Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
15 Chaptet 14: Graduation Ceremony part 1 with BGM
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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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15 Chaptet 14: Graduation Ceremony part 1 with BGM

(AN: *BGM starts playing* 'Hakanai Kiss de Owarasete' of Domestic na Kanojo)

Roxy: Arthur Rudeus are you ready for your Graduation?

Arthur/Rudeus: Graduation!!??

Rudeus can't hide his surprised voice

Me on the other hand have a voice of a heart broken child. I feel like my girlfriend is cheating on me and I just kept it quiet since I love her very much and she just said 'Your ugly let's break up', ' I only started going out with you because you have are rich. Goodbye'.


Roxy: Yes, I am out of things to teach both of you. Rudy can even graduate in the Ranoa Magic University being Advaned Ran-

I cut off her off and my tears flows out in my eyes like a waterfall.

Arthur: Then... Are you leaving...

Roxy smiles with a hint of loneliness...

Roxy: Yes.

(AN: Chorus)


I held the hem of her robe tight. Tears and snot covered my face as I started to gave Roxy a pleading look.

Rudeus: Art-nii...

I did not hear Rudy's Voice but I assume he is tearing up right now.

Roxy then kneels down and having an eye to eye level contact. She patted my head as she says comforting words.

Roxy: Listen Arthur... Arthur while you may not be as good as him as an aspiring swordsman, learning voiceless incantion at your age and being intermediate rank magician in all fields is amazing. Even your Rudy who is a Genius who had a talent that appears once in a thousand years can't do voiceless incantion on Healing and Detoxyfying Magic. In fact your best talent should be the you can create new magic spells that the world haven't seen or heard before. I even become stronger thanks it especially the shortening magic incantions. Be proud of yourself...

Now Roxy had a proud smile a master would give to her disciples. Especially when she knows this disciples of hers would become somebody big in the future.

Roxy: You know both of you. I'm just insecure that as your sensei having you as my students will make me hate myself for being weak.

Arthur: That's not true!! Sensei is super strong!!

Rudeus: Nii-san is right sensei!! You are strong please don't be humble about it.

Roxy: That's not it Art/Rudy...

Shaking her head left and right, she having a determined expression on her face.

Roxy: A Sensei must have strength that can make their disciples view him/her as a role model. And I wish I can become that Sensei to both of you. I'm sure in the near future both of you will become stronger than me, in fact a thousand times stronger. And I refuse to let that happen anytime soon. That's why I want to start travelling again and hone my magixmc skills

She head pat Rudy and my head once again.

Roxy: Do you want your sensei to be mocked because she is weaker than her disciples?

Arthur/Rudeus: No...

She stretched her arms on both of us pulling us into a hug.

Roxy: Don't worry I will make sure to write a letter every now and then.

Even though I know she will leave someday I still don't know why I said those things. I stopped crying and wiped my tears and snot on my face with water and wind magic.

Releasing us from the hug Roxy then blushes.

Roxy: A-nd besides it would be bad if the w-wife of Major World Powers is weak...

Muttering under her breath I don't need my abnormal hearing senses to hear her. She didn't realize Rudeus and Me is still at her arms length.

Arthur: Sensei Y-you mean??!

Rudeus smiled happily knowing my advances on Roxy paid off. He is one of the two people who knew it because he helps me, the other is Paul. Like when Zenith is with us, he will ask her to play with her in the garden leaving us alone. One time he pretended to lose control of his magic and making us covered with mud making us took a bath together (Even though I know it's the style of a generic Rom-Com oppurtunities besides the role is reversed and none if us is dense). There's nothing I could ask for more having a good brother like this.

Realizing that she was heard she immediately defends herself.

Roxy: N-NO!! I mean if y-you still feel the s-same way let's talk about it 10 years later.*blush*


Roxy: Geez... Don't be so loud about it...*blushes harder*

Rudeus: Sensei I Love You too.

Roxy: I Love You both of you. Your my first and precious students.

