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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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18 Chapter 17: Graduation final

(AN: Warning!! I know that this is a novel made for fun... But maybe I have too much 'fun' that I write this past 3 days... So the chapter might be a little... Nah just read it yourself)

Roxy: Yeah. A woman good in cooking is considered to be attractive in our tribe.

Arthur: If sensei says so then becoming househusband might be a good occupation.

Rudeus: Nii-san?!

Arthur: Umu. I've decided if I marry sensei 10 years from now I will cook more delicous food for her!!

Roxy: Stop this... I said were gonna talk about this 10 years in the future.

Roxy is not even fazed when I said that.

Arthur: 'She's still treating me like a kid? *sigh* what happened about her blushing when we kissed this morning? Did she considered that as a kiss to kid? I really want to grow up fast!!'

Arthur: Then sensei what's your dream?

Attempting to change the subject about me being a perfect wife I asked Roxy a question.

Roxy: Becoming a Water God Magician might be good.

Rudeus: Is that a your dream or its just a goal sensei?

Roxy: I don't know. But if you really want to know then it is just a goal.

Arthur: Ehhhh~ You already know our dreams for 2 years now sensei... Isn't it unfair to us? *puppy eyes*. Please tell us~

(AN: I don't know if 'puppy eyes' is the right term for this. Well whatever.)

Even though I know Roxy's dream I just acted ignorant.

Roxy: No.

Glaring at me with a serious face and a little glint of light coming out of his eyes.

Ughh... Too strong... Her defense is too strong... To decesively to crush the legendary trump card [puppy eyes] that even Zenith Greyrat who can defeat Paul Greyrat-advanced rank swordsman, in one glare can't resist.

Arthur: Y-yes... I won't ask again.

Rudeus: Art-nii wanted to become a 7 Major World Powers and I want to be the strongest magician. Knowing Roxy-sensei maybe she wants to grow a few years? She always complains about having a frail and weak looking body that its not attractive...

Roxy: Well that might be it.

I decided to say her real 'dream' but its more like a romantic fantasy.

Arthur: Then... Since Roxy-sensei is an adventurer... it might be like this Rudy. *Whisper**whisper*

Rudy: Ohh okay let's do it nii-san!!


After making sure my voice is clear I say.

Arthur/Rudeus(Narrator): In a depths of a labyrinth a lonely girl was trapped in prison by a Supard Race to be its meal.


Roxy: What are they up to again?

Roxy knowing our antics helplessly watched us expressionlessly.

I infused mana to my vocal chords making out sound like an evil villain. Well 1 of my invention's [Voice change].

(AN: expect in the future that Arthur will make a bunch of magic spell like a Doraemon getting different advanced technologies with no sweat in a 4D pocket.)

Rudeus(Hero): Give up now you evil scum! I will defeat you and save Roxy-chan! *Beautiful face of a man like those on shojou manga's. In a white horse and a knight and shining armor*

Rudeus really a dramatic effects too much

Arthur: Hahahahahaha*evil laugh*. What are you saying Hero? After eating her you will be the next!!

Of course I was also using [Illusion] to make my hair Emerald Green and a red jewel in my forehead.

Rudeus(Hero): SASUKUEEEEEE!!!

Arthur(Supard): NARUTOOOOO!!!

(AN: Hahahahaha!!! Maybe I had too much fun😂. Don't take this seriously. And of course Rudeus didn't know Arthur is from Earth yet.)

Arthur/Rudeus: After that they fought for 30 days and 30 nights. The fight was devastating. It has the power to destroy castles, eradicate oceans, and obliterate mountains. But till the end the Hero emerge victorious.

Arthur(Supard): I-impossible... I am the strongest in the world!! How could I lose to a brat like you?!

Like a cliche villain would say I said the thing.

Rudeus(Hero): Its because I have my friends!! To protect my nakamas(friends). I surpassed and attained the strength to defeat you!!

(AN: In order to defeat a few century old villain. You only need friends😂. I'm not looking at you 'FA*RYT*IL' *sarcasm*)

Arthur/Rudeus(Narrator): The hero successfully slain the evil Supard. With the power of friendship anything is possible!!

