Rebirth of Abium
112 Chapter 112: Meeting With Second-Tier Mages
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Rebirth of Abium
Author :Ak02
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112 Chapter 112: Meeting With Second-Tier Mages

Silently, that luxurious carriage started moving out of the Orchid auction house's compound and directly moved towards the Commoners' Borough from the Merchants street.

As Abium was leaning on to the back seat, he frowned as he noticed the carriage moving in a different direction. Near to him was his Teacher Zivior and Tabitha sat on the other side seat while explaining about Abium's encounter with necromancer Bilet with short words.

"Hmm, you made the right choice. But you should have come to the northern tower and ask for my help." Zivior grumbled in dissatisfaction and soon noticed Abium was looking towards outside with puzzled expression.

"What happened?" Zivior asked while Tabitha and Ubius also shifted their gaze towards him.

"Why aren't we going towards the Northern tower? I thought we should be going to the magic tower." Abium asked as he fully opened the curtain and looked at the surroundings.

"Well, if we went to the magic tower now, the necromancers or other mages sneaking inside our royal city will definitely take notice. Moreover, there is a possibility that someone from the magic tower might be monitoring our movements and sending information to the enemies. While checking these simple things, they will also quickly found out who is inside the tower and who is outside."

"So, Teacher Alius already informed us a few days before to stay in the capital without anyone noticing and started searching for information about them. I already tracked down five members and killed them near Dawy's lane, but I didn't find any clues about their plans." Zivior said with a solemn tone.

"So, what did you found out during your last few days investigation, Mage Abium?" Tabitha knew Abium must be just a first-tier mage, but he had some profound mystery behind his background and asked curiously. Abium simply nodded his head and started talking with a bitter smile on his face.

"Actually, I came to Royal capital so soon because of another reason. Due to some hidden motive, Baron Harry and his family members started to make trouble for me and my territory. Baron completely blocked the underground tunnel and started collecting high taxes on the other end. Moreover, they killed five of my soldiers and sent their heads in bags to me."

" He dares to provoke a mage?" Zivior asked while Tabitha started shaking her head and answered to Zivior's anger.

"It's the start of civil war, Zivi. He might have planned a trap for Mage Abium."

"Yes, my lady. I also thought the same and refrained from taking any action against him. Then after a few days, I thought of checking on Baron Harry while on my way to the royal capital. But after I met with Baron Harry, I found out there was an old guy with gray-hair asked Baron Harry's grandfather to make troubles for me."

"He also told me that both his grandfather and that gray-haired old man already went to royal capital to attend this upcoming banquet. At first, I don't understand that guy's intention, so I directly rushed back to Royal city to search for both of them."

" So, that's why you asked for that faceless glass mask and those paralysis potions!" Tabitha nodded in enlightenment.

"Yes, My lady. I used those to sneak into Baron Harry's mansion and finally found out that Baron's grandfather Randolph was actually colluding with a necromancer."

"I found that guy was a first-tier necromancer and was planning to attend a secret meeting on March 14th. So, after killing that guy, I used this faceless mask and attended that gathering in his stead then found more interesting things. Their organization name is Order of the dead. They are planning to do a massacre during the upcoming grand noble gathering." Abium stopped his talk as he noticed Zivior started at him with wide-opened eyes.

"Kid, How did you just sneaked into a necromancer organization's secret meeting and came back alive without being noticed by others?" Zivior asked in a hurriedly. Zivior knew that it was not an easy task and gave him a suspicious glance. With a nod, Abium quickly took out the emerald gem embedded cursed artifact and gave it to his Teacher. At the same time, all three second-tier mages sent their spirit power into that artifact and soon nodded their head in understanding.

"Did you use that slave bind spell on that necromancer's spirit and got more information about that meeting? Hmm, that was a good plan indeed. So, what information did you found out about them?" Zivior asked curiously.

"You can tell that information during the meeting." Said Tabitha while stopping Zivior from asking more questions and silently closed the curtains.

All of them became silent, and the only sound echoed inside was that carriage moving sound.

"So, where is the meeting place?" After a long silence, Abium asked while looking at Tabitha and furrowed his eyes as he saw the carriage was directly moving towards the end of the commoners' Borough through the map.

"54 Bailey street," Ubius said with a gruff voice, and soon everyone noticed the carriage suddenly stopped moving.