After 5 minutes ending our lesson.

Rudeus: Sensei can you sleep with us? Tomorow is the graduation and we won't see you everyday starting tomorrow?

Rudeus then whispers on her ears and I can hear him of course.

Rudeus: *whisper* and besides nii-san will be happy*whisper*.

With a sigh that admitted defeat she agreed

Roxy: Fine. Then let's sleep in my room. The bed is bi-.

She didn't finished when me and Rudeus started celebrating.

Arthur/Rudeus: YAY!!

Jumping together bumping our bodies and doing special fist bumps like a every close friends do.

Roxy: Listen yo what I'm saying!!!

Rudeus: Sorry sensei we are just to happy🤗

Roxy: Mouu... Its just sleeping together right let's go... Oh wait I need a bath..

Arthur: We need a bath too sensei can we join?

Rudeus: Huh? didn't we take a bath ear- guhoo... I mean, can we bath with you too?

Knowing our motives Roxy knows she can't refuse them anyway.

Roxy: Fine fine... Geez what am I going to do with you two.

'Mission Accomplished: Make a skinship bonding with Roxy. Rewards: Roxy's Love meter +5 *ehem**ehem'

I noticed Lilia with my Observstion Haki eavesdropping for a while now. She might have heard our conversation from the start. She walked away knowing we are going out of the study.

(at Roxy's Bedroom)

Roxy: Then let's sleep we have a big day tomorrow.

For now I decided to postpone training at night. Its been 3 months I don't have sleep and I only feel a little tired my best record so far.

Arthur: Buut senseeii... I'm still not sleeeeepy.

Throwing a tantrum childishly to have more bonding time. Knowing that I rarely throw a tantrum she agreed to my request.

Roxy: So what shall we do?

I stared at Rudeus's and Rudeus stared at my eyes. As twins we know what both of us is thinking.

Roxy:'Why do I feel something bad will happen?'

(5 hours later)

We played hard everywhere and played games, Kings game (Ou-sama game), pranking each other, a pillow fight, playing cards, singing songs. We even almost got a battle royal Rudeus wielding his magic wand, Roxy with her magic staff and me starting to take off my (Gravity Bracelet) for the wierd reason of what dessert is the best to eat. Exhausted we realized its already midnight.

Roxy: Let's sleep now its already too late.

With a happy smile on her face she told us to sleep. She did not have fun all this years, playing with us released up her stress. She felt she was a kid again (Well her physical body is of a middle-schoooler so a she's a loli-baba). She never experienced a good childhood in a village-where everyone communicates through telepathy. aside when she meets her master.

Rudeus: Then Roxy-sensei...

Roxy: What Rudy?

Rudeus: Can you tell us your adventures?

Hearing it I become interested. Even though I knew a bit what happened nothing beats the one experienced it herself.

Arthur: Yeah Roxy-sensei I want to hear it too.

Roxy: But my story is nothing special like those you read in the books you know?

Arthur/Rudeus: Its fine Roxy-sensei we wanted to hear it.

With our almighty puppy eyes she finally admitted defeat.

Roxy: It can't be helped can it.

We giggled as both of us gets closer to her at the bed. If you describe the scene its like a Big Sister giving her little brothers bedtime stories so they can sleep.

Roxy: So where should we start... Once upon a time there is a girl named Roxy Migurdia...

She begins her story I was interested in the story because I didn't read the spin off manga on her story.

After a rollercoaster ride of the story we Rudeus is already struggling to sleep. I was also started to get sleepy. As a child listening to bedtime stories really makes me sleepy. Especially the story is not censored version for kids to hear. I guess there is no concept of Parental Guidance or whatnot. But its not really a problem since Me and Rudes is older than our physical body. Exhausted me and Rusy drifted to sleep at Roxy's arms.

Feeling half asleep I feel a soft sensation in my forehead.

Roxy: Good Night Arthur, Rudeus.

Sleeping in the arms of my beloved Roxy is the best feeling I could ever have.

To be Continued


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