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Reincarnated with a Beauties Summoning System
Author :GreatSage_Master1
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8 Gae Bolg 1


(From now on I'm going to separate it like this every time Setanta takes a look at the system)


`Devourer´ (¿??): Forbidden technique coming from another plane, if this one came to light a war not seen in billions of years would give birth.

This technique helps the user to increase his statistics every time he eats the meat of a being equal level or superior to him, regardless of race.

Side effects:

If the user eats too much meat of a particular species type he can gain the special ability of that species.

The user can suffer mutations if he elevates this technique to certain levels.


"Hey, hey, what's this shit? Isn't this too OP?" Setanta was in the ninth heaven while reading the effects of skill.

[Master can you tell me where you got this ability?] Lilly asked worried.

Setanta avoided the question because the shadow told him to save the secret.

"What skill? what are you talking about?" Gae came out from behind the tree and asked as she was lost.

"Gae?" Setanta was confused to see her in the form of a spear.

"Eeh? What's up, brat?" Gae spoke disparagingly to her, after all the spear had her pride, although she had recognized him as her master he has yet to show off his talent with the spear.

"Grr" Setanta grunted in frustration at his tone, but could do nothing, after all it was true that he was weak, he was looking forward to start hunting magic monsters and eating them.

"Ahh" He took a deep breath and asked Gae. "Can't you see the system?"

"The system? I can but I can only see my statistics." Gae replied.

[Master the only ones who can see all the facets of the system are you and me, the characters summoned by Master and the spiritual weapons/armor only can see their own statistics.]

"Can I see their statistics?" Setanta was curious about the statistics of the legendary spear.

[If Master, you just have to think `Gae Bolg Status´ and this one will come out.]


(Gae Bolg Status)

Level: God Tier (Sealed) D rank (Curse locked)

Description: The cursed spear, given to Cu chulainn by his sensei Scáthach. Once the name of Gáe Bolg is pronounced, the accursed spear reverses the nature of causality, the meaning of "cause and effect" in the order of things, to make the cause of "throwing the spear" come from the effect of the "opponent's heart being pierced" by him. It is an anti-individual and anti-army weapon.

(I´m going to show the description of the weapon and abilities only once)


Sharp Throwing That Drills with Death: is an attack focused on a single target that deals a fatal blow that always pierces the heart of the opponent and ruins his body from the inside with its thousand iron thorns.

Ascending Spear that Strikes with Death: is the largest and most powerful spear attack; the "attack that throws countless darts at the enemy" spoken of in legends. It is the technique that uses all the potential of the curse of the spear, converting all the magical energy of the user into raw energy and releasing the power accumulated after the spear is thrown, detonating on impact with enough power to expel a multitude of enemies.

Strength improvement: 100

Penetration: 50

Durability: Unbreakable

Mana improvement: 0


"Lilly, why is her rank D and what do her statistics mean? Can you explain me that?" Setanta didn't understand anything.

[Master, the spear Gae Bolg has been called by the lottery, although it has seemed that it is fortunately the lottery actually delivers the weapon that suits the user in the long term, you can say that it is the fate of the master and the spear the lottery has been called by the lottery.]

"You're saying I was destined for this weak brat!? Besides, I've noticed it too, but why am I in such a weak state?" For some reason Gae felt a strange sensation inside but a part of her subconscious jumped to deny it at the same moment.

(Are we destined? What am I thinking? I have to teach him my techniques to see if it is true that we are, if he is not talented watch how I destroy his soul and take his body.)

The moment he thought of it the red eyes of a beast appeared in his mind and the spear began to tremble slightly.

(Well... Even if he's not a genius I think I can waste a little time with him, because I'm a benevolent lance, yes, that's it.)

"Tch" Setanta snorted at his words but said nothing, in fact he was very happy to be destined for his favorite weapon.

[Gae Bolg has been weakened by the system to keep up with the Master's current level, your curse has also been restricted by the Master's level].

"So it's like Bell Cranel's weapon in Danmachi?" Setanta asked curiously.

[That's right, so Master doesn't depend on weapons above his level and can go up stats constantly, if Master had fought Gae Bolg at his highest point Master would not go up stats or it would cost him a lot].

"I get it, so the system adapts it to my level to keep me improving?"

[Yes, the system is made to help Master, all quests that will be given to Master as well as skills and random invocations, all will be for the good of Master.]

"Ahh, I've really been blessed with the system and with you Lilly, I'm counting on you in the future," Setanta said gratefully.

[Yes Master, I will continue to explain the statistics of the weapons:

- Strength improvement: Strength added to the User when wielding the weapon.

-Penetration: Amount of defense ignoring the weapon.

-Durability: Points left on the weapon until it breaks, once it reaches zero the weapon is broken. They only go down when you hit with a weapon of the same or higher level, level S or higher cannot be broken.

-Mana improvement/Storage: Amount of mana that can be inserted into the weapon to use skills.]

"Oh, doesn't that mean that even if you only rank D it's pretty strong?"

[Of course, whatever level Gae Bolg is at will remain a top weapon at that level, in this world there are no records of weapons higher than this.]

"Wow, as expected from my favorite spear" Setanta unconsciously praised her.

Gae Bolg was listening to them in silence, when she heard his flattery she trembled slightly but recovered quickly but inside her spirit was blushing.

(Bastard, look how I make you train to death now later).


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