My Mom Fell In Love With Jimin
2 Wedding Reception
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My Mom Fell In Love With Jimin
Author :SnowdropDreamer
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2 Wedding Reception

Today we went to my cousin Angie's wedding reception. We just moved back home a week ago after living out of state for five years. I almost couldn't go because I had such a terrible migraine, but I took some pills and powered through the pain. I wore a slim fitting black mini dress with black boots. If I'm going to be in pain either way, I'd like to be in pain while eating delicious food.

The reception was held at a park. Extended family weren't invited to attend the actual wedding which was also held in the park before guests started to arrive. Initially, my cousin didn't want to have a wedding, but her new husband insisted. His parents even flew in from India to help prepare the wedding and participate in it.

Before we were even in the car I knew she'd try to start spreading her BTS gospel to everyone she met. To my surprise, she lasted half an hour before mentioning them. Her first brainwashing victim of the evening was my cousin Hannahniah's eighteen year old daughter, Clare. She was standing at a pincnic table amongst the other members of the family within her age group when we walked up to them. After my mother finished ranting about her frizzy hair and the humid heat of the Midwest she started in on her real purpose in pulling her over.

"Clare, did you see the BBMAs?"

"The BBMAs? What's that?"

"The billboard music awards. BTS performed there! Do you know BTS?"

"BTS? What does that stand for? Behind the scenes or something?"

"They're the most popular boy band in the world right now."

"Oh, I don't keep up date on pop-culture or social media."

My mother explained to all the girls there who BTS was, what BTS stood for, and how they recently beat the Beatles record and appeared on many American TV shows they should know. Only Clare's younger sister, Lacey, had heard of them. The expression on her face when talking about them gave me the impression she was just as unimpressed with them as me.

After gaining the promise of Clare and her Entourage to check out BTS when they get home my mom went and sat down at a different table. We patiently waited for the food to arrive and made idle chatter when the subject of BTS was raised again. My uncle Jones rolled his eyes with an expression that clearly said "Ah, here she goes again."

This time, however, something unexpected happened. My aunt Jane who was sitting next to him heard the letters "BTS" and turned around excitedly to look at my mother.

"BTS?! I know BTS! I love them!" she exclaimed.

"Aren't they the best?!" My mother replied, "Where did you see them?"

"I saw them on those music survival shows that have guests occasionally! They dance and sing so good. I don't know how they move like that. They are the best."

"Do you know Jimin? Jimin is my favorite!"

"Ah, I don't know them well enough to know all their names, but I really like watching them perform!"

My mom took this as her cue to call out to Clare once again and tell her that even her grandmother knew BTS. How could she not? Clare once again promised to look them up while my Aunt Jane said to herself "Ah! I was going to show the recording of them to the girls. That's why I was keeping that episode. I'm sad now, I forgot and erased it..."

After a prayer we all stood in line to get our food. They were serving Barbeque and Indian food. Shortly after we finished off our food we went home. We'd already been there for two hours and we were ready to be comfortable in our beds or couches.


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