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Self insert dbz, naruto rwby Bleach fate/staynight
Author :The_Ultimate_X
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5 Chapter 4

Minato's day was going alright despite the fact that he had no clue where his eldest daughter was and probably would berate him for putting the weak hyuuga on her team

"Minato!" Kushina yelled as she barged into his office the man jumped in surprise he wasn't used to seeing his wife barging in like that. Kushina? whats wrong?" He asked

"Its Naruko! She's Gone She Left the village! We have to find her!" Kushina was beginning to tear up

Minato got serious and called Anbu "I need three teams to go look for my daughter inside and outside of the village. Neko! get Me the Jounin now, tell kakashi that is an order! the anbu nodded and disappeared in different shun-shin

with in a few moments the jounin and itachi were their wondering what was all the commotion about

"Listen Up ! Naruko has left the village and needs to be found immediately. I have reason to believe that she is already outside the village gates But I am not sure I am sending you outside to search we cannot let him go! You are dismissed!.

He walked over and hugged his sobbing wife "Its okay we will find her ." reassured Minato.

"I can't Believe this is happening" She sobbed "Was I really that bad of a mother?"

"Don't put all the blame on yourself It was My fault too you know, I was the one who neglected her for Mito, But we will find Naruko. I promise!"said Minato as he kissed her forehead and flashed home.

when he was at home the sight he was greeted to was mito she had a kunai ready with her hair tied to a pony tail

"Mito took a glance at her father " I'm going to find her!" She announced "Along with Sayuri!"

Minato looked at her "Fine" he said "But take this, I will be right behind you !" he handed her a kunai she nodded took it and put it in her pocket ran out of her house and started Jumping from the roof tops

With Kakashi.

Kakashi was at the gate and summoned a couple of dogs pikkon included "what is it kakashi" the dog Asked

"I need you to find Naruko's sent for us she has gone missing pikkun looked surprised but nodded and started sniffing the piece of clothing kakashi gave him"

" She's gone north" pikkun said as he rushed in the direction with Kakashi following Him sayuri and mito were fallowing after him

Naruko was Hopping from tree to tree glanced back noticing the situation she formed a clone before she left when it dispelled it told her what was going on. She looked forward and started to speed up.

Forming a handsign. " taiju Kage bunshin no Jutsu!" at least one hundred clones were formed

" I want 50 clones to spread out around the forest to mark our sent I want another 50 clones to scatter around the forest. We need to confuse hatake's ninja dogs! scatter!" Naruko ordered causing the clones to get to work

her trail has changed its everywhere now! I can't pin Point the real one Pikkun panicked

"So she is trying to confuse us eh? Itaichi!"

He nodded and activated his sharingan " her chakra is everywhere she seemed to create an army of clones. I can't pinpoint the real one.

Kakashi Narrowed his eyes

"Then we too have to scatter! everyone spread out group up into two and take a ninja hound with you! If you encounter the real one try to persuade her to come back don't try to do much damage."

they nodded and also went to work!

With Naruko

she stopped to take a rest she was sure she threw them off but these were jounin and anbu she needed to be really careful

Wow after 13 years they finally notice me? Don't I feel the love!" Naruko Muttered sarcastically before she took off again . as she jumped she was thinking where she would go from here when she left.

once she came to a clearing she sighed as she stood up and began walking when a kunai flew passed her cheek.

once she turned around and saw three root anbus

"who the hell are you? the hokage definitely did not send you if your masks are anything to go by!"

Naruko Uzumaki you will come with us By orders of danzo-sama You are not permitted to leave this village.

"Danzo? what does that old fart want me for!" She demanded

"Thats classified!" the 2nd replied as he charged at her

She disappeared in Shunpo reappeared in front of him punching him in the gut he spat out blood knocked him out unconscious

before Spin kicking the other one sending the anbu sending him flying before she shunpo'ed behind him and dropped kicked him knocking him out as well

She glanced back at the last one and disappeared kicked him in the gut making him shoot back a few meters disappearing in shunpo reappearing in front of him "Shroyuken!" She announced causing him to fly up in flames

She continued to run be noticed someone was following her ,she did a couple javascript:;of hand signs "fire style fire ball jutsu!" a ball of flames rushed up toward itachi

"I knew I shouldn't of taught her that technique! He mused as he ducked under it and started to chase after her.