Rudeus(Hero): With this Roxy-chan will be safe now.

Arthur(Roxy): U-um... Thank you for saving me oni-san.

Rudeus(Hero): U-um... You are Roxy... right?

Arthur(Roxy): Y-yes...

Rudeus(Hero): Everything is alright... Why? BECAUSE I AM HERE!!(AN: Allmight ''WATASHI GA KITA!'')

Arthur(Roxy): Y-yes... *blush*

Arthur/Rudeus: They married and they lived happily ever after...





Arthur: Ahahahaha. Just look at sensei~ I think its a bullseye.*licks lips*

Roxy: S-stop fooling around!! L-let's go!! We wasted too much time!!!

Arthur/Rudeus: Hai~


Roxy: I'm going to use the saint ranked water attack magic, Cumulonimbus. This technique is a magic that creates lightning strikes with violent rain.

Rudeus: Yes.

Roxy: Please copy what I do.

Well I'm just here watching the show.

Roxy: Because I'm only demonstrating, I'll just maintain the spell for a minute before dismissing it, and then... You pass if you can make the rain last for an hour.

Rudeus: Is it because it's a secret technique that you only did it in a deserted location?

Roxy: No, I'm worried that people will get hurt or the farmers' crops get damaged.

Damn... Controling the weather huh... Sounds cool.

If only this world has devil fruits, it would be awesome.

Roxy: I'm starting.

Roxy raises her hands to the skies.

Oh great water spirit, the son of the lightning emperor who ascended to the skies!! Fulfill my wishes, rain down your ferocious blessings, and show me your strength to this tiny existence! Let your godly hammer strike the anvil, and demonstrate your authority, and devour the earth with water!! Ah, the rain!! Destroy and wash everything away!![『Cumulonimbus!!』]

Arthur:'Chanting huh...

How nostalgic...

I used to be like them. Back in the day when I was still a kid I used to chant like a chuunibyou... Wait, I'm still a kid...

And that was still 2 years ago. What 'Back in the day'?Am I getting old fast?'

The surroundings turn dark immediately when the chanting ends.

A few seconds later..... heavy rain falls from the sky.

Violent winds spring up around us as lightning appeared in the midst of the dark clouds.

Among the sounds of the waterfall-like rain, streaks of purple lightning ran through the clouds, causing loud booms.

The electricity in the clouds slowly becomes stronger.

The lightning continues to grow, as if to make the light become stronger.

...It strikes the earth.


And it strikes the tree.

My eardrums are buzzing and my eyes are in spirals.

Roxy: Uwawa...

Roxy face turns green as she ran towards the tree.

I look over in her direction. The horse that we brought has collapsed with smoke rising from it.

Roxy brings her hand over to the horse and begins chanting.

Roxy: Oh merciful mother of gods, please heal this one's wounds, and let him recover with a healthy body 『EXHealing』.

Roxy uses the intermediate ranked healing magic in a panic, and after a while, the horse wakes up.

Looks like it's not dead.

Intermediate ranked healing magic cannot bring the dead back to life.

The horse shows a frightened expression, and Roxy's forehead breaks out cold sweat.

Roxy: Phew, phew..... That was dangerous.

Hey hey... Wasn't that too dangerous?

If that was just Saint ranked how much power is Rudy's Emperor ranked Earth bullet in the original?

It should destroy a country right??

Roxy: Please, keep this a secret?

Roxy says in a half-crying voice.

She's a little clumsy.

But she works hard. I also know that she stays up late into the night to prepare our lessons.

I also know that she doesn't want to be looked down on because of her young age, and always tries to present herself with dignity.

I really like that appearance.

Arthur/Rudeus: Don't worry, I won't tell father.]

Roxy: Uuuu... Please do so.

Even though Roxy is in a half-crying state, she quickly shakes her head, slaps her cheek, looks at me with a solemn expression.

