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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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22 Chapter 20: Meeting Sylphy

Its midnight after the war...

In the battlfield deep in the forest you could see pure destruction. Craters everywhere and not a single blade of grass can be seen. Its like a God of death descends to the mortal realm and anything near him have no choice but accept its death.

Arthur carrying a half concious Rudeus in 1 arm in a piggyback ride slowly walked home.

Arthur: 'He really exhausted all of his mana. He really gave his all...'

Arthur with a ragged breathing slowly walked deep in the forest going back home

Arthur: We should fix the Forest tommorow Rudeus. Magical Beasts might attack the village...

Rudeus: Yes...

Rudeus fell asleep in Arthur's back comfortably.

Arthur: 'That fight really opens up my view... Fighting magical beasts might be easy but magicians is a pain in the ass to deal with.'

Contemplating after their fight makes Arthur realized how inexperienced he was. If Arthur was fighting a veteran magician even if it can only cast intermediate spells, but it can compensate with its experience.

Arthur: 'If Rudeus will be as creative and experienced like Atofe's imperial guard 'Moore' then I don't even know how to defeat him. The future Rudeus said magic is omnipotent if he learned other magic spells like Time and Space will I become a Picollo? '

Picollo in DBZ series was a huge threat in the series but after the saiyan arrived on earth he become cannon fodder.

Arthur: 'No use thinking about it... 'In front of brute strength any technique is useless' might be a saying but with my talent in swordsmanship I might slash the space itself!'

Arthur being a happy go lucky he was decides not to think about it and decides just to train harder to not get left behind by his brother.

Arthur: 'If in the future he will start dropping meteors in the skies like that Madara or even a Spirit Bomb. I WILL JUST SLICE IT IN HALF!! If Saitama can punch it with just his strength why can't I?'

Arthur: 'But if he used the Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon instead of Kamehameha. My Rho Aias could have been broken and it might pierce through my stomach. I need to train my haki more...'

Meanwhile the magical beasts in the forest numbering thousands sorrounded both of them. Arthur already sensed something wrong even before they were sorrounded but chose not to do anything since its convinient to him that way.

Arthur: I'm tired right now and there's still tens of kilometers to walk out of here...

The place they fought is in a deep valley where they will not be disturbed. A-rank Magical Beast rule this area.

Arthur: Sorry but I don't have time to deal all of you right now so you all can just sleep.

Thousands of magical beasts fainted after Arthur said those words. A loud grumbling of Arthur's stomach was heard in the valley.

Arthur: I'm starving... Well let's look at this monsters if there are edible.

Arthur's motto in eating is as long as its edible he will eat it.

There are varying kinds of beasts. Reptiles, birds, humanoids, and many more. But the only edible monsters he could see are the Boar like beasts that are big comparable to a small car.

Arthur: It should be 10:00pm right now. I need to hurry or Mom would be angry. 30 of them should be good for midnight snack... I should left some so this species wouldn't go extinct. They are quite tasty.


Name: Rudeus

Title: Saint-water ranked magician

Age: 5 years old

Mana: 15,000


(1 hour later)

Arthur finished eating all of the meat since they are easy to cook. They arrived at home.

Arthur: Tadaima(I'm home)~

Arthur saw a blond haired woman standing in front of the door.

Zenith: Where did both of you go?

This time... Arthur knew... He f*cked up.

Arthur felt the temperature dropped several dozens of degrees.

Arthur: M-mom, W-we just e-experimented a new magic.

Zenith: Then why is Rudeus unconcious?

Arthur: We played too much that h-he exhausted all his m-mana.

Zenith just dropped the matter and sighed.

Zenith: *sigh* Its okay to play outside but come back early okay~.

Arthur: Yes mom~.

Zenith healed us after seeing our wounds but did not question us only asking if we are okay.

Lilia: Arthur-sama the bath is ready.

Arthur: I can take care of myself. Please take care of Rudy...

Lilia: Understood.