"Let's go." Zivior slightly pushed the curtain on the other side and walked out of the carriage while others also stepped down from the carriage. Once all four of them walked out of the carriage, the carriage didn't stay there any longer, and it directly moved out of Bailey street.

Abium glanced at the direction where that carriage went in curious and soon returned his gaze towards the two-storied building that stood in front of them.

It was painted in a light green color, which made this house unique in the whole street. Even though it was completely dark outside, the house gave a dim glow and made it more attractive.

Suddenly, a growling sound came from inside the compound, and soon a large black hound started barking loudly while startling Abium. But without minding that hound's barking, Zivior opened the entrance gate and walked inside like it was his own house.

'Aren't we supposed to hide our identity from others? Now we look like suspicious peoples. Well, the possibility of those necromancers seeing us here is almost none anyway.' Abium rolled his eyes and soon followed after Teacher Zivior.

Following that, the group entered the house and found themselves a large hall with multiple lights lit in surrounding white walls. At the same time, Abium noticed there were three red robes and one black-robed figure inside.

At the center of the hall was a large rectangular table filled with many fruits, and five chairs were placed on each side. All four of the robed mages sat on the right side, and the opposite side of the seats was left empty. Abium quickly made a scan and found out three of them were second-tier mages, and the remaining person was a first-tier like him.

"Zivior, why are you bringing your student here?" A hoarse voice came from the farther seat as Abium saw an old man with 80 years old glancing at him. He had pure white hair and a white beard, which was almost shining due to those magic lamp lights.

He wore the same red robe as others and had thin eyebrows. But what made Abium little startled was, he had unique round pupil-less purple eyes, which made him look live some type of a mysterious expert!

"You will find out soon enough, Old man Idus," Zivior said with a proud face and soon moved towards the opposite seats. Abium also followed him and directly sat opposite to the white-haired old man Idus. Soon, he shifted his gaze towards Idus's left side and saw a black-robed woman around 30 years old sat there while curiously glancing at him. She had blonde hair, azure eyes, an oval face, and fair skin.

"Oh, I didn't expect Anne would also attend this meeting. Ahem, anyway I will introduce my new student to you all. His name is Abium, an elf. He already constructed two first-tier spells despite being ranked up into an official mage just before two months, and he also did some reckless job to find out more about these necromancers." Zivior said with a proud face.

"Hello, Mage Abium. I'm Ovia. So, what information do you have?" Another red-robed slim lady with black hair and age around 40 years old asked while squinting her eyes.

'Ice queen. I didn't even see her clearly during the last auction.' Abium nodded her and was about to reply, but another male voice interrupted them.

"Do you guys really think those necromancers will attack tomorrow during that Grand Nobles' gathering? What will they achieve just by attacking those bunch of mortals?" Abium silently glanced at him, who sat on the other corner of the table and furrowed his eyebrows.

'He must be the Dark arts mage Cole. I had heard of him multiple times in the past but never seen him upfront.' Mage Cole had pitch-black eyes, long straight black hair, and had a cold aura around him.
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"He confirmed that. My student killed one necromancer and used his identity and secretly attended those necromancers' meeting to gather more information." Zivior said while pointing his finger towards Abium and started to explain to others about how he got those pieces of information.

'Heh, they seem to be not that much surprised about my achievement.' Abium was slightly stunned.

"Oh? Care to explain? What is their motive?" Asked Cole, while giving Abium a curious look after he heard Zivior's explanation. Basically, this was a simple sudden meeting arranged by their Teacher Alius, which made him ponder deeper.

'After a long break of 50 years, Teacher suddenly showing interest towards the outside world making me something was happening in the dark. There are many anomalies like the assassination of Sewallus, mythical demon's appearance, Also, the appearance of necromancers during the auction, light church's scheme to kidnap that kid Raollet, and this unknown mysterious elven kid's link to everything. He appeared at all the places, which makes things more suspicious. But we don't have enough proof that he had ties with everything.'

Cole didn't understand what was happening right now. 'Ha! I now understand why Tabitha asked Teacher to bring this kid to the meeting. Moreover, he seems to know more about those necromancers than us. I'm curious to know about him.' While Cole was deeply pondering, Abium started to speak.