Roxy: Then, please go ahead and try. I will take care of Kalajav. Let's go Arthur.

Arthur: Hai~.

We moved a several meters back and Roxy creates a small shelter/forttress made out of earth magic.

Using melded magic of fire and wind to dry ourselves.

I called it [Dryer]... Great naming sense right? Whatever.

Arthur: Roxy-sensei. How do you think Rudy will pass this?

Roxy: Didn't you hear that he needs to keep the spell for an hour? There's no other way to pass. Let's sit down and take a rest first.

Arthur: But sensei. I could sense Rudy going here now.

Roxy: What?

Roxy looked outside.

Its just like when she used magic.

Heavy rain falls down the sky like a waterfall.🌧

Dark clouds covered the sky...☁

The wind is blowing ferociously.🌫

Lightning striking the ground making the world feel its wrath.⛈

Roxy: Amazing.

Arthur: As expected of my little brother, what a monster.

Reading the book and experiencing it personally really make me bring to reality that this is not the world I was in before.

Arthur: 'I'm really in an another world huh'

Rudy arrived at the fortress soaking wet.

Roxy: This fortress will disappear after an hour, so you can stop the magic before then.

Rudeus: Okay.

Rudy: Don't worry. Kalajav is fine.

Rudeus: Okay.

Rudeus: Don't keep saying okay. You need to control the clouds outside seriously for an hour.

Rudeus: Do I need to control it?

Roxy: Hm? Did I say something strange?

Rudeus: But is there a need to control it?

Roxy: Of course. saint ranked water magic is also magic. If you don't sustain it with mana, the wind will blow it away.

Rudeus: But I already made it so that it can't be blown away.....?

Roxy: Huh? What....!?

Roxy, who seems to have noticed something, runs out of the fortress.

The fortress immediately falls apart.

Rudeus: 'Hey hey, aren't you going to continue controlling it?'

Arthur:'How clumsy... The horse will get buried alive.'

Maybe because of the incredible might that this spell had makes it stronger.

Arthur: Hey Rudy. Did you slightly modify the spell?

Rudeus: Yes. I mixed it with Wind to stabilize the clouds and Fire to control the temperature.

Arthur: Hoho... Omoshiroi~(interesting)

Seeing the lightning strikes.. Im trying to get an inspiration on Saint ranked magic spell.

Even though I'm a Sword Freak. I'm also a Magical Runesmith.

I also need practical references for my products.

Roxy: ....Is that so, the spiraling tornado will bring the clouds upwards....!!

Roxy: Rudy. You pass.

Rudeus: Eh? But it hasn't been an hour?

Roxy: There's no need to wait. It's enough if you did this much. But can you make it disappear?

Arthur: W-wait... Can you let me watch this spell first. I might create a new magic spell today.

Roxy: A-ah... All right for now let's take shelter there.

We sat down and dry oursleves.

I sat down near the entrance to see the spell.

Well. Making new magic spell was just an excuse.

I don't know how to say it. But I know deep down in my heart want to stay with sensei more.

Rudeus: What a bad liar.

Hearing my brother's voice I chuckled.

Arthur: You really know me well...

Roxy: Let's sit together... It will get really cold.

Arthur: Ahahaha...

I laughed softly knowing I was busted by my lie.

Roxy and Rudeus already know I like rain.

The sound of the falling rain makes my heart and mind at peace.

We sat together Roxy on the center while Rudy and me is leaning on her.

The campfire inside the fortress made cracking sounds.

We created the wood we burned with magic. I was experimenting an elemantal magic of wood when I was training at the forest.

Feeling the warmth of the person you love paired with rain.

I really felt peace the most here right now than in the 2 lifetimes I had.

Arthur: 'I wish we could stay like this forever'

Rudeus: Somehow I really feel very comfortable.

Roxy: Me too.

Cuddling together we felt the same.

I suddenly remembered the song in the anime I watched.

Everytime I hear this song.

I interpreted it as;

{A man's wife died.

Standing on the grave alone in the rain the man wept for a very long time.