(After taking a bath)

I carried Rudeus to our room and put him in his bed. After putting the blanket on him I started to walk to my bed but something caught my eye.

In the floor...


A white piece of cloth...


Its definitely not a rug or a handkerchief...


It was made of high quality silk.


Even if its on the floor and did not even put in my nose I can smell a familiar scent. A smell similar to a body sweat and a young girl.

I picked it up and spread it wide.

Arthur: This... is this Roxy-sensei's panties? And it's not washed too...

Arthur said with a grim tone with a hint of calm bloodlust. If any warrior saw this they will be impressed since bloodlust or killing intent is hard to suppress. Only a person with high potential can control their emotions to that level.

Arthur: You'll never experience the light of the day again Rudeus...

In Rudeus's dreamland of a million panties suddenly become a nightmare. It was like put under an Uchiha's most painful genjutsu.

Arthur: I'll be keeping this in exchange of your life...

All the bloodlust suddenly dissappeared like it was never been there. If there is anyone listening they will be confused if his words is sarcastic or not.

(The next day)

Rudeus: Dad. can I go out to play?

Rudeus said while bringing a botanical encyclopedia in his arms.

Paul: Outside? To play? Not in the courtyard?

Rudeus: Yes.

Paul: Y-yeah. Of course.

Arthur: Wait I'll go too!!

Arthur shout from the window of their room. Knowing that he will meet one of the characters made him excited.

Rudeus: Alright!!

While waiting Paul continued their conversation.

Paul: Come to think of it, there wasn't really any personal time given to you. We made arbitrary decisions to let the both of you learn magic and sword techniques at the same time, but playing is also important for a child.

Rudeus: I'm grateful to have met a great teacher.

Even for him who had a strict side and in an instinctive nature. He was slowly maturing to become a father.

Paul: Come to think of it, you actually want to go outside, hm. I always felt your body was weak in the past. Time passes by really quickly.

Rudeus: Did you consider my body to be weak?

Paul: Because you didn't cry at all when you were young. And because your brother is already crawling a month after he is born I thought you were weak.

Rudeus: Give me a break... Don't compare to that monster... I saw him crushing boulders with just his bare hands.

Rudeus showed a funny face to Paul, and he smiled wryly at him. That day when he saw Arthur is playing big boulders in a size of a truck like a piece of marble still lingers in his mind.

Paul: Its actually making me worried when both of you are not acting like a kid.

Rudeus: Which part are you unsatisfied at when your son is reliable?

Paul: No, Nothing really.

Rudeus: It's okay if you educated me with an unsatisfied expression to become a worthy successor to the Greyrat family.

Rudeus only says this since he knows Arthur did not care.

Paul: I can say without pride that your dad is a wild child who only thinks of flipping girls' skirts all day long.

Rudeus: Flipping skirts hmm?

Paul: If you want to be worthy of the Greyrat's name, bring a girlfriend back.

Rudeus: I got it. Then, I'll go to the village to find a place where I can flip skirts.

Paul: Ah, you must treat girls nicely. Also, don't be haughty because you're strong and capable of using magic. The strength of a male doesn't exist for the purpose of putting on airs.

Arthur hearing his words with his abnormal hearing in the second floor wanted to give him a thumbs up for the words of wisdom.

Arthur: 'I need to remember this quote'

Rudeus: I understand Dad. The purpose of being strong is to act cool in front of girls!

Arthur: 'The heck!?'

Paul: .... No, it's not like that.

Rudeus: I'm just kidding. It exists to protect the weak right?

Paul: Mmmmm... That's right.

After that Arthur arrived.

Arthur: Let's go Rudeus.

Rudeus: What are you taking so long for?

The 2 boys dissappeared running outside the gate.

(1 hour later)

Exploring outside, greeting neighbours, eating fruits, identifying the crops the village are growing. Like a scientist on the field 2 boys are happily chatting to each other as they played outside.

Almost noon Arthur heard somewhere far away.

???: Demons shouldn't stay here!

