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Reborn with the Ultimate Weapon!
Author :Xelosphere
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20 Goddess Pov

--An: Trying something new out.---

The goddess sat down on a well made wooden chair in an empty space. She was looking into a glass ball, her eyes fixated on the battle happening before her.

The battle the goddess was looking at, was Vergil fighting some random wolves. "I can't believe he was unlucky enough to get thrown into the middle of some random wolves. I can sometimes be cold-hearted...but I'd never throw someone into a pack of wolves."

What the goddess was talking about was how after Vergil finished customizing himself, he was thrown into the magical world but got unlucky and somehow landed before some random wolves.

"What's even more unfortunate is that he doesn't even have any fighting experience. If it wasn't for the boost he got in his basic stats, he'd be dead right about now."

The goddess continued looking into the orb, analyzing every little detail. "I wonder why he didn't use his passive ability to instantly bring the weapon back to him. If he did, he wouldn't have suffered that injury from the wolf on his arm. Perhaps, he just forgot about it, the battle is pretty intense and he has to focus on defending while also planning a counterattack."

The goddess continued looking at the fight until something happened that made her a little surprised. "That's weird...I don't remember adding a "deal function" or any sort of personality to the system. I remember adding a monotone voice to the system, but I never intended to put any sort of personality behind it. I only added the voice so that Vergil could get answers on the system. Not only that, but this personality is extremely greedy and kind of "rude". I remember making it the system's top priority to keep the user alive, if there ever comes a moment when the user is in dire need of help, the system will always provide a solution free of charge."

The goddess continued to look into the orb while also thinking about what had happened to the system she had created. Eventually, the fight ended and Vergil came out on top, albeit with a broken right arm and semi-broken elf ear.

"Well, he won which is good but still, what is up with that system? I'll have to continue looking to find out," the goddess said as she continued to watch over Vergil. Although she was wasting a lot of time looking over Vergil, she currently had no people to reincarnate.

There were a bunch of goddesses and gods of reincarnation, so the chance of someone popping into her space to get reincarnated was kind of low.

Eventually, the goddess got to the point where Vergil was exploring the system. "What's this? Why is everything behind such a huge paywall? I made it so everything was only 10 SP to unlock and only the most important features would be 100 SP...What is going on here?"

At this point, the goddess was extremely confused. She was confused as to what this system was and why it was making everything so expensive for Vergil for seemingly no reason.

She wanted to do something about it, but couldn't. It's a known rule that goddesses and gods of reincarnation can not mess with a human's life after being reborn. If anyone was caught doing so, they would be stripped of their title by the top god and sent into limbo.

"Either I messed up for the first time in my million year life or something more sinister is occurring," the goddess said as she thought about all the possibilities.

"If it's what I think it is, then someone's going to limbo, and if it isn't what I think it is, then Vergil's going to be stuck with that system forever."

She put those thoughts to the side for right now however, as something new has happened to Vergil that she found interesting. "What's this? The system is giving useful missions to Vergil? So it isn't unhelpful, but it still treats Vergil like dirt? It's like...two different beings are battling each other. A helpful system that wishes to help and grow Vergil, and a sadistic system with no care in the world for Vergil's life."

This thought perplexed the goddess as she continued to pinpoint who and what was doing this. The goddess continued to look at the orb all the while trying to solve this mystery. Eventually, she came to a point where she saw Vergil break down from stress.

She saw him blame all of his misfortunes on the system and some of it on the goddess. The goddess felt bad and wanted to reach out to Vergil but the rule of interference stopped her.

She continued to watch Vergil in silence before the system spoke out to him on their own will. She heard their conversation but was perplexed once again by the way the system was talking to Vergil.

"The system... chose to reach out to him? I never put this in either, and for some reason, it's acting a lot less like an abusive mentor and more like a person who's trying to cheer up their friend," The goddess said as not even she could understand what was going on.

Eventually, Vergil went to sleep. The goddess continued to watch over Vergil while he was sleeping but after a while, nothing happened. So with that, she put the orb away and got up from the chair she was sitting on.

She then made her way over to her "desk" where she sat down and got out what seemed to be some kind of phone. In the goddess and god world, most things were technologically ahead of their time when compared to humans but still had the same basic design as other things.

Things such as phones and beds and the like looked completely identical to human phones and beds but things such as "computers" and "televisions", looked nothing alike and instead looked more like the orb the goddess just used to "spy" on Vergil.

The goddess opened her phone and looked at her recent messages. "It's Jerall, again."

Jerall was a normally rude and mean reincarnation god. He would commonly spread drama and make up rumors about other gods and goddesses. He also hated every other god and goddess except for one goddess.

This goddess was the goddess known as Reya or the goddess that gave Vergil his wishes. Jerall would constantly try to make moves on Reya but would be met from rejection every time. It wasn't because Jerall was bad looking or anything, it was because Reya hated what Jerall said and did to other gods and goddesses.

Reya took her phone and texted Jerall back with a simple but quite effective message. "Stop texting me or I'll be forced to block you Jerall. You've tried flirting with me over and over again but you've always been met with rejection. I'm sure other gods and goddesses would love to date you if you just changed the way you were."

