Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
17 16: Graduation part 3 and picnic
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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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17 16: Graduation part 3 and picnic

AN: There I go again I didn't finish the graduation arc. Hai~… Happy Reading.

Arthur: But Rudy.

Rudeus: What is it nii-san?

Arthur: How does it feel?

Rudy: Ahh you mean flying? It feels great! I would like to do it again sometime.

Arthur: That's good and all but I mean...

I look at Roxy who is trying not to laugh. I look back at Rudy and gave him a silent eye contact and look at his pants trying to say something.

Rudy knowing what I meant look at his pants. His pants look like it just came out of laundry. Still a little wet and a pungent smell.

Rudeus: This... Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

He runs inside straight to the house.

(5 min later)

Arthur: Well your back how is it?

Rudeus: Lilia-san gave me a wierd look when she knows that I wet my pants. Even though I said I accidentaly lost control when I used Water magic, she didn't believe me!!

Like a child throwing a tantrum or a teenager getting embarrassed by his parents. He acts really childish right now.

Arthur: Roxy sensei look at Rudy. Its so rare to see him like this.

Roxy: Haha. I'm relieved. You have areas that match your age.

Roxy telling Rudy because he wet his pants when I threw him up in the air.

Rudeus: Guhoo!!*Imaginary vomits blood*(AN: 1st blood!!)

Like an imaginary arrow struck to his heart and he started to tearung up.

Rudy: 'I swear I'll make ni-san wet his pants when I have the chance'

Rudy: Please stop it 😭

Arthur: Don't worry about it Rudy! It's normal for you to wet your pants.

Rudy: What do you mean by that?

Arthur: Didn't you wet your pants when you were at the study?

Remembering the first time Rudy first used magic. Paul, Zenith, and Lilia really thought Rudy wet himself. The whole study was so wet that time that its like a bucket of water was poured at tge floor. And until now the misunderstanding is still not cleared up. Since that's the case I just get along with it and act ignorant.

Rudy: Gahh!!(AN: 2nd blood!!)

A second arrow struck him straight to the heart.

Realizing that he's really about to cry we started to move on.

Roxy: Oh well, it can't be helped. Here.

Roxy carried Rudy and put him on the horse.

Rudy: Wha!

Roxy climbs up and take hold of the reins. I jumped on and stood at the back of Roxy my hands holding her petite shoulders.

(Buena Village, outside the house)

Roxy is slowly moving forward in the village.

From time to time will gaze at us. I see that Rudy is still shaking when he looks at their gazes.

I saw an old man near us working at the fields. You can see that despite hus old age he still as strong as a magical beast. He's your typical old man you've seen in anime, buff up body, tall, and very strong. With a light gray hair despite his old age, you can see that he looks a 2 decades younger than his actual age. In his younger years he was a Sword Saint S-rank adventurer.

Arthur: Hey uncle! How is work?

Uncle: Ohh. If it wasn't Roxy and Arthur. As you can see its doing pretty well. Its all thanks to Roxy-san making it rain.

Roxy: You dont need to thank me. Besides the village chief paid a fair silver coins so its an additional income.

Uncle: Umu. Money is necessary if you want to travel and have a journey... By the way who us this young lad Arthur?

Uncle noticing Rudy not daring to make eye

Arthur: Ahh he's my twin brother Rudeus Greyrat, just call him Rudeus. He's now taking the graduation ceremony for Roxy's magical lessons. As you know uncle he is very shy with strangers but he is very good in magic...

Uncle: Umu. A young lad like you will have a bright future ahead of you! Be proud of it!

Uncle rub his head with a wide smile.

Uncle: Do your best Rudeus! I'm sure with Roxy teaching you magic you will pass it like a breeze.

Rudeus: T-hank.. you.. Uncle.

Uncle: Then Roxy, Arthur, Rudeus, if you'll excuse me I still have work to do.

Moving forward I tell Rudy about him. His wife also cooks me food so I already treated them as friends.

Apperently her wife their child is already on a journey going to the Holy Land of the Swords

Rudy: You sure get along with the villagers here ni-san.

