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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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27 Chapter 23: 6 years old

Arthur and Rudeus turned six and their day to day hadn't change much.

Training swordsmanship in the morning. Paul and Arthur sparred countless times and the outcome can be a little bit frustrating for me. Our sparring practice in 1 year can be said so intense. The ratio of sparring is 5:5 and were equal.

Arthur: 'I'm sure Paul was also frustrated being beaten by his son who only trained swordsmanship for only 3 years and can already contend with him. Despite the physical prowess of my body Paul can still beat me with his years of experience of being an S-class adventurer. He also had a bigger body than me and gives him a huge advantage in reach, flexibility and can use Sword style's techniques to its full potential.'

My Advantage-\u003e strength, speed, reflexes, senses, observation haki, sword talent.

Paul's advantage-\u003e experience, longer reach, bigger body frame, judgement.

Arthur: 'As a 1st class swordsman he sure can keep up with me in sparring. Paul's talent is also 1st class and he's also improving very fast. As a father I'm sure he don't want his son to beat him without effort, and that's why he is training more than usual and its been a year.'

Rudeus and Sylphy practices magic in the afternoon. they advised Sylphy to also learn archery since his father is a hunter proficient in archery, and also she's an elf. With his quarter bloodline of beast race and quarter elven race, her talent in archery is definitely that of a 1st class archer.

Right now she's still not as good as her father. She can shoot 10 meters with 100% accuracy minimum and 50 meters 30% accuracy. Of course she is using magic to augment the arrows making it a homing projectile to achieve this results. Her wind magic is still elementary level so she hasn't mastered it yet. Being 6 year old at this level is already labeled as prodigy of the geniuses. And the twins will be a monsters amongst the prodigies.

If she used wind magic with her arrows in the future proficiently plus 1st class talent in archery, Its guaranteed that in the future if anywhere in this world there's a Holy Grail War she will definitely be an Emiya Shirou level archer servant.

(AN: Foreshadowing for universal travel summoning as a servant XD)

Rudeus's magic had also been improving this year. Although the battle in Chapter 19 is very exaggerated, its at most the power is 25% of what is described.

Rudeus also learned lightning magic. He also recreated Piccolo's [Special Beam Cannon] known for its piercing power. Its powered with Lightning's piercing power plus his ridiculous amount of mana.

[Lightning Special Beam Cannon]

Advantages-\u003e Strong piercing power, Ignores body reinforced with touki, super effective against most creatures(like humans made up of more than 50% water), if target survived it will be n a paralyzed state.

Disadvantages-\u003e Long time charging power, large amount of mana required, needs target to be immobile, can't be used for multiple targets, not practical for 1v1.

Arthur: 'This hitting me without Haki might have killed me several times. Its an anti-unit attack. For Kamehameha its spread out but usefull against gigantic creatures.'

Me doing my 100,000 sword swings each in every angle.

Manipulating Touki is complex but simple at the same time. He was inspired by Dragon God Orsted's [[Mana Sword]] and experimenting with ways how to do it.

Arthur: "But I can only do it in any material object now. I need to train my control as it exploded when I tried it several times."

I also have a name for this technique.

Arthur: [Trace On]

Azure Blue lights glowed at the sword he was holding. Its the sword Paul gifted him in his birthday. The lights complents Arthur's eyes perfectly and his eyes also glowed elecrticity similar to the 'zone' of Koruko no Basket.

'Judging the concept of creation'

'Hypothesizing the basic structure'

'Reinforcing the composition material'

(AN: I changed the 3rd sentence)

Arthur: "Done"

Magic circuits appeared in the sword. Its also much durable and more sharper than its base form.

After practicing it dozen of times he finally took a break.

Arthur: "Phew... This time I might succeed doing the projection."

He had been experimenting on copying Emiya Shiro's magic. There are results and it progresses fast but he did not succed yet.

After a minute of rest his Touki was back at peak.

Arthur: "Let's start..."

Arthur: *inhale... exhale...*

Arthur: [Trace On]

'Judging the concept of creation'

'Hypothesizing the basic structure'

'Duplicating the composition material'

'Imitating the skill of its making'

'Sympathizing with the experience of its growth'

'Reproducing the accumulated years'

'Excelling every manufacturing process'

Blue lights appeared on my arms in a circuit like patterns. Holding the projected sword, his arm felt stinging excruciating pain from the heart throughout his whole body.