(AN: Hahaha anyway that's how it feels to me. Everytime it rains I played this song. If you feel its cringe then I'm sorry.)

I stood up and sing it today.

(AN: if I put '🎤' it means the character is singing)

(AN: song is 'Amefurashi no Uta' from 'The World Is Still Beautiful' anime)



Kyou umareta kanashimi ga

Sora e maiagaru

Sora wa mezame kaze wo yobi

Kono mune wa furueru


Today, the sadness that was born

Soars to the sky

The sky awakes and calls the wind

This heart trembles


Anata wo mamoritai unmei ni sawaritai

Koboreta namida mune no kubomi wo

Yorokobi de mitashitai no


I want to protect you and touch our fate

Overflowing with tears, the dent in your heart

I want to fill it with happiness


It's a tender rain

Anata no moto e kono uta ga

Todokimasu you ni

Donna ni tooku ni hanareteitemo

Shinjiteru tsutawaru koto

Singing in the rain

Ame no shizuku ga utsukushiku


Kanashimi zenbu ga kieru sono toki

Sekai wa ugokidasu no

Please come the tender rain


It's a tender rain

May this song

Reach you

No matter how far apart we are

I believe that it will be conveyed

Singing in the rain

The raindrops are beautifully


That time, all the sadness will go away

And the world will start moving

Please come the tender rain


Kono keshiki ga itsu no hi ka


Sono hitomi ni afureru omoi



Someday, this scenery

Even if it withers

Those eyes that overflows with feelings

Will keep pouring


Kokoro wo tsunagetai

Itami ni fureteitai

Mezameta asa no nureta daichi ni

Tsubomi wa kitto saiteru


I want to link our hearts together

And share our pain

In the awakened morning's damp earth

The bud is surely blooming


It's a tender rain mimi wo sumashite

Yawaraka na kuuki ni tokete

Shizukani shizukani maioriteyuku

Itsudatte soba ni iru yo

Singing in the rain watashi wa utau

Amaoto ni omoi wo nosete

Doko made mo tsuzuku toki no kanata ni

Mabushii ai ga aru no

Here come the tender rain


It's a tender rain, I listen carefully

I melt in the tender air

And quietly, quietly flutter down

To your side always

Singing in the rain, I'm singing

I place my feelings in the sound of the rain

Wherever, beyond the time that goes on

There's a dazzling love

Here come the tender rain


Donna unmei mo

Musubiau kokoro wa ubaenai

Donna kanashimi mo hohoende

Sora e to kaeru


Whatever kind of fate

Our entangled hearts can't be stolen

Whatever kind of sadness, we'll smile

And change it into the sky


It's a tender rain

Anata no moto e kono uta ga

Todokimasu you ni

Donna ni tooku ni hanareteitemo

Shinjiteru tsutawaru koto

Singing in the rain

Ame no shizuku ga utsukushiku


Kanashimi zenbu ga kieru sono toki

Sekai wa ugokidasu no

Please come the tender rain

Come! Tender rain


It's a tender rain

May this song reach you

No matter how far apart we are

I believe that it will be conveyed

Singing in the rain

The raindrops are beautifully


That time, all the sadness will go away

And the world will start moving

Please come the tender rain

Come! Tender rain🎤.

Music is a universal language. Even if the language is different as long as the song contains the heart and soul of the singer, Everyone can feel what the singer is trying to convey. (AN: For me though)

Rudeus: 'Huh JAPANESE!! Art-nii is from japan? And this song... Isn't this from the anime The World Is Still Beautiful?'

Roxy: 'What language is that? I can understand a little but it seems a different language... It seems he was singing... Well the song is good'

I look around me.

The fortress is gone now.

The three of us soaking wet.

The sky cleared up revealing a colorful bridge of light.

A rainbow. 🌈

I looked at Roxy.

The beautiful smile adorned on her beautiful face.

The warm sunlight that touches her drenched face.

It brightens up my heart.

Its the most beautiful smile I seen in the 2 lifetimes I had.

This time...

I knew...

I truly have fallen in love with her.


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