Satanopediaology explores truth
2 Satanopediaology explores truth
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Satanopediaology explores truth
Author :Satan_Opediology
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2 Satanopediaology explores truth

Buddha is a well known person in the Asian continent and also to the rest of the world. Buddha though a Prince of fortune, left his kingdom and his family in search of nirvana. But did he acquire it?

The world says yes but SATAN says "No, definitely not."
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In the story let us see how much of this words is truth.

SATAN, who is a born explorer is a archaeologist by profession. Going to different places and searching for various results is his work.

After visiting lots of places he reaches a Cave, which looks somewhat strange from inside.

The place is equipped with lots of things which goes beyond his imagination and exploration.

When he takes out some mud from the Cave to test its humidity. It vanishes immediately after sometimes.

When he tries to study the plants and shrubs, he finds snakes, scorpions, worms moving around.

But when he reaches near a place he hears some sort of teachings.

The environment looks so strange that he can't make out what exactly is happening inside the Cave.

He decides to leave the Cave but doesn't understand where to go?

While visiting the Cave it had only one way and afterwards he finds lots of ways.

Each way leads to different doors of the Cave. He couldn't understand whether the ways were like this from the starting or it has changed just now.

SATAN stands in the middle of the circle which leads to many paths but it is left to him as if which one will he select.


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