Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
29 Chapter 25: Summer vacation and a Letter filler chapter
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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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29 Chapter 25: Summer vacation and a Letter filler chapter

(AN: Be warned... This chapter is heavily referenced to some animes or mangas so be prepared)


(months later)

Its already summer.

The wheat turned golden when the sun sets.

Birds flying in the sky enjoying their freedom.

Dried leaves being carried by the wind.

Wheat pollen grains around the fields glowing like magic.

The sun sets as sky is dyed orange.

If anyone could paint this scenery, its no doubt it will sell billions.

A 6 year old boy is standing at the house's roof holding the [Camera]. Its made of Earth Magic and Magical runes using reinforcement of Touki.


The [Camera] sounded as it captures the beautiful scenery.

Arthur: "Its been a year now... Roxy-sensei."

Holding a picture frame made of Earth magic.

An image of a teenager girl with pale skin and long, blue, water colored hair and eyes of the same color.

Drenched by the downpour of a Saint-Water class magic spell, a heartwarming smile on her beautiful face like a sky just after its rained with the 7 bridges of light complementing the atmosphere.

Arthur: "Where are you right now? Have you been eating well? I miss you..."

Gripping the heart shaped pendant with 4 big swordlike structure hanging on his neck that Roxy left behind for him.

As Athur did that and recited a poem.

(Anime Opening time: Your Lie in April 2nd Ending(Orange by 7!!))


Walking with our shoulders side by side...

Laughing at every single thing, and we were seeing the same dream.

If I listen closely, I can hear it even now.

Your voice, in this Orange colored town.

If you are not there, it is really boring.

Though I think I'll be laughed at if I say I'm lonely.

The things you left behind, I checked them again and again.

They are still shining brightly, without ever dissapearing~

I remember your smile

Your smile like a sky after the rain; your smile which makes my heart feels refreshed.

I remembered it and smile

I'm sure we remain as we were on that day; as innocent children.

And go through these changing seasons Looking forward to our own tommorows.

If I'm alone I become uneasy,

And on nights I couldn't sleep, we continued to talk.

What will you look forward too, and move forward from now on.

To the disappearing sunset, and the town being painted orange.

I'm entrusting my tears to it gently.

In between of thousands, of points of light,

this one love was born.

Wether you stay unchanged, or even if you change

You are always you, there is no need to worry.

Someday, the two of us will become adults and meet an amazing person.

And if we are able to meet again, along with our irreplacable families

it would be enough

I remember your smile

Your smile like a sky after the rain; your smile which makes my heart feels refreshed.

I remembered it and smile

In between of thousands, of points of light,

this one love was born.

We go through this changing seasons, Looking forward to our own tomorrows.

Choosing our own dreams...


Arthur: 'Did it reach her?'











And his unrequited romantic love goes on...


He just noticed the sky just turned dark.

Arthur: "Time to go home."

Arthur jumps down from the roof and goes inside through the door. Candles are lighting up the house making it very good atmoshosphere.

Arthur saw Lilia coming to him.

Arthur: "I'm home mother Lilia."

Lilia: "Welcome home Arthur. Rudeus just arrived your timing is perfect they seems to be looking for you with your friend."

Arthur with a forced smile answered Lilia as soft as possible.

Arthur: "Is that so? Thank you mom, please tell them I'm going to sleep. And I'm not hungry so tell Zenith-okasan to don't wait for me."

Lilia: "Is something wrong Arthur? You've been not eating properly recently."

He didn't have the appetite he used to have now. He can only eat 6 plates of food a meal at most now.

Its like he was on a diet. And its been like this since a month ago.

Arthur: "Is that so? I guess I'm just tired in sword training."

Lilia: "Okay... Make sure to wash yourself before going to sleep okay?"

Arthur: "Yes mother~"

With his usual childish voice he says to Lilia to make her worry less.

But his eyes are like dead fish devoid of life and Lilia noticed this.

He entered the bath, washed himself faster than cooking instant ramen. Then dressed up.

He entered the room prayed to the shrine where the [Divine Artifact] is and return the picture frame to the shrine.

Climbing up to his bed he pulled up his blanket and begun to sleep.

Arthur: *sniff* *sniff*

And silently crying.


Rudeus: "Lilia-okasan, is nii-san here?"

