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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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14 Chapter 13: No Title Again

Zenith wrote a letter to Ghlyslaine in Roa City to help me train. Paul wanted to write it himself but he knows the relationship between him and the party members is not yet healed so Zenith took the initiative to write.

It's different from the original since that time Rudeus was 7 years old.

'I guess it applies the saying "time heals all wounds" but from this, I guess he needed 2 more years to have the balls to face them again.'

After having a long morning its time for Roxy's lectures.

Rudeus: Roxy-sensei.

Rudeus raised his hands up to ask a question like how an honor student would.

Roxy: What Rudy?

Ever since we started taking her lectures last 2 years ago. We rarely ask questions to Roxy since we understand her lecture almost immedietly. So this time she is curious.

Rudeus: I can do chantless magic every elementeasily. But even if I know chantless Healing and detoxyfying magic its harder than others?

Roxy: Rudeus do you remember why some magicians despite can only have certain elements to their magic?

Arthur: Sensei, are talking about magic affinity?

Roxy: Correct. Magicians tend to have affinity towards a certain type of magic... For example the Elves that are believed to be the first creator of magic have more affinity to Wind and Water magic, Dwarves in Earth and Fire magic, and Humans have different affinity to different individuals.

Pausing for a while to take a breath.

"It's proven that magic affinity affects your race. The Elves is strong on their Wind and Water magic but no matter what they do they can't use fire magic, In theory... Humans might have affinity to all elements but they are limited by their potential. An example is the Principal of the Ranoa Magic University is said to be a Chantless in Wind Magic and a Wind-King ranked Magician, all the other elements are at most Advanced-Rank."

Art/Rudy: Sugoi(Amazing)...

Roxy: According to my knowledge bloodline affects your magic affinities too.

Rudy: Bloodline?

Art: Sensei you mean it's Hereditary?

Roxy: Yeah. But it depends on which mostly to the kind of Magic Affinity the Magician's parents have. For example you Rudeus, let's say Paul-san don't have an affinity in Healing and Detoxifying, Zenith-san having affinity in Healing and Detoxyfying .Zenith's affinity towards Healing and Detoxyfying and Paul's nonexistent affinity. Paul's affinity might be more dominant than Zenith's in your case. Humans are known for having affinity on every element. But if you compare them in Elves in Wind and Water magic, even the elf who had the lowest affinity for Wind and Water magic can be placed among the top in terms of affinities alone.

'So humans are Jack of All trades and a master of none huh.'

Rudy: But sensei you can still improve despite the affinity right?

Roxy: That's true, no matter how low your affinities are hardwork can still help you. There is also another theory. For example your Zenith-san, Milis is famous for its most advanced education for Healing and Detoxyfying Magic in the world. Zenith having attained the best training and education in terms on this field of magic is regarded as a genius. Due to her magic affinity so high she is Advanced rank in both Healing and Detoxifying. If Zenith continued to study for another 10 years she might reach Saint-ranked... For you Rudy are you using your Healing Magic like how you trained your other elements?

Rudy: No I have hardly used Healing Magic as the others.

We continued for another 4 hours before class is dissmissed.

I still have some time to spare so I started my meditating sessions in my room.

The air around me started to change as several light particles started to spin around me like a vortex. I floated in the air in a cross-legged position.

After 30 minutes I decided to help Aunt Lilia to prepare dinner. I'm a fast learner so I only needed to be instructed once or twice but rarely thrice.

We all started to eat our dinner and as always my side of the table is full of plates.

Zenith: Ara. You always eat the most Art~

I smiled at her

'Mother really is always caring.'

Paul: Zenith did you already sent the letter to Ghyslaine?

Zenith: Yes. It should arrive soon.

(3 days later)

[Ghyslaine POV]

I am following the ojou-sama of my master around the house. Yesterday another lecturer was beaten up by the oujo-sama again and resigned. She seemed mad until now.

Maid: Umm Ghyslaine-sama a letter has arrived addressed to you.

Ghyslaine: Ok...

I didn't take it since I didn't know how to read anyway.

Maid: Umm... Ghyslaine-sama the letter?

Ghyslaine: Who is it from?

Maid: Umm... It says Zenith Greyrat.

Zenith!! Its been a while huh.

Ghyslaine: Read it.

Maid: Ok...

She read it for me.

'They are living peacefully huh... How nostalgic...'

I started to remember our adventures with the party.

The Maid reads until...

Ghyslaine: What?! Are you sure?!

Maid: Y-Yes!!! It is what is written here.

'Interesting... A 5 year old Saint-Ranked huh'

She finished reading it until the end.

Ghyslaine: Thank You. You can go now.

Maid: Then please excuse me.

I looked at the sky through the window.

' I'm sorry Zenith I still have things to do, and I still don't want to see Paul right now'

Suddenly a Voice of a Young Girl was heard all over the Mansion.


Ghyslaine: Yes Ojou-sama...

(Greyrat household)

Arthur: Haaaat!! Haaaaat!!

After the night lectures with Roxy I started my daily routine of training. Athough its already late at night, I can still train all night and still be good at the morning. Lately I've been sleeping 1 hour and I'll be good as new.

After practicing my sword swings to the fullest. My basics are already a muscle memory now.

Sitting down on top of a huge rock I started meditating again.

Light particles started glowing around me and spinning around. Levitating in the air in a crossed leg position.

5 hours later

I feel that I reached a mental state, If I had to describe it. I'm in a world of clouds everywhere around me and a sun set.

'So comfortable... I wonder what that is'

Little did I know I achieved the Mental State [Swordless Heart]. A long lost mental state that reached the Realm of Cloud and Water.

(Somewhere in the World)

(3rd POV)

A man walking alone in the ruins.

In his face is an expression of nostalgia.

???: He already attained [Swordless Heart] huh... I've never thought he'll achieve it this fast. As expected of Him.

He never expected his old friend to break his record again. A far as he can remember, that person should have reached this state of mind while fighting at the Civil War at Asura Kingdom when he was still 20 years old.

???: This Timeline is different than the rest huh. I wonder what changed?


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