Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
19 Chapter 18: Goodbye Roxy, and weeb talks
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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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19 Chapter 18: Goodbye Roxy, and weeb talks

(AN: Help me my readers... I reread my fanfiction and I just realized Arthur suffered multipersonality disorder... I'm ashamed not to know my own MC😰)

I took a picture of her in my Camera ring.

I have to find a way to make paper and print this.

Of course a frame is a must...

Roxy: Congratulations Rudeus. You are now a Water- Saint ranked.

After Roxy said that I snapped at my gaze congratulate him.

Arthur: Congratulations Rudy!! Since both of us are Saints, now we're gonna be called the Saint twins!!!

I smiled brightly to Rudeus.

Even the serious and dignified Roxy showed a rarely seen smile.

Rudeus: ...Um

A weak reply came out of his mouth.

I know that feeling.

It's a sense of fulfillment.

You finally feel it in this moment, that this is my [First step] after coming to this world.

Ever since you were reincarnated you haven't experience that feeling for a long time.

Tears started flowing down to his face.

Giving him a kind smile I hugged him softly.

Arthur: You've worked hard...

I said to him in a whisper.

Even if our family calls us a genius we worked hard for it.

Even if we had the talent for it, if you don't put an effort it is meaningless.

Even if I have the [[Blessings]]. If I did not train and fighting monsters every night would be a waste.

From being a scum bastard who did not even attend his parents funeral To become one of the strongest magicians in the world.

I released him from the hug when he calmed down a little.

Rudeus: *sniff* Y-yes... Thank you for the past 2 years teaching us Roxy-sensei.

Roxy also come to Rudy and kneeled down to his eye level

Roxy: No... Thank you for being my student. I'm proud of you.

Rudeus then showed a faint smile at Roxy then at me.

Wiping his tears

After calming his emotions we started preparing going back...

Roxy: Hey horse can you calm down a bit.

Arthur: What's wrong sensei?

Watching Roxy have difficulty holding the reins I also helped her.

Roxy: This horse won't calm down.

Rudeus: Kalajav must be afraid of you sensei.

Roxy: Y-yeah...

Remembering what happened earlier Roxy's face flushed with embarrassment.

Arthur: Let me talk for him a bit.

I used [Fly] so that the horse can see me.

I started to hear a voice in my head.

???: *horse angry noises* (Release Me!! Stay away from me woman!)

This [[The Voice Of All Things]] at work.

Well if Luffy can hear the voice of the sea kings a horse should not be a problem.

When Paul bring me outside we always bring Kalajav with us.

Of course this horse already knew me for years.

(AN: language commonly used by humans in this world)

Arthur: Hey behave yourself. We can't go home if you are going wild!

Roxy and Rudeus was curious why I'm talking to the horse.

This is the first time they saw me talking to animals.

Kalajav(horse): *Horse noises* (That woman almost killed me! If you want to go home walk on foot!)

Ignoring him I said to him.

Arthur: Okay okay... I'll cook your food tonight alright so calm down and let's go home!

Kalajav(horse): *tsundere horse noises* )I-its not like that I want to eat your food or anything! *looks away then blushes* Well if you insist then I can reconside-.)

Arthur: Well if your not going to let us then we'll just walk back home on our own. Let's go home Rudy, sensei!

Still processing the information on what happened they subconciously walk with me.

Kalajav(horse): W-wait!! Alright alright come on ride on my back.

Arthur: Apologize first

Kalajav: *horse noises* (sorry young master Arthur-sama)

The tsundere bowed its head in apology afraid if I change my mind cooking its food tonight.

Arthur: Good... It's alright now sensei.

Roxy/Rudeus: 😑


(The next day)

On the second day, Roxy, who hasn't changed in the past 2 years, packs up her luggage and stands in front of the gates.

My parents didn't change too much either since Roxy came.

Me and Rudeus is the only one who has grown taller.