Lilia: "Yes Rudeus. But it seems he will not be eating dinner tonight."

Rudeus: "Ehh? really? That embodiment of gluttony? NOT EATING DINNER? In this month he would atleast eat 3 plates of food before going to sleep."

Lilia: "Yes. Do I need to tell Madame?"

Rudeus: "No... No I'll take care of it... And mom, please take a rest. Your still pregnant, we don't want you to be exhausted. I'll take care of the chores."

Lilia: "Thank you for your consideration Rudeus. But I can still work, I'm still a swordsman in my younger years so this much is nothing to worry about."

Rudeus: "O-okay... Just make sure not to exhaust yourself... I'm going to check out nii-san."

Lilia: "Understood Rudeus-sama."

Rudeus: "Just call me Rudeus mother."

Lilia still needs time to adjust on treating them as an employer.

Lilia: "A- Yes Rudeus."

Rudeus goes inside the room.


Its been 30 minutes since Arthur layed down on the bed.

Rudeus: "Hey... What's wrong?"

Arthur: "I... Sorry... I just missed sensei..."

Rudeus: "Ah. That's right its been a year now right?"

Rudeus remembered her master and also felt empty inside.

Rudeus: "*Sniff**sniff*"

Arthur: "Hey... Aren't you supposed cheer me up... Why are you the one crying..."

Rudeus: "Shut up*sniff*... I'm not crying."

Arthur: "Liar."

Rudeus: "Are you picking a fight with me you brat? *sniff*."

Arthur: "I'm older than you in this world granduncle... And besides when your still sucking mom's tits, I'm already practicing swordsmanship."

Rudeus: "Liar! We trained at the same time! And don't compare me to a Miko like you! Your just abnormally strong!"

And now another Duel started...

Rudeus: "Don't underestimate me you swordfreak!"

Arthur: "I'll end this in an instant you cowardly Disney movie mage!! Why don't you sing a few songs for me?"

Ash Ketchum: "Pikachu use Thunderbolt attack!"

Rudeus: "Pika-chuuuuuuuuuuu!!!"

Pokemon League Commentator: "Electric based attacks ignores Touki and its very effective to Swordsmen who uses melee. Trainer Ash Ketchum used a very powerful move!! What will our Champion do?"

Red: "..."

PL Commentator: "Ohhh there is iiiit! The champion took it head ooon! Is it effective, or is it not?!"

Arthur appears not even a scratch.

PL Commentator: "The champion is unscathed!! An attack that should be super effective on swordsman was not effective to our Champion!!"

Red: "..."

Arthur arrived behind Rudeus and used a finishing move.

Arthur: "Forbidden technique: Thousands Years of Death!"

PL Commentator: "There it is!! The ultimate finishing move!! Thhhhhouuuussannd yeeeeaaarsss of Deeeeaaath!!! Will our challenger overcome this move?!"

Rudeus: "Aaaahhhhkkk...*fainted*"

Pikachu Fainted...

PL Cmmentator: "Pikachu fainted!! And our Pokemon League Champion still stands undefeated!! Congratulations to our Champion! Congratulations to his Pokemon Swordmacer!"

(AN: Made up name XD)

Red: "..."

Ash: "Damn almost there..."

After their everyday antics of fighting they forgot their sadness.

Arthur: "Hahahahaha you fool... Do you think you can defeat me?"

Arthur has his Demon King laugh.

Rudeus: "I'm supposed to be the hero and the main character... Why am I defeated? Where's my plot Armor?"

Arthur: "Hhahahhhaahahahaha... Now stay in the ground monkey! I'll kill your friends one by one in front of your eyes! Let's start with that Bald monkey over there Ohohohoho..."

A bald man with was raised up in the air and exploded to pieces. There are no remains left.

Rudeus: "Klirin!!"

Arthur: "Ohohohohoh... Then the next is your son, the small monkey over there."


Rudeus's aura changed... His hair slowly started to change colors...

His golden blonde hair levitated that defying gravity.


As he screamed for more power and achieving Super Saiyan...


Rudeus farted.


The sound of people that collapsed to the floor.

Rudeus: "Ouchh... My butt hurts."

His butt hurts because of the forbidden jutsu.

