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Author :Romeru
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16 Back to Normal

'01001101 01101001 01110011 01110011 01101001 01101111 01101110'

"W-what're these... weird letters.. no.. numbers?"

In a dark and vast space, Viel can be seen floating along with a bunch of green random characters. Viel could not recognize the characters themselves, but for some reason, he knew that these things were numbers.

'01001011 01101001 01101100 01101100'

"I... i'm scared.. G-grandma? Grandpa Ling!? Where am I?"

'01010000 01100001 01110010 01100101 01101110 01110100'

"M-more numbers.. what is happening.. Mr. Voice?"

Viel was starting to panic even more when he realized that even Mr. Voice was not responding to him, the numbers around him just keep on flashing endlessly.

Viel's face starts to show a sad expression, his deep black eyes starting to moist.

In just a few seconds, Viel started to sob loudly- calling for Grandpa and Grandma Ling.

It went on for about a few minutes until Viel caught a glimpse of a white dot on the horizon. He wiped his face and he inhaled all the snot coming out from his nose as he concentrated his vision.

Gathering up his courage, Viel started to fly towards the white dot.

The white dot keeps getting bigger and bigger in his sight.

Getting closer, Viel noticed that there was something moving inside the white light. Seeing this, he increased his speed until he was already in front of the "white dot".

But now that he was in front of it, he realized it wasn't a white dot at all, but more like a window.

When Viel saw what was on the other side of the window, his eyes light up and he revealed a smile. On the other side, he could see the silhouette of what seems to be 3 people.

"H-hello!?", Viel shouted as he knocked on the window.

The three figures suddenly jumped in surprised as they looked into Viel's direction.

"B,B,b,b-baby Viel!?", one of the silhouettes flew towards the window until it was directly in front of the window. The owner of the silhouette revealed itself to be a beautiful woman.

Viel was startled at first seeing the woman suddenly fly in front of him. But soon, tears fell down from his face as he was relieved that he was not alone.

"H-hello? B-big sister, can you let me in.. p-please?", Viel said as he sniffed and wiped his tears.

"O-ofcourse! I shall let you in right now! D-damnations! This window, 'tis not breaking! Xanthus, help me out!", the beautiful woman punched the window, but with no luck, the window remained intact.

"Move aside, old lady!", suddenly a ball of fire shoot towards the window as a tall man with jet black hair raised his hand. But once again, the window remained intact.

"X-xanthus! You infedil! What if that went through and hit baby Viel!? Thou shall pay for that!"

Suddenly, the beautiful woman and the tall man with jet black hair started to fight.

"A..hmmm. H-hello?", Viel didn't know what to make of the situation, but his tears stopped because he found the scene in front of him to ne funny.

"Now now, children. We have a guest", suddenly, the remaining silhouette clapped his hands and revealed himself. This man didn't really have any redeeming features, one could say he was the epitome of what you would call "average".

"Greetings, Young master Viel", the man smiled as he bowed.

Seeing this, Viel also bowed in response instinctly.

"H-hello? Where are we? H-how do you know my name? W-who are you people? Why are the big sister and big brother in the back fighting? ....c-can you let me in?", Viel was at a lost and didn't know what to ask, so he asked it all.

"Hmm, I wish I can answer all of your questions. Alas, we do not have the time, Young master Viel", as the man said this, Viel suddenly felt that something was pulling him away from the window.

"W-what is this!? n-no!", Viel placed his hand on the window as if trying to grab it.

"B-baby Viel!", the beautiful woman tried to reach for his hand, but the window acted as a barrier that seemed to be resolute in not letting the two hold hands.

"It's alright, young master Viel. You're just waking up. See you soon again", the man with an average face said as he waved his hand goodbye.

"B-baby Viel! Please take care of thyself! We.. we're always here watching you! Always!", the beautiful woman said as her hand was still infront of the window, parallel to Viel's hand.

"Heh, if someone hurts you, don't be afraid to kill them, brat", the man with jet black hair placed his fist on the window.

"W-wait... who are you people!?", Viel shouted as he was finally pulled away from the mirror. His vision started to get dark until finally-

"V-viel! Y-you're finally awake!"


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