???: Get lost!!

???: Eat this!

???:I managed to hit!

Hearing this Arthur grabbed Rudeus and started running fast towards it. Rudeus complained but Arthur ignored him with a serious face.

They stopped arriving at the scene several meters away. The Boys saw 3 mud-covered kids throwing mud at a small boy.

Bully 1: You get 10 points if you hit the head!]

Bully 2: Okay!

Bully 3: I got it! I got it!

Arthur and Rudeus previous lifetime's experience their faces turned angry and afraid respectively.

Arthur with a slight killing intent was getting angry. Adrenaline rushed all over his body. It took everything he has to calm down.

Arthur: 'Calm down Arthur... They are just kids... You are 22 in age mentally... *inhale*... *exhale*'

Bully 1: He's carrying something!!

Bully 2: The demon's treasure!!

Bully 3: He must have stolen it from somewhere!!

Bully 1: Hitting it gets 100 points!!]

Bully 2: Steal the treasure!!

And those words make Arthur finally snap.

Arthur: You like throwing right?

Everywhere in the area is muddy, the field that turned into a marsh-like area from the recent rainy days. A ball of mud in the size of a baseball rose up from the ground. Arthur then wrapped the mudball in haki. He then gripped the mudball and wind up his arm in a throwing position

Rudeus sensing that something is wrong...looked at Arthur who had a killing intent supressed. The next moment finally made him shocked and warned the bullies then used his magic in a hurry.

Rudeus: HEEEEY!!! RUN AWAY, FAST!!! [Melded Magic: Mudwall!!]

Thick wall of mud towering to 3 meters and 4 meters thick emerge from the ground between Arthur and the Bullies. The next second a mudball wrapped in haki was thrown in fast speed that Rudeus's eyes takes it hard to follow.



Mud is everywhere after the impact. After a few seconds the bullies already ran as fast as they can. They didn't even care about who attacked them... They just blame it to the boy in their minds thinking 'the demon is going to eat us!!'.

Arthur: What is that for Rudeus!?

Rudeus: Nii-san did you forget you remove your bracelet!?

Arthur finally realized that he made a huge mistake. If Rudeus didn't protect them he would have killed them even if he only used half of his strength. In the ground appeared a small crater, the aftermath of Arthur's uncotrolled emotions.

Arthur: S-sorry... You saved me there.

Rudeus: Be careful next time, alright? Throwing mud back at them is enough but filling it with Touki isn't that going to be overkill?

Touki, using magic to protect ones body by reinforcing it. The reason of Arthur's [[Curse]] is all because of the side effect of the blessing [[Supreme Physique]].

Supreme Physique- since Arthur's birth mana is constantly reinforcing his body limiting his mana growth to the extreme. It was said that even if he worked in his entire lifetime, the highest mana reserves and tier of magic spell he can cast is Intermediate ranked only. But the cost was fair since his body will grow stronger and its advantagous for a swordsman to have a high amount of touki.


After Rudeus reprimanded him to control his strength next time. Its quite a comedic scene, Arthur is sitting down drawing circles on the ground while Rudeus is lecturing him.

Rudeus: Hey, are you alright? Are your things fine?

Rudeus realized that this bishonen(beautiful boy).

Rudeus: Woah.... AAHH!!

Arthur blowed Rudeus's ears scaring him.

Arthur: Falling in love with a 'Trap' again?

Arthur meant it was a 'reverse trap' of what he was thinking.

Arthur: 'I don't see how can Rudeus see him as a boy... Wait he likes 'traps' so maybe he wished she has something between her legs... Bastard... Its understandable if its Rukako in Steins;Gate but Sylphy? Are you sure your testosterones are functioning well? '

Arthur don't know wether to laugh or cry at this point. He just let the misunderstanding go on.

(AN: I will make Syplhy an Archer+Wind magic(Adding wind magic+touki in the arrow). She will learn archery from his father 'Rawls' who is a hunter.

Also she will be a proficient healer(.)


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