Unstable energy started to form a swordlike structure. His face is sweating profusely focusing to it and after a minute it was starting to get stable.

A sword made of pure fighting spirit...

Glowing light appeared on the sourroundings attracting Rudeus and Sylphy who are practicing magic.

Rudeus: "Nii-san what happened?"

Rudeus and Sylphy coming towards him.

Arthur: "Look at this Rudy."

I showed him the sword that was traced.

His arm that was holding the sword has circuitlike pattern visible to the eyes. It reached until his shoulders but its faded that is almost near his pecs.

Rudeus: "You finally succeded?"

Arthur: "Yeah"

A bright chuldish smile appeared on my face.

Sylphy: "What do you call it?"

Sylphy knowing that whenever he created a new technique he gives wierd names.

Only Rudeus understands him since he knows I have chuunibyo tendencies. Rudeus also has a little chuunibyo but he kept it by himself.

Arthur: " I name it [Trace On]!"

Sylphy: 'Another wierd name'

Sylphy giggled at Arthur's antics. Ever since she become friends with the twins he always had been the happy and wild.

The only time she had seen him being serious is when at training, studying his magical runes(fuinjutsu), and when sparring.

She was glad that she finally had friends to play with and care about her aside from her parents.

Rudeus: "Another anime reference?"

Arthur rubbed his index finger under his nose with a Luffy smile.

Arthur: "Hehehe... Its amazing isn't it?"

(AN: Should I change it to 'Nishishishi'? Luffy's laugh)

Rudeus: "Its made of pure touki right?"

Rudeus being the older one mentally is more mature still respected Arthur.

Arthur was adventurous and playful at times and Rudeus will be the one to cover his mess always but that rarely happens.

It only happened when he really pulls of a dumb idea. Though he's also enjoying when we 'play'.

Arthur: "Yeah!"

The trio talked for a while when the clouds start thick black clouds are forming above them.

Arthur: "Uwahhh... It looks like its gonna rain today."

Rudeus: "Oh, wow. This is some pretty bad rain"

Sylphy: "Rudy, I know you can make it rain, but can you also make it stop?"

Rudeus: "I can, but we're already soaking wet, and without rain, the crops aren't going to grow. I make a point not to mess with the weather unless it's going to cause problems."

Arthur: "Hey hey... I've got an idea."

Arthur showed a face that he gave whenever he's having a 'fun' idea stars sparkling on his eyes.

Rudeus knowing that his brother might have his 'fun' idea again was ready to talk to him. Its not that he hate it and he also is all for it, but sometimes Arthur really goes too extreme.

Like when Arthur throw Sylphy high up in the air to teach her how to fly. Rudeus had to save Sylphy and reprimanded Arthur because he also has trauma of pissing his pants.

But even though its like that, Rudeus still is enjoying it experiencing some dumb experiance as a kid would have.

Rudeus: "What is it? You better hurry or we got soaked in the rain."

Arthur: "Huhum... I knew you would say that"

Sylphy shivered still remembering how Arthur tossed him to the sky.

Sylphy: 'I hope not'

Still hopeful of the 'fun' idea. Everytime Arthur have a good idea she loves it so much and always have a cute smile on her face.

Arthur: "Let's tag! Flying and using magic is permitted!"

Arthur forming a fist on his right hand and raise it in the air. His eyes still had stars sparkling excited.

Rudeus: "Well I guess its alright... If anyone got sick I'll just use magic to heal."

And so the trio played under the rain till they are satisfied.

Arthur didn't know his [Trace On] showed his Godlike potential in Swordsmanship to the world causing small ripples of touki that leaked. He did not mastered it yet that's why a little bit of Touki was leaked.

Its like a drop of water fell into a still water. Ordinary people can't sense it. Only few handful of people only sensed it.


In the place where Sword practitioners were abundant.

Holy Land of the Swords

The Holy Land of Swords. It had no other name. A harsh land that was covered in snow all year round.

In his final years, the first generation Sword God built a school here to teach his disciples the sword. To swordsmen it was a place they would go, and then eventually leave. As long as you were a swordsman, no matter who you were, it was somewhere you should visit at least once. This was the Holy Land of Swords.

