Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
26 Chapter 23: Sidestory: R-18 with the Goddess
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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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26 Chapter 23: Sidestory: R-18 with the Goddess

(AN: I already don't know what my MC's personlaity anymore so expect that the MC's personality to have some inconsistency. But still I'll try my best)

(1 year ago)

Arthur just finished his night training. This time it is a special night since he finally defeated the Alpha of the magical beasts. Since Buena village's forest magical beasts are too weak for him, he was training near the mountain ranges several kilometers away.

Arthur: "This beast sure is fast. Even when I stabbed his eyes blinded him, its sense of smell is so sharp."

After he defeated the alpha the other wolf magical beast ran away. This magical beast is the toughest one so far that Arthur fought

Arthur: "Let's start by butchering this meat and treat myself to a barbeque."

Since Arthur have the same appetite like a shonen protagonist(Son Goku and Luffy), he had been hunting everynight to satisfy his appetite. Arthur had been controlling the amount he eats at home, if he won't then the family will run out of money in just a meal for a week with him.

After cleaning and butchering the 'meat' Arthur gathered dried branches and chopped of a nearby tree in one slash of his wooden sword wrapped in [[Aemament Haki]].

Arthur: "*doing several ninjutsu handsigns* [[Fire style: Great Fireball jutsu]]"

As a chuunibyou he started a fire for him to cook. Contrary to the name of the magic spell, the fireball he produced is just the same size of a baseball. But its enough for the fire to start and begin cooking.



After eating his full, Arthur got home fast.

Arthur: "Haahh... So thirsty... I'll see the kitchen."

After going there there is a bottle made for alcoholic drinks on the table.

Arthur: "Who drinks this time of the night? Is it Paul?"

Near the bottle there is also a teacup. Arthur go near the teacup and looked at it. Arthur saw a half finished tea.

Arthur: "What a waste of tea... I'll finish this."

Arthur drank all of it. Arthur with his superior sense of taste, concluded that Zenith drank this tea before him with just a small amount of saliva. But that didn't bother him, he tasted something different with this tea.

Arthur: "This is a tea has a taste different from the usual."

He never knew that he just drank a tea with aphrodisiac in it.

Arthur spread used his [[Observation Haki]] covering the whole house. He sensed his that Paul and Zenith is having a good time with their bodies interwined to each other. They f*cked like there is no tommorow, they are like animals who had never seen an opposite sex for decades.

Of course Arthur knew that this world's moral standards are quite low, but he can't help it but sigh helplessly. They had been doing this everynight as long as he could remmber that's why he's not using [[Observation Haki]] at night. This is also the reason he's been training everynight since he can't sleep properly hearing their noise like...

Arthur: 'I can't sleep!!!'

Arthur ignored the 2 animals in heat. But someone caught his attention.

Arthur: "Roxy-sensei??!!"

The blue-haired girl's squatting in the dark corridor, peeking into the room through the door's gap.Her face's flushed and she was holding in her quickened breath, but her eyes glued into the inner rooms.He can see her hand reaching beneath her robes, doing some inviting movements. He sensed that Roxy is peeking through the gaps of the room with her hand on her groin masturbating.

He rushed to the room since be sensed Rudeus going out of the room and will see what Roxy doing. He reached the door outside.

Arthur: "I'm sorry but you can should sleep now Rudy..."*Emperor's Haki unleashed*

Rudeus who is about to hold the door knob to open the door felt dizzy.

Rudeus: "What is this pressure? *breathes hardly*"

After Rudeus was stunned Arthur quickly opened the door and hand chopped him at the back of the neck.

Arthur's haki was not trained yet that's why he cam only make people dizzy. Rudeus dropped to the floor like a puppet whos string has been cut.

After that Arthur quietly approached Roxy, he was watching the scene inside the room. The atmosphere really helps on awakening your sexual beast inside Arthur. Candles are the only lighting in the room and it makes it more romantic. Roxy didn't even notice that Arthur was behind him.

He was not aroused seeing his parents having sex but he was aroused seeing Roxy having lewd expressions.The temptation is too great for him now.

After the tea with aphrodisiac, his premature Greyrat hormones known for their amazing libido was fully activated. He was at a horny state now. Even though he was not a virgin in his past life(he was bullied and was raped by girl delinquents and used him as a sex slave), he can't hold himself back anymore.

Arthur's hair covered his eyes making him like a hentai protagonist.

Arthur: 'Roxy-sensei...'

Arthur was behind Roxy and started fondling her almost nonexistent breast. Though he can feel a small hill of fat on her chest, its so soft and delicate.

Roxy: "Ahhhh~"

Roxy who also drank the tea mixed with aphrodisiac, moaned with pleasure. A small hand was fondling her breast skillfully through her robe.

Paul and Zenith didn't notice Roxy's moan. They are like in a world where only 2 of them exists. Nothing is more important than what they are doing right now.