Arthur: "Your fart stinks!!"

Rudeus accidentaly farted and Arthur smelled the stinky smell and fell on the floor.

Its a Chunin Naruto vs Kiba improvised version with Pokemon League involved...

And the anime is GINTAMA.


Rudeus: "Hey why don't we send letter to master?"

Arthur jolted up by hearing this.

Arthur: "I tottaly forgot about this!! That's right, sending letters are a thing in this world!"

Rudeus: "Lower down your voice. ANd even if we send letters where do you think master is right now?"

Arthur: "U-ughh... M-maybe she's in Shirone Kingdom?"

Arthur: 'Wait its supposed to be when we are 7 that Roxy became Imperial Court Magician... Right now she might be adventuring on various dungeons.'

Rudeus: "How did you know? Are you sure?"

Arthur: "Aahahaha... Maybe? Ah right, I have a dream and saw the future! She should be there! Ahahaha."

Rudeus: "Assuming she might be there... But where are we getting our money?"

Arthur: "Ufufufufu... Don't worry about money. I have it all covered."

With a smile he opened up his collection in sack of bag.

Inside are the monsters parts he collected for 3 years of fighting monsters. He collected it since he plans to sell the materials in the Adventurer's guild when he the time he goes living in Roa city with the Boreas.

Arthur: "Claws, Fangs, Monster crystals, Monster hide and etc. Its well preserved and maintained properly. We can sell this and we can have enough money in sending letters."

Rudeus: "Woah... You sure have many... So which of these are we selling?"

Arthur: "Hmmm... How about the Claws? I heard that they sell for 1 Silver coins per piece and I have thousands."

Rudeus: "Woah... How many monsters have you killed?... Nevermind, alright but how much is sending a letter cost?"

Arthur: "Hmmm... Dunno."

(next day)

They asked help from Zenith on how to send letters.

Zenith: "Sending Roxy your letters?"

Arthur/Rudeus: "Yes!"

Zenith: "Ara~... Don't worry about this... Just give me your letters and I'll take care of it. I'll send this to the Adventurers Guild, they can send the letter for me."

Arthur: "Really? Thankk you mom!"

Rudeus: "Thank you mother."

Arthur: "Oh yeah, your an S-rank right?"

Zenith: "Yes Art. Being an S-rank still has previlages you know~. Don't worry about the cost, the guild will have a discount so you can leave the letters to me."

Rudeus: "Really mom?"

Zenith: "Of course~.

With a humphed she puffed up her chest with pride.

Arthur: "Thank you mom! Your the best."

Rudeus: "Thank you mother!"

After that they cheered up and waited for Sylphy on the treehouse.

Arthur: "Nee nee Rudy... Is Luffy here yet?"

Rudeus: "Not yet... Maybe she's still training archery with uncle?"

Arthur: "Uggghh I'm hungry."

Arthur picked up a poisonous herb that is on the table. Rudeus is studying the plants that are on it.

Rudeus: "Oi... That's poisonous you know?"

Arthur: "Don't worry about it~ I've eaten all poisonous herbs in this area and in the forest and they don't even affect me anymore you know, want some? It tasted like strawberries back on earth."

Arthur's body is already immune to poisons he ingested. At first the poison takes effect but after eating a few times his body built up resistance and finally immunity.

It also had tastes and sometimes he even added poisonous herbs and mix them when cooking monster meat, like spices.

Rudeus: "Ughh... No thanks."

The duo waited for a while then finally Arthur heard some footsteps.

Arthur: "Ohhh Luffy! Done training?"

Sylphy: "Yes Art! So what are we doing today?"

Rudeus: "Hmm... How about training magic?"

Arthur: "Are you serious? Its too hot outside you know?"

Rudeues and Sylphy look at the small window.

Its blazing hot outside, you don't want to go outside just for training.

Rudeus: "Then what do you suggest?"

Arthur: "Isn't that obvious? Since its summer, Its time for a beach episode!!"

Rudeus: "There's not even an Ocean near here."

Sylphy: "Ocean? Wait..."

Sylphy was confused so she tries to remember the lessons of geography that the boys taught to her.

Sylphy: "The body of water that is so big and deep and its salty. Its also where the sea races lived."

Arthur/Rudeus: "Correct!"