Gathered at this Holy Land of Swords were young swordsmen in the making, all with promising futures. Though they were teens, they had talent in the sword that you could see at a glance. They were young geniuses.

In a dojo more than a hundred of disciples were practicing. They were all Sword Saints since this dojo is only Sword Saints can enter this place.

An adult man with a face like a ferocious wolf was sitting with a green tea on his table.

???: After the legendary [Swordless Heart] he also have [Sword Heart]... I only thought they are only in the myths.

[Swordless Heart] might be impressive for a swordsman but it pales to comparison to the mythical [Sword Heart]…

Its like a magician who knows chantless magic, they are rare but not impossible to find. You can find at least 10 North God style practicioners who had [Swordless Heart]

[Sword Heart] only the chosen could have it. It is said anyone who can have this is said to be an incarnation of the Sword itself.

Its the Legacy of the Sword God Incarnate and anyone who have this was a famous Sword God.

And after that once in a thousand years most Swordsman who have [Sword Heart] are Major World Powers.

In the wars between the human race and demon race whichever side who had a person who had [Sword Heart] will have an overwhelming powerful individual rivaling the Gods.

Golden Knight Aldebaran the [Fighting God] is an example and is considered to be the strongest. He appears and rurned the tide of the war. At the very end, his attack punches a huge hole in the Great Continent, forming a sea and splitting it into the Central and Demon continent.

In the Myths before the age of the Gods of the ancients 100,000 years ago, Creation God asked the Sword God Incarnate to fight against the World Eaters. The World Eaters almost destroyed the 6 worlds until when the Sword God Incarnate killed them all.

Sword God Incarnate created a world of swords to defeat the World Eaters defeating them. Creation God promised to let the inhabitants to practice the way of the Swords.

And from then on Thousands of years since then Sword Practitioners who are at the peak of the swordsmanship started calling themselves 'Sword God'.

Different styles of swordsmanship also emerged like North God style and Water God style. They also called themselves Sword God like 'North God Style' and 'Water God style'.

This is only in the Myths and rhe people who knows this can't exceed 10. And even if they knew it, they don't know what is the full power of someone who had [Sword Heart].

And that's the case for this man too

???: Somone might take my position soon.

Gal Farion, Sword God and 6th in the 7 Major World Powers murmured softly.

With his entire lifetime of training in rhe way of the sword he can only achieve this much.

???: Father... Why can't you take me in as a disciple!?

A cute girl with a dark blue hair asked the man. Its his daughter Nina Farion.

Right now she's 8 years old and already at Intermediate ranked in swordsmanship and surpassed her peers making her a genius.

Gal: "Maybe... If you reach Sword Saint I might teach you. Its okay to call me that when were alone, but call me Sword God-sama when were not"

Nina: "Really? Yay!! Sword God-sama"

(AN: I don't know but I feel cringe in 'Sword God-sama' thing when I write it)

Nina Farion being naive believed her father will really train her.


In a dojo somewhere...

???: This Touki... The legendary [Sword Heart] appears right now at this century?

Water God Reida Reia

An old woman with white hair.

She might be old but if you underestimate her you can't even get near her making her untouchable.

Reida: "I'm too old right now. I want to meet him in this lifetime... A spar with him and I will live a life with no regrets"

???: "Who are you talking grandma?"

A cute girl with black hair asked her grandmother.

Reida: "You will know soon, Isolte... I'll increase your training Isolte, maybe you will the one who will fullfill my dreams for me."

Isolte: "Yes"


???: "This touki... Arthur Greyrat? The father of heroes..."

A man with a stoic expression mumbles to himself.


In a floating castle

A man sitting on the throne with dignified bearing of a king.

???: "Any news for that Touki?"

He asked to the man beside him

???: "Yes Perugius-sama. It was located in the Asura Kingdom. Its released by a boy named Arthur Greyrat. He's extremely talented being a Sword Saint in 5 years of age, and also he's a Miko."

Perugius: "Asura kingdom. This boy's touki, carried the qualities of a king."

After few seconds of silence Perugius spoke.

Perugius: "Summon a familiar to watch over him Arumanfi. He's a good candidate to be Asura kingdom's king."

