Teacher of the Gods
4 Do you believe in reincarnation?
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Teacher of the Gods
Author :Ichikokoro
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4 Do you believe in reincarnation?

On the other end of the table, Granny Hua was taken aback. Just what was going on. She had never taught this girl such things and with her cultivation and the protection there had never been a single person who had trespassed Yu Xuehua's courtyard. It was also definitely not done by any of Yu Xuehua's family, they did not possess such knowledge.

But Granny Hua still could not cast away her doubts. Without hesitation, she searched Yu Xuehua's soul imprint. As the one who raised Hua Mulan, Yu Xuehua's mother, she was personally allowed to search instead of just see Yu Xuehua's soul imprint at birth besides Yu Xuehua's parents. With her cultivation and memory, she knew Yu Xuehua's soul imprint like the back of her hand. She searched every piece of it just in case that .01 percent chance there was a minute difference which was a sign of an impersonation art. Within a minutes time, she finished.

There was no ruthlessness anymore but was replaced with a stern and worried gaze.

"Speak child. How do you know such things? Granny Hua knows it's you, but still, the only possibility is that…"

The only possibility is that the person would have to have strength and skills that surpassed Granny Hua, this left Granny Hua with a terrifying sensation. Only Granny Hua, herself, knew the true power and skill sets she possessed.

Yu Xuehua shook her head… with a resolute gaze and will enunciate each word precisely.

"Do you believe in reincarnation?"

Granny Hua's did not expect such a response. Her worried stage of mind became chaotic. But she instantly calmed down. Reincarnation? Was there really such a marvelous thing? This child must be playing a joke on me, right? But the next words she heard were like thunderclaps in her ear.

"I, Yu Xuehua, make a soul oath the heavens that if I speak or show any mistruths to the person in front of me I will be struck by lightning and my soul shall scatter."

*Boom boom boom*

Crackles of divine thunder that only Granny Hua and Yu Xuehua could hear sounded out. Soul Oath to the Heavens! This was the harshest oath one could take as it had to do with your soul.

"Impudence! This is your life Xuehua! This is not a joke or prank anymore. The next words you speak or whatever you show me involve your life!"

Granny Hua was both worried and flustered to the extreme at this moment. This was and could not be a joke anymore.

"Gran…" But before Yu Xuehua could finish her lips were sealed along with her body.

"I shall not let you utter a single word or show me anything until the soul oath time contingent is broke. When it is done, however, you shall receive a harsh lesson from me. Hmph."

Almost expecting this, a wisp of light flew out of Yu Xuehua's head and headed straight for Granny Hua's head.

Granny Hua was taken aback. She knew exactly what this wisp of light was. Soul Memory Fragment. This could only be done when a person had exquisite control over their soul. It had taken her nearly a 100 years to be able to do this.

Granny Hua hesitated a bit, scared of just what was contained within those memories. She then recalled what Yu Xuehua said about reincarnation earlier. But she knew there could be no deceit through this method so she mustered up courage and accepted the wisp of light.

What she saw was a matchless figure clad in blood-soaked robes running away from a group of people. What instantly caught her attention however was the crystalline bow in the figure's hands. Only Granny Hua herself knew what this meant.

She then focused on the figure with waist length hair that hung down like a silver waterfall reflecting the faint glow of stars and the moonlight.

Granny Hua felt this figure seemed somewhat familiar. But there was no time to think as when one of the people surrounding the woman waved his hand and the veil on her face was removed she could not believe what she saw.

"So the Lonely Ice Maiden is a peerless beauty after all," Said one of the men standing next to a woman said in a low lascivious voice. The woman hearing this was fuming with jealousy.

"Yu Xuehua! You evil ice witch! Hand it over right now!"

When Granny Hua heard the woman among the countless barrages of threats and comments say that name she felt like everything she knew had been turned upside down.

She witnessed everything to the very last moments of Yu Xuehua's previous life to everything from waking up until now.

Granny Hua couldn't help but slump down and stare dazedly at the air. She stayed like this for almost 30 minutes replaying the scenes she saw and heard in head countless times. From the crystal bow to the peerless technique at the end. The woman everyone kept calling 'Lonely Ice Maiden' was above her current cultivation without a doubt.

Granny Hua soon came to but had so many questions. She turned to look at the restrained sickly looking girl who looked to be about 10 but had the aura and calmness of someone who had overcome countless tribulations over many years. With a wave of her hand, the restraints were undone.

"Granny Hua if you want to ask anything you can."

"How old were you then?"

"This should be exactly 100 years in the past. So 114."

"That bow should be your bonded spirit?"


Granny then recalled the name 'Lonely Ice Maiden' which should mean that Yu Xuehua had cultivated to become a titled expert. Just what had happened? And then remembering those damned people who dared chase after her Little Miss. All types emotions flashed across her face. But she knew that something must have happened for Yu Xuehua.

"Just what happened?"

"Realm ascension."

Yu Xuehua didn't say more and Granny Hua knew what this entailed. A grave look crept up on her face.


"10 years from now."

"Sigh, child. Just why do you trust me so much? What do you get from telling me this?"

Yu Xuehua just smiled. Of course, she knew that Granny Hua was trustworthy, or else why would she sacrifice her life for herself to escape. And most of all Yu Xuehua had ambitions in this life.

However, she was after just a sickly frail 14-year-old girl in the eyes of her parents and the world. Yu Xuehua needed someone to help her. Someone who understood her intentions and that someone had to have power and influence. Granny Hua fit that role perfectly. However, there was still a mysterious veil over Granny Hua and her mother's background.

Now it was time for her to ask questions.


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