While Arthur's left hand was fondling Roxy's breast. His left hand was umder her skirt pleasuring Roxy's vagina. With his knowledge in his past life through watching Adult Videos was used to the fullest.

Roxy: "Unggghh..."

Arthur carefully carried Roxy in a princess carry.

-*-*(Roxy's room)-*-*

(AN: First time writing lewd scenes so don't expect too much. Also I don't have the experience. I only have the reference of some erotic novels I have been reading and some anime ecchi and most of all some hentai.)

He carried her to her room and spread Roxy's legs wide.

He could see thin blue hair like pubic hair on her vagina.

Arthur: 'How cute~'

Roxy: "Haa~"

Roxy being in a Cloud 9 and can't think properly now. It was an indescribable feeling, almost as if she would float up if she started walking.

Her brain is only letting her feel the pleasurable feeling she had. She didn't even care now who is attacking her right now. The one that she drank is what inside the bottle, so she was very drunk since she had very low tolerance plus the mixed aphrodisiac in it.

Arthur fondled and is licking her nipple on the right breast, while gently fondling her left breast. Even though her breast are small, theres still fat that you can feel pleasure with his hands who had superior sense of touch.

With Arthur having superior sense of touch, if he is having sex he will feel more pleasure than normal sex. Of course the side effect is when he is injured he will feel more pain than usual.

Now his left hand go down and slowly reached to Roxy's most sensitive part of the body.

Roxy: "haahh~ haaahh~"

Everytime Roxy exhaled, her breath released a steamlike gas. Her face is flushed red with pleasure wanting more...

After a minute of caressing Roxy's vagina, Arthur moved his head between Roxy's legs. His breath was felt by Roxy's sensitive vagina making it ticklish.

Arthur licked Roxy's vagina and she felt electricity run through her body. She felt that the unitchable itch she had since her puberty was scratched by this boy.

Roxy: "Ummmmmhhh..."

Arthur licked all over her p*ssy clean. From top to the bottom then left to the right. Her clitoris was licked throughly.


Roxy's voice was heard all over the room with the slurping sounds.

His tounge went all over the place and Roxy is liking it very much and had an ecstatic expression despite hiding her face with the pillow because of embarrassment. Nobody had ever seen her naked like this.

Finally Arthur put his tounge inside her meaty walls. Her pussy is so wet and was throughly lubricated by his masterful tounge movements.

Roxy: 'This feels so comfortable.'

After a few minutes of Arthur 'eating' Roxy like a starving beasts that did not eat for months, Arthur noticed that Roxy's thighs tensed up.

Roxy felt that the accumulated heat and pleasure she had been feeling will finally be released like a rumbling volcano that is about to erupt anytime.

Arthur realized she is reaching her climax and was about to pull out his face, but he realized he can't move his head away.

Roxy shoved her vagina to Arthur's face with her legs wrapped around his head.

Arthur: 'Wait wait wait. I'll can't breath'

Arthur was trapped between Roxy's legs. He can't breath and he can't move his head away to catch some air.

Arthur: 'It looks like she was almost done but it might take for a while. I might die like this. Well this might be a happy ending to die.'

Arthur was thinking that but realized that he really was just about to die with a pussy on his face...

Arthur: 'Crap!! I need to get her finished fast!!'

Arthur with his superior body coordination, moved his tounge in a way impossible to most humans. It really helped him as it accelerated the pleasure Roxy was feeling.

Roxy: "Ahhhh~ More... Almost.. Some-thing is coming..."

Arthur: 'Please hurry up sensei...'

Just as Arthur is about to die drowning between Roxy's thighs. A strong flow of liquid sprays on his face in high pressure.

Roxy: "Iiiyyaaaaaaaaahhhh~"*ecstatic expression*


Roxy strongly shoved Arthur's head using her hands while her legs gripped strongly to his head not letting it go.

Roxy climaxed for 10 seconds and finally she slumped down to hed bed asleep and exhausted.

Our man of the night Arthur, the aphrodisiac's effect finally subsided after experiencing a near death event.

Arthur: "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh*INHALES* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh*exhales*"

Arthur: "Sex Breathing First Form: Cunnilingus"

Arthur wiped Roxy with a wet towel to clean her and the aftermath at the bed. He changed her on her pajamas and covered her on a blanket give a childish goodnight on her cheeks before leaving.

He returned to their room exhausted. He looked like he lost weight and looked like a malnourished old man with athritis. His soul imaginary leaves through his mouth.

Arthur: "I need Paul to teach me to have more stamina later. I almost died just doing the foreplay... Forget it, let's sleep".

One thing he forgot is that he did not wipe or clean his face full of orgasm liquid. While he drank most of it since its already threatining to choke, theres still like half a glass of liquid all over his face.

But all is worth it as he gained the first form of the breathing technique.

Sex Breathing First Form: Cunnilingus

With his new power he can finally enter the Demon Slayer exam... Its a joke ahahaha...


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