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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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24 Chapter 21: Playing with Sylphy

After that Arthur just decided to keep quiet for a while and just let the couple do their thing. He was in an existential crisis since he almost killed a person. He can't continue fangirling on meeting one of his favorite characters because he almost took a person's life.

As a person living on Earth in the past, the idea of killing a person is still not in his mind. He knew from the start that eventually he would kill for the sake of his love ones since he knew Hitogami might send some apostles to assassinate them anytime. That's why he resolved to kill anyone if someone harms his family, because of him being an orphan at young age having a family again is a dream come true.

But never did he thought that his past trauma of him being bullied will make him so impulsive. He might not feel guilty killing anyone trying to harm his family, but when he almost killed the kids made him realize that with great power comes with great responsibilty. Responsibility to control and not bring harm to the innocents. Responsibility to not get drunk of your overwhelming power and use it to do evil. Responsibilty to uphold his own sense of justice.

Arthur finally remembered his oath as a swordsman.

Arthur: 'To protect my family, friends and the weak. To never harm innocents. To always remain strong and to follow what my heart feels is right. To be strong in order to don't leave any regrets. In this, I Oath to my sword'

As a swordsman Paul not only taught him how to swing a sword but also to build noble cause and a noble character to become truly strong.

Having a swordsman's Oath is only normally for knights but Arthur is still a child. Paul wanted him to use his strength for good and never for evil.

Arthur: 'First thing I'll do when I get home is to apolize to Paul first. According to the plot in the original novel, Paul will get angry and will ask me to admit my mistakes.'

Finally sorting out his mind he finally became attentive to the 2 kids but decided to not butt in to their conversation.

Rudeus: "Alright let's go."

Sylphiette: "Go, go where?"

Rudeus: "We'll follow you."

Syphiette: "W-why do you want to follow me?"

Rudeus: "Well you see, those guys might come back. Let me escort you. Are you going back? Or do you want to send this basket somewhere?"

Of course Rudeus is just making an excuse since he knew those guys will never even dare to comeback after experiencing a fullpowered rockthrow of Arthur reinforced with [Armanent Haki].

Sylphiette: "I'm sending food..... to father...."

After a few seconds Sylphy finally talk to me.

Sylphiette: "May I ask.... why are you protecting me?"

Arthur: "No... I did not protect you. I might also have harmed you if Rudy didn't protect you on time. So you can ask Rudy"

Sylphy nodded and looked at Rudeus expecting him to answer her question.

Rudeus: "Because my father says it's a must to be an ally of the weak."

Sylphiette: "But... you will get shunned by others."

Rudeus: "Then how about you play with us. From today onward, we're friends."

With a smile on his face Arthur said the 'lets be friends' trope.

Sylphiette: "Eh!?"

Rudeus: "Ah, do you need to help with housework?"

Sylphiette: "N-no."

Rudeus: "Then let's introduce ourselves first. Hello, my name is Rudeus Greyrat. I like studying books and practicing my magic skills. My dream is to be the strongest magician in the world!! You can also call me Rudy!"

Arthur: "My name is Arthur Greyrat. I like practicing swordsmanship, also cooking and eating. My dream is to become one of the 7 Major World Powers!! May we ask what your name is?"

Arthur introduced with noble etiquette he learned from his womanizer of a father. Bowed forward slightly with right shoulders in front and with his right palms on his heart to his left chest.

Arthur did it like a noble in Asura Kingdom. With his cute handsome face and his noble aura, Rudeus and Syplhy are in awe. Arthur is subconciously sorrounded by the aura of [[Conqueror's Haki]] making him not only having a noble demeanor but also having the qualities of a King. Although he introduced himself ethusiastically, he still retains his noble aura.

Rudeus: 'What's this feeling? Its like I want to bow down and be subservient to him'

Although Rudeus felt a little pressure, his strong [[Laplace Factor]] countered Arthur's kingly aura.

Sylphiette: " Syl...ph-----"

For normal human ears they might not hear the end but that's not the case for Arthur's hearing senses.

Arthur: 'Hmm? Dragonraod/Dagonlord? It seems Sylphy's father used Elinalise's Last name.'