Arthur: Well one time when I was training in the middle of the night. I got in trouble fighting a cunning magical beast deep in the forest when he saved me one time.

Rudy: Oh... Even Art-nii can't defeat that magical beast?

Arthur: Well to be fair. Apparently that magical beast had a poison that will make you sleep, but instead I got dizzy so I can't really react fast. I don't have the time to remove the (Gravity Bracelet) so I was thankful for him to save me that time. It might be thanks to my strong poison resistance and uncle that I survived.

Roxy: Let's go now.

Arthur: And Rudeus don't be so tense. The people here won't bite like those magical creatures you're afraid of.

Rudeus: Aaaghhh...*imaginary vomits blood*(AN: Killing Spree!!)

The third arrow was shot straight to the heart. Rudy looks defeated and his soul slowly going out of his mouth.

I look at Roxy.

Within a short period of 2 years, she has become a figure who everyone is willing to greet.

When I think of this point, Roxy's back looks so reliable.

She knows where to go, and they mutually know her.

Its amazing for a magic race to be respected especially in Asura kingdom where discrimination against magic races are quite severe.

Sigh... I can't believe that I find Roxy who peeked at the events in the master bedroom, to be admired and respected.

I looked everywhere the village. Though I don't need the eyes to 'see' them because my [Observation Haki] can already reach a kilometer radius. Its still refreshing to see vibrant colors and the atmosphere is great. This is the first time I see the village at the time if the day. Because I only go out at night to train or when father will bring me early in the morning.

Rudeus: Sensei, what does this field grow?

Roxy: It's mainly Asura's wheat, the component for bread. There are also small amounts of green vegetables and Bardius flowers. Bardius flowers can be refined into spices in the capital. The rest are ingredients for the dining table.

Arthur: Ah, that's green chili. Sensei is unable to eat that.

Roxy: N-not unable to eat it. I'm just not used to it.

Rudy reading my mind he followed up.

Rudeus: Haha. I'm relieved. You have areas that match your age. I mean being picky about food, isn't it too childish?

Roxy: Gaaghh... *Imaginary vomits blood*(AN: Mega Kill!!)

Rudeus--\u003e 1 win, 3 losses

Roxy----\u003e 3 wins, 1 loss

(1 hour later)

There aren't any fields surrounding us anymore. We have arrived in a completely untouched grassland area.

This is the kind of grassland that stretches towards the horizon.No, at the furthest one can barely see some hints of a mountainous area.

Arthur: Waaaaah... This.. I didn't know there is a place like this here.

If I knew there is such a beautiful place here I would be going here everyday.

Roxy: It should be fine if we are here.

Roxy directs the horse to a lone tree and ties the reins onto it.

Arthur: Alright let's set up the area

I put the picnic blanket under the shade of the tree.

Arthur: Alright let's start!!

I raise my fist up in the air like some japanese friends to make them excited to do something.

Rudeus/Roxy: Ooooooooooohhh!!

They raise their fists in the air too.

Arthur: Then the first activity of the event. 'Chess!'

In this world there is a game similar to the chess back on earth. The rules are different but the gameplay is still more or less similar. The one thing is that the roles of the 'Kings' and 'Queens' are reverse. Instead of 'White' and 'Black', the game is designed by 'Human race' vs 'Magic/Demon race'

We played together but no one could beat me.

Well, with my [Observation Haki] I can see several moves in the future paired with my enhanced brain, my thought process can already be compared to a 500 IQ supercomputer.

My only weakness is I did not really played thus game much.

Imagine a 500 IQ supercomputer playing chess but the only database stored in it are a few moves of a noob player, so the data is insufficient to win against a Professional player.

But paired with [Observation Haki] atleast I can put up a fight.

Well I'm not playing against a professional but its a game for fun so its like a substitute NBA player playing against a 10 year old kid dunking all over the place *ahem*.

We played for a while but the two of them can't beat me.

Rudeus: This... Aren't you too strong for this?! I was defeated in 7 moves.

Roxy: Hmm? Isn't it obvious? A 5 year old kid who can make a new magic spells like its nothing, Creating magic items like a toy. Compared to that this is child's play.