"I don't know their exact motive, Sir. But the attack on the upcoming Grand nobles' gathering appears to be just a distraction to divert mages' attention."

"Hmm, distraction, huh? So, what about their strength? How many second-tier mages did you meet?" Cole nodded at Abium as if he had somewhat guessed vaguely and asked while taking out a book from his spatial ring.

"There are two second-tier necromancers. The one who organized that meeting is a necromancer named Rilos, who wore a black robe. He is a middle-aged man around 40 years old, tall figure, Russel brown eyes, and brown hair." Abium paused for a second while thinking about that woman named Yalya and continued with a frown on his face. "The other one is a necromancer lady named Yalya. She didn't speak much and had gray frizzy hair, black eyes, and thin eyebrows."

"What about other first-tier necromancers?" Suddenly, the young prodigy Mage Anne shifted her attention towards Abium and asked curiously. She knew those second-tier mages were out of the league and quickly asked information about those first-tier necromancers.

"Except for one old guy named Yozis, I didn't talk much with any of them. Also, I met Viscount Gauvain's younger son in that meeting." Abium instantly revealed that culprit's name to everyone.

"Oh, it seems he joined the academy to gather more information about all the mages," Idus said with a frown while Zivior responded with a helpless sigh.

"Old man, he is your student."

"I just picked up him during the examination. Well, if he starts acting strangely, I will take care of him on my own." Idus grunted as he nodded his head, and suddenly thought of something then asked towards Zivior.

"Zivior, what did you found during your mission?"

"Except one page of Mage Novak's diary, I found nothing." Zivior's words surprised Abium. Although Abium had expected the mages might have known about the history of the lost Bidora empire, he was still somewhat stunned.

"Even if we found more about that, no one understood the words of that strange language except Teacher. Moreover, he also just a beginner in that language. Its a waste of time to dig out that lost the empire's history." Ubius, who had been silently listening to their conversation, suddenly spoke with a solemn expression on his face.

"Brat, who said I'm a beginner? I already deciphered five pages during the last two decades." Suddenly an old but mystical voice came to Abium's ears and startling everyone inside the room. At the same time, teacher Zivior, Mage Ubius, Lady Tabitha, Ice Queen Ovia, white-haired old man Idus, Dark arts Mage Cole and first-tier Mage Anna stood up instantly and bowed towards Abium's right-side wooden chair.

Soon, Abium also saw a 60 years old man with golden hair and pale face lazily sat on the chair near to his right side. Abium was deeply shocked inside because what he saw was not a real body but an illusion figure.

'Incarnation!' Abium quickly identified.

"Teacher!" Everyone instantly shouted in unison while bowing their head with respect.

Abium also instantly stood up and quickly shifted his gaze then bowed. He hadn't even noticed someone appeared near to him and was stunned a bit.

'This is the Lord Alius. I never thought that one day I would meet and talk with all these figures in my past.' Abium took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

"Sit down." A domineering voice once again echoed inside the hall, and soon that golden-haired man shifted his gaze towards Abium and asked with a curious look.

"Who is this, lad? A Royal elf?"

Meanwhile, Abium felt all his emotions and thoughts had been seen through by this man in front of him. He felt like he was naked in front of that man and became more alert.

'Hmm, third-tier mage, but he seems to be hiding something.' Azolla's voice echoed casually, which made Abium even more nervous.

"He is the student I told you about, teacher," Zivior said with a solemn tone while sitting down.

"Oh? That elf with unknown origin?" Alius asked. Then he swiftly moved his illusionary right hand and placed it on Abium's head then continue to talk as if he was reading Abium's mind,

"Hmm, You don't have any ill intent towards our academy nor have any ill intentions towards this kingdom. Hmm? Also, you have a deep hatred towards those necromancers, and from the emotional changes, I can tell you have lost someone in their hands." Alius nodded with somewhat understanding and continued.

"I don't know what your motive is, kid. Your mysterious background is making us hard to trust you, so I have to put a mark on you till that gathering overs. If you act against our academy mages or sided with necromancers, you will die." Alius warning words caused Abium's heart to beat faster, and soon he felt a golden cloud-like essence merged into his body.

"Now, Anne, what do you think about the order of the dead members?" Alius shifted his gaze towards the other black-robed mage and asked with a smile on his face.


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