sound and will be back shortly, he hasn't been out that long." - Thedius tried to comfort his daughter in law as best he could with but he himself was concerned after all something like this had never happened before, at least that he could remember of in his long life.

The Fallenwind household was tense from the missing heir and the unknown demon suddenly appearing within their city walls was a great source for concern.


Three people, one man and two women could be seen moving through the dark streets, ever since the demon had been summoned the sky had darkened, filled with terrible clouds bringing with them a promise of a heavy down pour and the rumblings of soul crushing thunder.

The giant demon that had stood still suddenly took a step forward crushing the barricade the city guard had set up earlier and a few houses under its foot.

It had started to move, something had summoned it to this world.

It could feel its presence among the souls around it... something was blocking it... resisting its will.

The feeling of being resisted was something it had never felt, it was something new.

It was a feeling it found perplexing at first and the more it searched for what or who had summoned it the stronger the resistance it encountered, over time it felt the feeling gradually lessen, while it was having its will strongly resisted to, it could sense the vague direction of that feeling and started moving towards it.

Something it found strange and capable of resisting its will had to be annihilated.

As it walked it brought death with it, each step killing those poor souls who had been terrified of leaving and while for some death may have been the sweet release of the horror they faced, only further horror awaited those poor souls as runes of unknown origin lit up on the dark armor sucking in the souls of the innocent into a dark swirling vortex of unending suffering.

The power source for the ancient construct having long since been corrupted.


Joseph and the two women following him had just reached the intercity gates when the ground shook causing them and the guards to fall to the ground.

When they managed to stabilize themselves they looked up in horror as they watched a giant demon making it's way towards them, as fear seized them Joseph grabbed onto both of the women and ran past the gates, they were close to home now, close to safety and yet the sense of dread only increased.


Within the largest temple situated in the central region of the city an emergency meeting had been called.

The Temple of the Nine Divine had long been established across the world by beings who had long surpassed the peak and reached godhood.

The meeting taking place within the temple was restricted to the highest members of the order and the city's rulers and the reason for such a meeting to be called for at this time?

The impending doom Joseph had managed to bring to the city.

"Is anybody aware of how such a thing came into being without disturbing the safeguards?" - A raspy voice emanated from a hooded figure sitting around the table as a holographic image of the demon was shown from floating rune-stone.

The room had been silent up to that point and silence returned soon after for nobody was aware of what had occurred for the situation to develop to what they were watching.

"We have to do something quick, the numbers of the dead are increasing and it looks like the souls are being absorbed into the demon." - A number of runes could be seen tattooed on the stretched out arm of another hooded figure as he pointed at the hologram before them.

"I move to activate the Rain of the Gods formation to seal this demon and call for the Idriphis Executioners to eliminate and banish it from our realm once more." - Called another hooded figure.

As they all nodded in consent, their leader locked his eyes with the eyes of the demon seemingly unafraid of it, despite his long life it was the first time such a thing had occurred and right under his watch.

"The statue which summoned it needs to be investigated thoroughly as well person who placed it " - And the leader closed his eyes and vanished from the meeting, returning back to his cave under the Royal Palace.



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