As sensei said I started experimenting on runes. Magic circles might be the trend but it the user to use huge mana. Magic runes on the other gand are very difficult to make but it has its advantages. Like in magic, Magic chants automatically activates the normal spells but using voiceless incantion/chantless you can reverse engineer an elementary ranked magic spell to have an output of an intermediate ranked spell.

Rudeus: Ughh... Then Roxy sensei how many moves did he use to defeat you?

With a proud look on her face she humphed her breast proudly.

Roxy: Hmph! 23 moves.

Rudy: Sensei are you sure that he's not holding back?

Arthur: Well well well... The game is getting boring so I played it a little. Hai... Its so boring if your too strong~.

Rudeus/Roxy: Ughh... *vomits blood*(AN: DOUBLE KILL!!! MONSTER KILL!!)

They surrendered and played another game.

Rudeus: How about making a figure ni-san.

Arthur: Alright the model will be sensei.

Rudeus cast a Earth magic spell to create a block of ice as tall as Roxy for all of us.

Roxy: Wait why me? I refuse.

Arthur/Rudeus: Okay let's start!!

Rudy used Earth magic to slowly alter the block of earth to an image of a scholarly middle school girl wearing a magician's robe. In short just like the Roxy right now.

I started to move to the block of earth in front of me. I picked up a knifed shape stone and wrapped it with [Armanent Haki] and a bit of touki(AN: like a sword ki in chinese novels).

I imaged a Roxy in a mahou shojo(magical girl outfit). I entered the state of my my mind and body [Swordless Heart].

[Swordless Heart] --\u003e if one person entered this state of mind, they would be able to utilize even a blade of grass or a pebble by the roadside as a sword .

For the swordless to surpass any sword, for the formless to surpass any form .

As the saying went, 'the greatest sound is silence, the greatest form is formless, and the greatest sword is swordless'.(AN: Of course all the sayings here are credits to the various webnovels I red)

Arthur: Haaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

With a grunt I slashed to the block of earth multiple times.

Moving to different angles. Front, back, right, left, over, under.

Despite my fast paced slashing my movements are very accurate and precise.

And as a sword saint, the sword is already a part of me.

Even with me slashing the boulder if another person sees this they will only see a child trying hard to break a block of hardened earth.

I was already done after 1 minute of slashing.

The block of earth I have is still intact.

Rudeus: Are you done Art-nii?

Arthur: Almost I still need Roxy-sensei to do something later for the finishing touches. You are you done?

Rudeus: Yes.

Arthur: Roxy-sensei can you send a bit of mana into my work?

Roxy: Both of you sure had your fun making me huh...

With a defeated sigh she sends a bit of mana to the block of earth.

Arthur: Alright who goes first?

Rudeus: Then I'll go first.

It creates simple illusions to one of your senses.

Even with my pure eyesight alone can't see through it. I can if course sense the shape with my [Observation Haki]

Rudeus: Then please judge my work Roxy-sensei!!

Rudy dispell the magic spell and the form of Roxy in a hardened stone was in sight.

The details are so accurate from head to toe.

Roxy: This is quite good Rudy. This should sell if you sell it to the Artist's guild on the capital.

Roxy might ve saying this but there is a trace of embarrassment of looking at her own image.

Arthur: Kukuku. You have lost again Rudy.

Rudeus: Nani?(What?)


I remove the [Illusion] I cast on it.

In the sight is similar to Rudeus but the only thing is different is the clothes, her facial expression, the pose, and its colored. The clothes is a Mahou Shojou(magical girl) type. Short skirts, Cute dress that compliments her blue eyes and hair.

Arthur: you're right but that's not all!!

Roxy: 'what are these two talking about. But please can you stop it already!! My dignity as a teacher suffered a huge blow already!!'

Rudeus: What is more to it??!!

Arthur: There are 2 more surprises. One is this.

I press my finger to the statue Roxy's chest.

Magical runes started to glow all over its body.

And it moved.

It spoke.

