Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
16 15: Graduation Ceremony part 2, Preparation
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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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16 15: Graduation Ceremony part 2, Preparation

(AN: First of all I would like to apologize to the readers waiting for the next chapter😔. I have no excuse for the 1st 2 weeks I havent written some chapters //cause im lazy//. For this week I'm sick and my head hurts.)

(AN: Btw I'm sorry but I reread my past chapters but I realized I nerfed Rudeus // where in 'youngest sword saint' chapter he used chantless healing while in 'no title again' chapter he asked a question why he can't use chantless healing and also the last chapter where Roxy comforted Arthur on his megic skills. I'm so sorry for being a dumb author forgetting the plot😖.)



Roxy: Hey wake up It's time to prepare for the graduation.

Hearing Roxy waking us up I acted spoiled.

Arthur/Rudeus: 5 more minutes...

Really in this routine too were in sync?!

Roxy: Wake up already, we still have to prepare for the picnic right? That's what you two said.

We made a plan last night to have a picnic during graduation. The 3 of us will make the dishes together.

Rudy started to wake up and started to stand up

Roxy: Art your still not waking up? I thought you were the most excited about it yesterday.

Arthur: I wont wake up until you give me a good morning kiss 😘.

How to make a woman fall in love with you number 12 if a woman wants you to wake up, ask for a kiss.

-Paul Greyrat

And seriously that father of mine really has many effective moves. He even made me memorise by ear almost a hundred types ways to flirt when we took a bath together until mother came.

'If mother didn't arrive that time how many could that playboy father of mine has his ways? Maybe a thousand?'

I waited for a 10 seconds and nothing happened.

'Wait, is it ineffective?'

'How could I be so dumb!!! That playboy father of mine only approaches woman with big OPPAI.'

'I wasted my time learning from him. Next time I'll ask Rudy how to flirt Roxy. I'm sure being a neet he has played almost a thousand erogames in hus past life. I refused to believe non of the heroines are magical loli-baba. Even if I played those games before it always ends up to bad end, in other words I'm too bad at it.'

With no success I raised my upper body to wake up with my eyes closed supported by my arms.


What's this soft and wet feeling on my lips?

I slowly opened my eyes.

I saw a beautiful blue haired girl with her face blushing so hard that her face is as red as a tomato. Her hand beside my hands. I moved my small hands to hers interlocking our fingers.

My face also blushes so hard that its not inferior to Roxy-sensei's face.

We stayed in our position for a minute. Both of us not moving a single millimeter. Cherishing our first kiss together time passed by slowly. The entire minute feels an hour to me.

Removing ourselves from each other, a bridge of sparkling saliva connects both of our lips(hentai logic).

Paul/Rudeus: Its nice to be young~.

Crap they found us!!

That's why I heard a faint running footsteps, did he use sound magic? And I didn't notice them on [[Observation Haki]], is it because I was distracted?

Wait that's not the point!! Its nice to be you? I understand if its Paul but Rudy saying it?(well technically he's older than me).

Roxy deeply embarrassed of the current situation. Stands up quickly and started waving her arms around.

Roxy: T-this i-is a... an a-accident right an accident. Come on Art Rudy, let's prepare the food. And Paul-san can we borrow Kalajav to ride?

Paul: Yes of course... For my future daughter in law.

Thankfully Roxy-sensei didn't hear it or else not only she will be blushing as red as tomato, she will faint out of blushing too hard!!

(In the Kitchen)

After the 'accident' we are preparing our food in the kitchen.

Feeling motivated by getting my first kiss my secret ingredient is at its full power!!

From the book of cooking recipes Mom gave me at the very last page was written.

'No matter what you cook there's always a secret ingfedient. The secret ingredient is always LOVE💖'

-Zenith Greyrat

The 3 of us are like psychics. The ingredients are floating around us while placing the ingredients properly like it was prepared by a ghost.

This was only possible by using mana as a 'hand' to hold the ingredients. I've was suddenly inspired in one of our lessons and tried creating this magic 'what if we can control move obsects with just our minds?'. Of course Rudy and Roxy learned it as well. While I might not be as good as them because of my limited mana, preparing food is not an issue to me. Besides I also used it every time I helped Mom and Aunt Lilia cook and they were so scared when that happened.

What we are preparing is a sandwich. Apparently sandwhiches also existed in this world.

Arthur: are both of you done?

Rudeus: I'm done ni-san. Sensei yours?

Roxy: Almost just this last one... And that's it.

We placed the sandwhiches on each of our boxes with different flavors.

(After eating breakfast)

The horse named Kalajav was already at the gates.

Roxy: What's wrong Rudy?

Rudeus: No.... that.... there might be magical creatures outside.

Roxy: In this area, it's almost impossible to run into magical creatures if you don't approach the forests. Also, even if we do run into them, I can handle it by myself since they are weak. In fact, even Rudy can handle them.

Roxy seems surprised to find that Rudy is finding all sorts of excuses till now.

Arthur: Are you still afraid going outside?

Realizing that this is his turning point on his life(even in the novel), I forcefully held Rudy's body.

Rudy: W-What are you doing Art-nii!!

Arthur: If you won't go yourself, I will force you even if you hate me later. A wise man once said, if an eaglet will not leave its nest and spread his wings he will not grow into a mighty eagle ruling the skies!! Life gives you a second change: a call to grow. Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly. Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.(AN: I gave the idea on the first one, the second is from google-kun)

Secretly removing the Gravity Bracelet I gathered strength to my whole body to make sure I throw him so high.


I throw him high into the sky for over few hundred meters.

I also hugged Roxy-sensei and jumped as high as I can.

Arthur: Let's Fly!!!!




Roxy/Rudy: Don't laugh!!!

Arthur: What are you scared for? Let's enjoy the scenery here!! The wide blue sky! The refreshing wind! The wide field of golden wheat! The 7 colors of a bridge of rainbow! If you won't enjoy this your missing out your life!!!!!

Rudeus: Art-nii!! How are we going to land at this high altitude?!!

Roxy: Yeah!! And why did you drag me into this?!!

Arthur: Like I said earlier just fly!!

Rudy: Fly??!! You think that's easy?!

Arthur: Now now dont be like that. First thing we should do is hold hands together so we will not be separated.

Rudy dived to me and held my left hand Roxy on the other and they hold their remaining hands together.

Arthur: Okay I will teach you a magic spell to fly!!

Roxy: You already made one? What magic spell can you not create?!

Arthur: Now is not the time for this so listen carefully.

I taught them the spell individualy. I explained to both of them how to have the right feeling for it. Even for Roxy all magic spells I created over the years are chantless. Its a matter of time when she will use voiceless incantion properly.

The results are to be as expected. Rudy being a magical genius already using it properly. Roxy on the other hand needs a few more advise to get the feeling and use it too.

Arthur: And by the way I can only use this magic for 10 seconds so I will rely on both of you to help me!

Rudy: Then why did you jump with us?!!

Arthur: Well... I can still survive the fall with only a few skin peeled but it hurts so I'll rely on you *thumbs up while smiling**tooth sparkle*

Roxy: Rudy are you still afraid on going outside?

Rudy shakes his head left and right saying.

Rudeus: Thank you sensei I'm not afraid anymore!!

For the next 3 minutes we glided down slowly and enjoying the feeling of sky diving.

We finally landed on the ground when suddenly Rudy asked me.

Rudeus: Art-nii so who is this 'Wise Man' that you say earlier about?

Arthur: Isn't it obvious? It's me!!

Rudeus: Eeeeeeehhhh.....😒


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