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Reborn in Harry Potter as Draco Malfoy’s younger twin
Author :oakshadowstar
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6 The Deal

(Acwulf) "I like that but there is one more thing is one more thing I want".

(Fenrir) "What is it that you desire boy".

(Acwulf) " I want a way to contract me the dragons and the wolf together".

(Fenrir) "Fine, I can do that come here".

I start to walk over to Fenrir and as I come closer he leans his head down and puts his forehead and mine together. Then I started to feel a very strong force like a very dense magical power. Just as soon as it started it ended just as fast when it was over I felt like I had just learned a whole new magic that I was studying for a long time. then I started to chant the spell and then it hit me that this was a lost magic and I shouldn't tell anyone about it or they would start to question me.

(Fenrir) " Now that we are done talking and you will take care of my kin I have to go or it would be harmful to you to have two supreme beings in your consciousness now that I'm done you should talk to the dragon".

Then he disappeared and I started to walk over to the dragon he also started to float over to me then he introduced himself.

(dragon) " My name is Qīnglóng meaning the Azure dragon and I have the same deal as Fenrir but my blessing is different. It gives you more strength, endurance and it will dye the tips of your hair a shade of azure. It will also let you speak to dragons. Do you still want it"?

(Acwulf) " Yes, I still want it. Is there anything else you could give me".

(Qīnglóng) " Well there is something I could give you but it could be more harmful than helpful to you do you want to know what it is".

(Acwulf) " Sure what is it".

(Qīnglóng) "It's a boost in magical power".

(Awulf) " How could that potently be harmful to me".

(Qīnglóng) " Becuase if you don't train your body it could potently because your body to explode do you still want it".

(Acwulf) " I still want it because it can help me out later in life".

(Qīnglóng) " Ok if you say so". " Your an interesting human you know that right".

(Acwulf) " I know people have told me that before and thank you for all of the help I will do whatever i can to help your kin".

(Qīnglóng) "No problem now i have to go before i destroy your mind goodbye".


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