(AN: In the normal translations Elinalise's family name is Dragonroad. But it can also be red as Dragonlord(and its cooler this way so maybe I'll use this more) since the Engrish of japanese is confusing. Their L and R is just the same.)

Rudeus: "It's a great name. Just like the spirit of the wind."

As Rudeus say it, Sylph blushes and nods.

Arthur: "Then~ as a sign of our friendhip let's do a group hug!"

Rudeus: "Yosha(Allright)!!"

Sylphiette: "Eh? eeeeehhh???!!"

Arthur: "Ehehehe From now on we are already friends!"

Rudeus: "Right! So if you are in trouble or need help, don't hesitate to call us okay?!"

Sylphiette: "....Yes"

Sylphy with the corners of her mouth pointed upward feeling happy that someone finally is good to her aside from her Father and Mother.

(minutes later)

Sylph's dad is also a bishounen.

Long pointed ears, shining golden hair, and a little body without muscles. He doesn't stain the reputation of a "Half-elf" in the slightest, and as a male he inherited the good points of the elves and the human race.

He's standing on the top of the watch tower, his hand holding a bow while overseeing the forest.

Sylphiette: "Dad, this, bento(lunchbox)..."

Rawls: "Ah, I'm always troubling you, Luffy. You didn't get bullied today?"

Rudeus: 'Luffy?'

Arthur: 'If I remember, Sylphy will just be satisfied to be with Rudy and chose to be protected by him... I don't know if the characters will still get teleported according to the novel. But just to be safe I'll make her to be stronger. In order to do that, I'll become his 'Shanks'.'

Rudeus: "I'm pleased to meet you. My name is Rudeus Greyrat."

Rawls: "Greyrat..... You're Paul's family?"

Rudeus: "Yes. Paul is my father."

Rawls: "Ohh, I heard of you. You're really a polite child. Oh, my apologies. I'm Rawls. I'm usually hunting in the forest."

Arthur: "Its been a while uncle Rawls!"

Rawls: "Ohh! Isn't it Arthur? Is this your twin brother I've always been hearing about?"

Arthur: "Yeah... I heard that you have a child my age but I had never thought it would be Sylphy."

Arthur told a little lie there. Of course he already knew it.

Rawls: "Our child appears this way because she resembles our ancestors a little. Please get along well with this child."

Rawls then said to the newcomer Rudeus.

Rudeus: "Of course. Even if Sylph is from the Supard race, my attitude will not change. I swear upon my father's name."

Rawls: "After hearing that, Rawls utters a voice of admiration."

Rawls: "You understand about honor at such a young age.... I'm envious of Paul having such an excellent child."

Rudeus: "Being excellent when one is young does not mean that one will continue to be excellent. It's not too late if you want to be envious. You can wait until Sylph grows up."

Arthur: 'For someone who is a f*cking bastard n his past life, he really is doing his best to restart his life! I'll give you a thumbs up for that'

Rawls: "I see..... You're exactly as Paul described."

Rudeus "...What did father say?

Rawls: "He says he loses confidence as a father when he converses with you.

Rudeus: "Is that so. Well, I will do some wrong things from now on so he can give me a sermon."

Arthur seeing Sylphy lowering her head down.

Arthur: "Rawls-san. Can we play for a little while?"

Rawls: "Ah, of course. But don't approach the forest."

Arthur/Rudeus: 'Crap... The forest, we forgot to fix the damage in the forest!!'

When Rawls said the word 'Forest', the 2 boys finally remembered the damage of their fight.

Arthur: *whisper*Hey Rudy when will we fix the damage?*whisper*

Rudeus: *whisper*Let's just do it tomorrow. I'm afraid my mana right now will not fix all the damage.*whisper*

As Rudeus in panic on saving the bullies to die, when he created the mudwall it took him 10x the normal mana cost, meaning 90% of the mana he used is wasted. Its also one of the disadvantages of using [[Voiceless Incantion]] as you need more precision, experience and more practice on mana control to be more cost effective.

The mudwall itself is thick and tall that 10× of the mana used should be enough to fix a 300 meter radius of the forest. But if they want to fix all of the damage in the forest which is in the size more or less a kilometer radius, they need a fully charged mana of Rudeus. Arthur's mana can only do a little 20 meter radius more or less, and its just going to be the ground not including the trees in the forest that were uprooted.