Arumanfi: "Yes Perugius-sama"


Demon Continent

A little girl with curveless waist, navel, and thighs. She has pale skin, voluminous and wavy violet hair, and a goat-like horns.

???: "What is this?"

She held her eye sockets, her pupils rolled backward changing it to several eye colors until it stopped.

???: "This empress wants this human... This human looks kind and cooks very good!! This human also looks strong. If he served this one well I'll give him one of my eyes and he'll be grateful and serve me!

(AN: She called herself 'this one')

???: "Serve the one and only Demon Empress Kishirika Kishirisu!! Ahahahahaha!"

She declared with her hands holding her hips and her chest forward showing her nonexistent breast.


Great Forest

A puppy with white fur stood up and look at the sky.

Its the Holy Beast of the Beast race

Holy Beast: "Awooo~"

It released a cute howl. The caretakers were happy since they understood what the Holy Beast wants.

Caretaker 1: "Woow, Holy Beast-sama smells very happy. Something good might have happened."


After playing under the strong downpour the trio finally decided to go home.

Rudeus: "We're back!"

Arthur: "We're back Aunt Lilia!"

Sylphy: "S-sorry for disturbing..."

Lilia: "Welcome back, young Master Rudeus, and your…friend."

Lilia: "I've already drawn some warm water for you. Please wash up and dry off on the second floor so that you don't catch a cold. Master and Madame will be home soon, so I'll go get ready to tend to them. Will you be all right on your own?"

Rudeus: "No problem."

Lilia predicted that they would come. back wet from the heavy rain. Even though she doesn't speak much, she's definitely a capable maid. Even if the boys don't tell her, she still takes another big towel out as she sees Sylphy.

As soon as they enter the bathroom, they see a huge barrel containing hot water. In this world, never mind showers, there isn't even the culture of bathtubs, only using a towel to rub and wash the body.

Rudeus: "Hm?"

Arthur: "What's wrong Rudy?"

Arthur revealed a his built body after stripping of his clothes. It looks impossible for a kid his age to have this body and its even aethetically pleasing to look.

He may look normal if he wear his clothes but under it is a perfect body that ladies with shotacon ferish will chase after him.

Rudeus: "Its Sylphy... What's wrong? If you don't take off your clothes, you will catch a cold, right?"

Arthur: 'Oh right, he still doesn't know... Ufufufufu..."

Arthur: "Ahhh Rudy I forgot something outside I'll be back~"

Rudeus: "Ah!? hurry up okay."

Arthur: "Aright~"

Sylphy: "Ahh!"

Arthur ran off to go get his [Camera]. Right now its upgraded version since a year ago. Now it will produce the image after taking the picture.

It will produce a phito paper with a picture on it infinitely as long as you have mana

Arthur: 'Let's get some blackmail material.'

Arthur wait for the right moment behind the doorway...

Rudeus: "An opening!"

Rudeus pull down his underwear in one stroke.

Sylphy: "Eh? I... Iyaah!"

Rudeus: "Eh?"

*Kacha* *a flash if light*

A perfect shot from the scene.

A second later.

Arthur: "Its the FBI! You are arrested for molesting lolis! Come to me in the station!"

Rudeus: "Gehh... Nii-san you came back? Wait... I'm innocent!"

Arthur: "Na na~ I have evidence you know~"

Arthur waved the picture to his face, Rudeus saw the picture and was sweating cold.

Paul: "Rudeus, what are you doing?"

Paul arrived after work and saw Rudeus removing Sylphy's underware.

The scenery changed into a court where the victim and the suspects in trial.


Paul-\u003e Judge

Arthur-\u003e Prosecutor

Sylphy-\u003e Victim

Rudeus-\u003e Suspect

Arthur: "Please look at this your honor."

Paul the judge look at the picturw


Paul-\u003e Judge

Arthur-\u003e Prosecutor

Sylphy-\u003e Victim

Rudeus-\u003e Suspect

Arthur: "Please look at this your honor."

Paul the judge look at the picture.

Arthur: "As you can see my honor this evidence is enough to say that the suspect is guilty."

Rudeus: "Objection!! Your honor that evidence is fake!!"

After a few debates and oppressing the suspect without a defense attourney by his side finally admitted his crimes.