Zenith: Roxy, it's fine if you want to continue staying in our home. There are many things I haven't cooked for you....

Paul: That's right. Even if your job as a home tutor is over, you have done many things for us last year. The people from the village will definitely welcome you.

My parents are trying to keep Roxy.

Somewhere along the way, Roxy and my parents have become close.

Well, she's always free from the afternoon to the evening. If she did something every day, she should be able to get a lot of contacts.

A thing unlike a protagonist who has to do a lot of things, otherwise their stats won't change.

Roxy: No... Thank you for saying this, but this situation has let me realize my weakness. I will tour the world and polish up my magic skills.

She seems to have received a shock after Rudeus caught up with her in rank.

She told us in the past how she hated students surpassing the teacher.

Paul: Is that so. Here, what can I say. My apologies, it seems our son has made you lose confidence.

Roxy: No, this event has made me learned not to be too full of myself. I'm actually grateful for this.

Roxy: It's okay to be proud of yourself if you can use saint ranked water magic.

Roxy: I understand that even if you don't rely on that, if you base it on creativity, then you can come up with even stronger magic.

Roxy smiles bitterly while stroking his head.

Roxy: Rudy. Even though I tried my best, I am unable to teach you at my current level.

Rudeus:This isn't true. Sensei gave me many things.

Roxy: I'm satisfied if you say that..... Ah, right.

Roxy searches her mantle with her hand and pulls out something tied with a ribbon.

Roxy: Congrats on your graduation. Because I didn't have time to prepare, take this and bear with it.

Rudeus: This is...?

Roxy: Migurd's protection amulet. If you ever come across a hostile demon, you can present this with my name. You might come to an understanding..... probably.

Rudeus: I will treat it with care.

Roxy: And this is for Arthur

Roxy gave ma an artifact shaped like a heart with 4 big swords stabbed into it.

When I take a look closer I noticed that the heart itself is made out of swords.

Something is telling me that this is an important artifact.

Arthur: This is...

Roxy: The first treasure artifact I found when I was exploring a dungeon when I was an adventurer. But it is broken... No one knows how to activate it but I feel that this should belong to you.

Arthur: I will take good care of it...

Roxy: I'm glad.

Roxy smiles at the very end and sets off.

Seeing Roxy until we can't see her in the horizon.

I don't know why but I can't cry.

I thought I will cry my eyeballs out of my sockets but something tells me we will meet again.

Arthur: 'Goodbye Roxy-sensei'

Knowing that I'm not qualified to call her shishou(master) since I was really a 'disciple'.

Rudeus: By the way Art-nii... Are you from earth.??

Arthur: Yes.

Rudeus: I see...

Arthur: When did you know?

Rudeus: I've been suspecting since that chuunibyou chant 2 years ago but that song you sing yesterday you gave yourself away.

Arthur: I see...

Rudeus: Wait... when did you know that I was from earth?

Arthur: Ever since we were born... I was sleeping next to Mom and you I can hear you saying 'Oppai oppai oppai oppai oppai oppai oppai'(AN: Oppai--\u003e Boobs). You sure love boobs so much.

Rudeus: Ughh...

After that the entire day we always talk to each other.

After knowing that we are otaku we started talking about Animes and Manga.

After talking for a while I realized he only know the weeb culture up to 2012.

That means I have an advantage since I died in 2020.

Arthur: You... What a pitiful person. You didn't even know Naruto's ending don't you? Even the new Super Saiyan transformations Goku had.😜

Rudeus: What!!!???😨 Wait what year did you die?

Arthur: 2020.

Rudeus: Really? What happened in the future?

Arthur: A virus pandemic attacked humanity.

Rudeus: What? Did aliens attack Earth? Or is it World War 3?

Arthur: Its a tough year to live... Possible World War 3, Death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, Corona Virus pandemic, last but not the least Anime's getting delayed especially Mushoku Tensei.

Rudeus not knowing what to say just remained silent.


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