Arthur's masterpiece: I am mahou shojou(magucal girl) Roxy~*wink*. I'll bring justice and save the world!!(AN: I don't know the common magical girls cacthphrases but I just made up on the spot)

Roxy: Guhoo.*Spurts blood*(AN: GODLIKE!!)

Roxy: Can you stop no-

Arthur: The 2nd surprise!!

Rudeus: What is it???!!


I removed the whole clothes only revealing the white panties and her bare chest.

Even the nipples are exquisitely made with a pinkish color.

Rudeus: WHAAT!! Terrifying... I admit defeat...

Suddenly I felt the temperature in the sorroundings have toned down by several dozen degrees.

Roxy: What is this Arthur?

Arthur: 'Cr*p. She's mad. I need to appease her'.

With a trembling voice I tried to quell her anger.

Arthur: S-sensei did you not like this? If you did not like the pure white panties of course I can change it into a sexy black lingerie.

Roxy gave me a smile, her mouth is smiling but her eyes is not

Seeing Roxy's smile terrified me so much.

Roxy charges up a modified waterball I invented and she's furiously charging it with a huge amount of mana.

Arthur: I'm dead.

Arthur: Guhoo. *vomits blood* (AN:SHUTDOWN!!)(AN: Sorry no legendary. Btw the terms are from Mobile Legends)

(Several minutes later)

After the the contest of making a life sized figurine we started to eat our lunches.

Its regretful that Roxy-sensei ordered us to destroy the figurines.

Arthur: 'I'm glad I coated my body with haki last minute before the [Water Ball] hit me.'

While we are in our picnic I've been viewing the images at the 'Camera'.

A magic item I created using magical runes. The function should be self-explanatory to those who lived on earth.

It is in a form of a ring made out of Earth magic.

If you want to view the images, the only ones who can see it is the wearer in a form if a hologram.

Of course its HD.(AN: Priorities for private viewing purposes).

Arthur: 'Maybe next time Dad and Mom will have s*x I'll record them. That's a good idea, let's do that.'

Buried in my thoughts we already finished the sandwiches made the two of them. Though I was the one who ate most of it. Well the food they made is so-so, not too delicious and not too disgusting.

Roxy: Art, let's the food you made.

Arthur: Here you go!

I handed it to Rudy who is near to me.

He opened the basket but his eyes were dazzled when he saw that sandwhiches shining.

Rudeus: Too bright!! My eyes!!

Roxy: Isn't this too exaggerated?

Roxy not bothering the light goes to the basket about to pick a sandwhich

Arthur: You sure are hungry sensei.

Not bothering my comment the slightest, she nonchalantly puts the sandwhich on her mouth and took a bite.

Roxy: IYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!! *Clothes getting ripped apart*(AN: FOODWARS ANIME MODE!!)

On Roxy's mind is a commentary on how good the sandwhich is.

Due to the long commentary on her mind she acquired temporarily the special ability only 2 unlocked it in the entire space and time. Erina Nakiri and Arthur Greyrat(AN: I mean his senses are enhanced except when experiencing pain.)

Rudeus: Sensei?

Rudeus seeing Roxy's reaction was curious and picks another sandwhich from the basket and eat.

Rudeus: This is!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!*clothes getting ripped apart*

Rudeus also temporarily acquired God Tongue.

Rudeus and Roxy looked at the basket and started eating the remaining sandwhiches.

Well what can I do my cooking levels is already at the levels of the likes of Saiba Joichiro in Food Wars.

Did I put too much of my secret ingredient?(LOVE)

He can even make the head monk of a buddhist come out of fasting and eat his cooking even if its meat.

What a sinful man am I. Can I not be so Overpowered?

Please Game Master-sama can you nerf me just a little bit?

Well let's stop the bragging and try tasting what I made.

Arthur: Hmm? Why is there nothing left?

I looked at the magician duo.

Arthur: Is it delicious?

Rudeus: It's regretful Art-nii is a boy. If she's a girl even if she's my sister, I'll ask her to marry me. Hai how can my life be so sad. He could have been a perfect wife.


Roxy: Umu. Its indeed regretful.

Arthur: SENSEI TOO??!!


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