He looked towards Anko who looked to be in her mind thinking about something. 'must be thinking about why naruko would leave her!' he thought He jumped on madara's head and started walking, he stopped when he heard"NARUKO!

Naruko was pissed why the hell would they care why now when she is leaving.

when she turned around all of them had their eyes widen including Sayuri and Mito who were waiting for the right moment to jump in!

Naruko had her hallow mask covering half of her face

Well well if it isn't the jounin. "WHY" Anko yelled WHY ARE YOU LEAVING AREN'T WE YOUR FRIENDS!

she nodded yes and its because of that that I'm leaving

"BULLSHIT!" roared Anko "IF I WAS YOUR FRIEND AND IF YOU HAD OTHERS YOU WOULD STAY" she already had to deal with orichumaru she did not want to lose another

the other ninjas flinched not knowing her connection towards Naruko

Naruko shook her head

"If I would of stayed then I probably would of Lashed out killing all of you without remorse. so let me go." She replied as she continued to walk off

Thats when Itachi snapped he pushed chakra into his legs and jumped at her

Naruko saw his shadow and smirked Itachi was suddenly pushed back into the water because his shadow rejected Him she was about to continue after when one of the snake summons slammed into her she was forced above the snake summons head.

Naruko narrowed Her eyes and channeled chakra to her hands causing chirps to be heard

white lightning appeared cackling few seconds later turned black and red

"tensho chidori!" She announced and thrust-ed her hands forward faster than a speeding bullet once she was done she landed softly

Everyone was amazed at her skill kakashi was amazed that she could do a chidori and water walking

she dodged incoming fire balls from itachi Backfilipping and fireing back at him to her surprise asuma came flying at her "I've had Just about enough of this!" she growled She ran up the monument while zangetsu appeared in her hand.

She channeled lightning chakra in her sword as white lightning appeared cackling around it She stabbed it into the Water

"Take this! nArutimettosōdo: Raitoningushokkuu~ēbu" a huge explosion occured either knocking them unconscious or paralyzing them

"Damn!" a voice muttered surprise

she turned around and saw aurora along with a guy about her age( Its me too lazy too write description) his eyes wide and what looked like a small blush on his cheeks

her eyes widen 'hes cute!' she thought with a small blush before it faded when she felt someone grab her ankle

Please! Please don't leave me come Back anko pleaded She pecked her on the lips sleep anko chan

She turned and started walking away

Sister! Please let me go mito chan I will visit you and sayuri soon I promise Just please! naruko pleaded

But why what about me? why are you leaving?Mito wondered

"I need to get stronger in order to defeat my enemies! Inorder to protect you anko and sayuri! you Must understand." She gripped her chest and pulled it away to show the hyogaku in his hand

take this as a rememberance of me. with this My presence will be with you always It floated over to mito and entered her chest

with this I will allways know of your location and will find you I love you mito chan tell sayuri chan I said goodbye. farewell she turned and started walking towards us.


"Are you crying?" Aurora Asked smirking at him

"No! I'm Not! I said trying to wipe the tears away "I'm Not crying !theirs something in my eyes the damn dust!"

"Hello my name is Naruko... you must be jaune Nice to meet ya" She grinned

I blushed

"uh...n-nice to meet y-you too!" I gave off a shy grin on the inside I cursed damn it why did I have to stutter

"and whose this fella" she said noticing the pokemon sitting on my shoulders

Pika pi pikachu" Pikachu replied with a grin

She looked at it confused

"his name is pikachu I Smiled

she made an o shape with her mouth

"Are you ready to go Naruko chan?" She glanced at Aurora and nodded a portal appeared and the three of us walked through it then it disappeared

"a few seconds later minato and kushina arrived "where is she where is Naruko!?" Minato demanded

" she is gone She said she would come back soon to visit me and sayuri' she replied as she wiped her tears

"Don't worry big sister I will become strong!" She said before leaving to train

Minato and kushina sighed in disappoint that their daughter was gone they left along with the anbu behind him after they picked up the jounin and started to grieve.


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