Arthur: *whisper*Okay*whisper*

Finally ending their little agenda, they finally decided to play with Sylphy.

Rudeus: "There's a really big tree up on the hill when we came here. We will play over there, and I'll bring Sylph back before the sun sets. But if you don't see us when you return home, then the possibility of us being in some form of trouble is very high, so please search for us then."

Arthur: "Bye bye Uncle!"

With Arthur childishly waving his hands goodbye like a cute little shota he was.

(AN: Shota-\u003e opposite gender of Loli)

Rawls: "Ah... Hah."

( 5 minutes later)

Under the big tree on top a hill, the trio Art, Rudy, and Sylphy are playing. Sylphy finally starts talking more and she was happy to be playing with them but they don't know what to play.

Arthur: "Hey Rudy..."

Rudeus: "What is it Art-nii..."

Arthur staring on top of the tree he is having a childish idea.

Arthur: "Let's make a secret base!!"

Rudeus: "Secret base?"

Arthur: "Yeah!! Let's play house!"

Sylphiette: "Play house?"

Arthur: "Yes! There's 3 of us its perfect! One will be the father, one will be mother and the other will be the child! Interesting right?"

Even though Arthur is mentally 22 years old. He is still affected by his physical body who is a child. And also deep in Arthur's 22 year old mind, he subconciously dream of being a child again like any adult is. So when it comes to playing there is no trace of being embarrassed.

Rudeus: "Well It should be fun too~… Then how will we make the house?"

Arthur: "Hhehehe... Just use Woodstyle magic to create a tree house on the top of this tree!! Isn't it easy~."

Rudeus: "Nice idea Art-nii!"

Sylphy who has never played before just followed them.

Rudeus: [[Mokuton: Treehouse/Wood style: Treehouse]

A treehouse was formed on top of the tree slowly. After it was finished it was only a big space under a wooden roof.

Rudeus: "Then how will we decide the roles?"

Arthur: "Simple! Lottory~"

They played the lottory. But it was disadvantagous for Arthur since he picked last so [[Observation Haki]] will be useless if you only have 1 option.


Rudeus-\u003e Father

Sylphiette-\u003e Child

Arthur-\u003e Mother

Arthur was silent and regretted a little that he did not pick first, but decided to play along.

Arthur: "P-please be gentle with me papa…"

Using mana to change his voice to a cute loli anime girl and spreading his legs wide and . He said it like a lolicon father raping her daughter.


Arthur: "*hic *hic so mean*tears drop*. You said I will be the mother of the family.... How can we have a real family when we don't have a child? Shouting at me like this... This is domestic violence, you don't love me anymore. I'll apply a divorce since you are not satisfied with me *huc*"

Still in a loli crying voice Arthur said. After that you can hear police sirens and a loud knock on the door.

Sylphiette: Moshi moshi, Keisatsu desu(Hello, Its the police). You have 3 seconds to hand over your loli waifu... 3... 2... 1... 0.

After that the loli was saved ftom the ugly bastard named Rudeus. And thus the end of their house play.

Gametime-\u003e 5 minutes 45 seconds

Ending-\u003e Bad end... Father is arrested by FBI and there are no child created.

Game Difficulty: Hell mode

Rudeus: "Why does playing house in Hell Mode dificulty?!"


(a little sidestory)

Arthur: Hey Sylphy your dad called you Luffy right?

Sylphiette: "Y-yes... Why?"

Arthur then looked at sylphy with a serious face.

Arthur: "Do you want to become the King of the Pirates?"

Rudeus: "Oi!! Nii-san!! He's not monkey you know!!"

Arthur: "Well well~ Maybe he will suddenly extend her limbs."

Rudeus: "You might be right."

Sylphiette: "What are you 2 talking about?"

Suddenly an orange haired girl punched the 2 boys at the back of their head.

???: "Don't assume this is One Piece!!"

Arthur: "Shut up Nami!! You don't know maybe she already ate the rubber rubber fruit!"

Nami: Nani(what)?!

Rudeus: "That's right!! And what are you doing in this world?! Isn't it just Zoro who always get lost why are you here? What a shame of Navigator you are!!"

Nami: Guhaa!!*arrow pierces through her heart*


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