Arthur: "Good job remembering that Sylphy!"

Rudeus: "Yeah... We can rest assured that she won't forget our lessons."

Sylphy blushed and smiled as they complimented her. As she twirled her growing hair.

Sylphy: "Ehehehehe..."

Rudeus: "Another thing to do?"

Arthur: "Hmmmm... Aaah!!"

With a snap of his fingers an imaginary lightbulb lit up from his head.

Arthur: "With the S. W. I. M. M. I. N. G. P. O. O. L!!"

Rudeus: "Swimming pool? That's a great idea!"

The magicians created a plain in the hill. Dig a hole 4 feet deep and hardened the earth so water can be put inside.

And so they began their Summer vacation.

Rudeus: "Its done!"

The water is clear and glistening as the sunlight hits the water surface.

Sylphy: "This is, where we swim?"

Rudeus: "Yeah!! Don't worry about swimming we'll teach you."

Arthur: "The lesson for today is to learn how to swim. So we need swim suits!"

Arthur said with stars in his eyes but remembered that he has no swimsuits.

In this world swimsuits are rare. It can only be found on the Kingdoms near the Oceans. But sadly the trio don't have one.

Arthur: "Hmmm... Let's just make do with our underwear."

As soon as he said that he stared at Rudeus.

Arthur: "And no stripping Luffy okay Rudeus~ ahahaha"

Rudeus blushed in embarrassment.

Rudeus: "That won't happen again!"

Arthur: "Really~?"

Rudeus: "Tch.. Let's go and swim!"

Sylphy: "Yes!"

Sylphy is very excited.

(Anime Ending mode: (Grand Blue OP))

Be passionate, my friends

Shine bright with the sun

Dive into the blue sky

And let summer take it all

Be passionate, my friends

Shine bright with the sun

Dive into the blue sky

And let summer take it all

An expanding ocean of possibilities

Summer is our amore

We'll swear to the crystal clear sky

Summer is in our hands

Be passionate, my friends

Shine bright with the sun

Dive into the blue sky

And let summer take it all

With a cheerful heart

Don't mess with me

Keep going even if you fail

And let summer take it all


With that they started the swimming lessons. They taught Sylphy how to swim and it only took an hour for her to learn it.

After that they started fooling around. Splashing water wars. Holding their breath underwater. Swimming contest.

As they do that they finally do this...

Rudeus: "CHISA NICE BODY!!!"

Sylphy: "Nice body chisa-chan!"

Arthur: "My body?"

Arthur then looked at his body.

Its like an armor of meat. Its not bulky and its not also very lean. It is perfectly balanced between Ying and Yang.

Arthur: "Sai... Sai... Sai... SAIDO CHESTO!!!"*Machio-san pose*

An imaginary tracksuit ripps off as he flexes his muscles.


Arthur: "Phew... Want some water Rudy?"

Arthur said as he handed him a glass of water.

Rudeus: "Yeah thanks...."

He drank all of it.

Rudeus: "VODKAAAAAAAA!!!!"

As he throws the glass to the ground.

Rudeus: "Bastard what are you trying to let me drink?"

Arthur: "Its Water you know?"

Rudeus: "How can that be water?!"

Arthur: "Its the same color. Ad not only that..."

As he snaps his fingers producing a small fire like a lighter and it lits the glass.

Athur: "Its combustible. Amazing right?!"

Rudeus: "Grrrrr..."

Sylphy: "Fighting is bad Rudy!

After an hour Rudeus hands Athur a glass of tea.

Rudeus: "Nii-san here, its oolong tea."

Arthur: "Ohhh! Oolong tea huh."

He drank all of it.

Arthur: "What's this Rudy..."

Rudeus: "Oolong tea. 90%Vodka+10%Whiskey. What is it? So delicious that your speechless~?"

Arthur: "Are you picking a fight with me Old man?!"

Rudeus: "You're the one who started it you little brat!"

Sylphy readied her wand and bind them with water in the pool.

Sylphy: "Fighting is not good! Please stop!"

And so the referee stopped them.

Their summer vacation continued as the classes in September starts again.

Oh wait wrong world...




(Next Chapter-\u003eLittle Sisters and Going to Roa city)

More or less 3 chapters to meet Eris and Ghislaine.


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