Paul: "And hereby I declare the suspect guilty!"


The sound of the judge's hammer sound echoed through the court.

Paul: "Is there a last words from our suspect?"

Rudeus: "No..."

Paul: "Rudeus is sentenced to never worship th Divine Artifact for life and be deemed heretic of the Roxy Goddess cult."

Rudeus: "NOOOOOOO!!!"

And that didn't happen in real life...


[Paul POV]

(Copy Paste😜)

I came home after work to find my son assaulting the young girl that he always liked spending time with.

I wanted to tear into him on the spot, but I managed to stay level. Maybe this was another case where there were circumstances I wasn't aware of. I didn't want to repeat my previous failure. For now, I decided to put the sobbing girl in the care of my wife and the maid while I helped my son clean up and dry off. Arthur left fast and was with Zenith helping to comfort his friend.

Paul: "Why were you doing something like that?"

Rudeus: "I'm sorry."

When I'd scolded Arthur a year earlier, he seemed completely unwilling to apologize, but now Rudeus, the apology came right out and he turned meek, shriveling up like sautéed spinach.

Paul: "I asked you for a reason."

Rudeus: "Well, they were soaking wet. I figured I should take them off."

Paul: "But she didn't like that, did she?"

Rudeus: "No…"

Paul: "I told you to be nice to girls, didn't I?"

Paul: "You did. I'm sorry."

Rudeus had no excuse for himself. I wondered if I'd been the same at his age. I felt like whatever I might have said would have been full of "buts" and "you sees." I'd had an excuse for everything when I was a kid. My son was more honest than that.

Paul: "Well, I suppose that, at your age, it's natural to want to pick on girls, but you can't do that."

Rudeus: "I know. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

Something about seeing my boy so utterly dejected made me feel guilty. That fondness for women came from me. When I was little, I was full of youthful vigor and virility, and incessantly chased after cute girls who caught my eye. I managed to keep myself more subdued these days, but I really couldn't restrain myself in the past. Maybe I'd passed that on to my son.

Of course an intellectual boy like him would struggle with these instincts. How hadn't I noticed it? But no—this wasn't the time to sympathize with him. I needed to give him proper guidance based on my experiences.

Paul: "Don't apologize to me... You need to apologize to Sylphiette. Right?"

Rudeus "Is Sylph…iette going to forgive me?"

PAul: "You don't apologize just because you hope to be forgiven right away."

At this, my boy looked even more despondent. In hindsight, it was clear he'd been infatuated with the girl from the very beginning. The whole fuss from a year ago was because Arthur and Rudeus decided to protect her. And all he'd gotten for it was a smack from his old man.

Even after that, they'd played together almost every day, my sons protecting her from the other kids. He had to keep up with both sword and magic training, but still made as much time for her as he could. He was so close to her that I think he even offered to give her his wand and magic textbook, which he valued more than anything.

I understood why he was feeling so glum at the idea that she might hate him now.

Paul: "Hey, it'll be all right,"

Paul: "If you've never been mean to her before this, and if your apology comes from the heart, I'm sure she'll forgive you."

My son's face brightened at that, if only a tiny bit. He was a smart kid; he'd messed up this time, but he'd recover from it soon enough. Hell, maybe he'd find a way to turn this around completely and win her heart. It was both a promising and foreboding prospect.

Rudeus stood up from the bath, looked to Sylphiette, and opened with.

Rudwus: "I'm sorry, Sylphie. Your hair's short, and so I thought you were a boy this whole time!"

I'd always thought our son was perfect, but maybe he was a lot dumber than I'd thought. And that was the first time I'd ever thought that.

Arthur: "She said to kneel down and lick her muddy shoes clean and she'll forgive you she said."

Sylphy: "I... I didn't say that...."

And my other son has sadistic side.


Authors Notes:

I may write a fanfic in Fate universe where the characters here are the servants.

Saber---\u003e Arthur Greyrat

Archer--\u003e Sylphiette Greyrat

Lancer--\u003e Ruijerd Superdia

Rider---\u003e The hero who will ride the Holy Beast as mount

Assassin-\u003e ???

Berserker-\u003e Eris Greyrat

Just for fun though😂😂

(Please check Author's thoughts)


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