Reya then put her phone down and ignored the beeps that she had gotten, probably from Jerall. "Man, that Jerall. If he didn't have such a scummy personality he'd be somewhat attractive. I mean, every time I even look or talk with another god he always schemes against them. Like that one time, he almost got Ulser sent to limbo because he talked to me about some problem he had. Due to that though, Jerall is currently on thin ice with the top god. That still doesn't stop him from talking bad or making up rumors though."

Reya sighed as she thought back to all the things Jerall had done. "His personality is quite interesting. He's unhelpful...and treats other gods and goddesses bad. I wonder what he would be like towards a human who I paid extra attention to, I bet he'd treat them like dirt," Reya said as a new thought appeared in her mind.

"Wait, Could it be? Is Jerral...Messing with the system somehow?" Reya said as a new idea was made aware to her.

"I mean, it makes sense. I had given Vergil extra attention and had even offered to watch over his journey. If Jerral at any point decided to peer into our conversation, he'd realize I had been giving Vergil "special" treatment."

after making this realization, she decided to make herself fall asleep as she needed to see what the system would say to Vergil the next day. She made it so she would wake up as soon as Vergil did and went to sleep.

Almost instantly, she woke up a couple of hours later and immediately went back to check up on the orb. Nothing new happened for a while until Vergil decided to invade the wolf camp.

Vergil fought hard and managed to even take down a storm wolf. Reya didn't care about this though as she was only waiting for the system to make some sort of comment.

Eventually, her waiting was met results and the system once again made a sarcastic comment that reminded Reya of Jerall. "No doubt about it, this is in fact, Jerall. I have to stop him before he goes too overboard and ends up killing Vergil."

Reya got up from the chair, leaving the orb behind and made her way towards the transport system. The transport system was a specially made system that allowed gods and goddesses to travel between each other's "space" with permission.

Without it, gods and goddesses could do nothing but wait for some god of fixing to notice the broken transportation system and fix it. Reya got on the transport system and requested permission to go to Jerall's space. Naturally, the request was accepted and she was teleported to Jerall's space.

"Hello, there Reya, what brings you to my little area? Here to profess your love for me perhaps," Jerall said as he got up from the chair he was sitting on.

"No, I came here to ask you about something important Jerall. Have you been messing with one of my reincarnates as of recently," Reya said with skepticism in her eyes.

"Me? Mess with one of your reincarnates? Hah, don't be ridiculous Reya. As much as I would love to do that, I can't since I'm on thin ice with the top god and one wrong move from me will bring me into limbo."

"Is that so? Well, you wouldn't mind me looking at your documents then, right?" Reya said as she made her way over to Jerall's papers on the table.

"Sure, go ahead all you'll find there are boring old documents though," Jerall said as he sat down on a nearby chair. Reya looked back at him for a bit and made her way over to the desk.

On the desk, she saw a bunch of scattered papers but nothing looked like a "magical paper". A magical paper was used by goddesses and gods to plan ahead of time, it was used when the god or goddess wanted to do multiple things at once.

All you had to do was write down what was going to happen and specify when. If written correctly, gods could plan their actions years without having to lift a finger. Reya was looking for this piece of paper because she knew that Jerall could be doing bad things to Vergil as they spoke without having to do it in front of her.

"So, find anything yet my beautiful Reya," Jerall said as he lightly tapped his foot on the ground. "No, not yet, but as soon as I do, I'll report you to the top god and get you sent to limbo!"

"Is that so? Well, we can't have that happening now can we Reya," As soon as Jerall said this, Reya was lifted into the air without warning. "Wha...what are you doing to me? Let me go!" Reya screamed as she tried to get down.

Jerall slowly walked to Reya and put her near him without letting the grip on her go. He put his hand on Reya's face and lifted her chin while saying, "You know, I once thought you were beautiful Reya. Don't get me wrong I still do but now you've tried to interfere with me. If you just mind your own business and let me mess around with the boy more, this wouldn't be happening to you right now."

Reya looked kind of scared but resolved herself as her main priority was saving Vergil. "Why, why are you doing this? Vergil never did anything wrong, if anything you should be plotting against me not him!" Reya screamed as she looked at Jerall

Jerall let go of Reya's chin and made his way over to the chair were a piece of paper could be seen. He grabbed it and said, "Is this the paper you were looking for my dear Reya?" Jerall said as he made his way over to Reya who was still stuck in an invisible grip.

Jerall then opened the paper and made the contents clear to Reya. The paper had all sorts of things written on it from, killing off someone name Fenian to killing what appeared to be Vergil at the very bottom.

Reya surprised by this exclaimed, "You...you planned on killing him? If anyone ever found out you'd be sent not to limbo but you'd be erased from existence itself."

There had been a rule established by the top gods ever since anyone could remember. That rule was that no god or goddess could ever kill another person no matter the circumstance.

The punishment for doing so was being erased from the cycle of rebirth, basically getting your very existence deleted.

"If anyone ever found out? Well, it's a shame that none will ever find out!" Jerall screamed as he threw the paper to the side. "Want to know why my dear Reya? Because...YOU'RE NOT LEAVING THIS ROOM ALIVE!"



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