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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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12 Chapter 11: Youngest Sword Sain

The day after our 5th Birthday, before Paul is teaching us swordsmanship I made a decision...

That is...

Arthur: Father.

Paul: What Art?

I calmed my mind and I conveyed a determinination to Paul as a fellow swordsman... Not as a son.

Art: I challenge you to a duel.

'This is not a right time to be a chuunibyou holding a duel card asking to fight, but as a sacred ritual between two swordsman.'

Paul: Are you sure of that, Arthur Greyrat?

'Speaking my full name without his usual casualness and happy go lucky attitude but in a Serious tone. I can see he is taking me seriously.'

Arthur: Of course...

I removed the (Gravity Bracelet) as a sign that I'm not holding anything back.

'Now that I'm not handicapped, I have no reason to lose'

I removed the Sword from it's sheath and started to prepare.

Rudeus: Art nii-san...

Arthur: Don't worry Rudeus. I won't lose this time

Ever since 2 years ago I still didn't land a single clean strike. As far as I can go is only a scratch on his cheek.

Arthur: These time I will beat you!

Paul: Hou... then show me what you've got.

Paul also started to get ready and already on his battle stance.

Paul: Rudy will you do the honors.

Rudeus: Sword Ready... (AN: Btw I don't know what the referee will say so I just make it up.)

I started used my breathing to the farthest limits of my body's capacity. (AN: It's like Luffy's second gear, Breathing technique of Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Kaioken of Dragonball)

Arthur: Hsssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh *steam coming out of the mouth* *eyes closed*

Rudy: GO!!

As if waiting for the right moment I used my full senses with my Observation Haki at its fullest. I saw multiple future to end the battle.

'Tch... Even I'm not restricted he can still counter me 7 out of 10 times huh... My chance is low.'

My brained started to work at full speed in half a second and arrived at the highest possible chance to win.

I launched my body at that broke beyond the speed of sound.


(Paul POV)


As expected of my son. He's really a genius. In terms of physical prowess he is already several league above me.


Paul: Too Naive!!(You activated the Trap Card!!)



Paul: Too Naive!!

'Too Naive?'

I didn't realize what he meant by that for a moment but thanks too my enhanced body I only need a split second to know what he mean.

'Crap!! I fell into his trap!!'

In his stance I can tell he is using the Sword God Style an offensive fighting stance at first. After he saw me use my breathing technique he was prepared for my strike at full strength and switched to a Water God Style a defensive strike specifically to counter my move.

'Is there a way?'

'No there is no other way...'

'If there is no other way then...'


I covered my whole body with dense [[Armanent Haki]]


[[Sword God Style Hidden Technique: "Longsword of Light]]

We crossed each other like how two strong samurais end their fight in a single strike.

I stand a few seconds confirming if I had any injuries through I exchange.

'No cuts huh...'

I smiled at myself feeling a sense of achievement.

'I did it... My sword strike reached the speed of light'

I can't help but say...


(Paul POV)

What happened? Is that the Sword God Style's famous move [[Longsword of Light]].

Art is already at a level of a Sword Saint?

I dont know wether to be happy or sad that my son is has reached the level I never achieved by training my whole life.


Arthur: Omaewa mou... Shindeiru

Paul: Nani?!

Paul dropped his sword and lie on the ground like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

Arthur: Rudy!!! Quick!! Healing magic!!!

Rudeus: Y-Yes!!

At Paul's half naked body. There is a fresh cut from his chest across to his abs. Though it's not deep enough, it will still leave a decent scar for life even with healing magic.

Paul: Ayayayaya it hurts...

Rudy: Stay still father, I'll use an Intermediate Ranked Healing magic.

Rudeus can now use chantless in healing magic unlike in the original novel.


(Rudeus POV)

Rudy: Its recovery rate is too slow...

'How can it be too slow? I already used 3 times but it's like I only used 1 Elementary Ranked Healing spell? Father's wound should already been healed several times how can this be?'

I started to Reverse Engineering the Intermediate Ranked spell by pouring 10 times the mana required than normal but to no avail.

Rudeus: Nii-san call Mom. She knows Advanced Rank healing magic. I don't know what happened but it will take a higher ranked healing spell will be required.

Arthur: Yes wait for me here.


What happened is it because I used Armanent Haki on my sword? It's worth experimenting it later. For now I'll go to Buena village's clinic.

It's a decent building enough to nurse 20 person with sickness. Well maintained and Very clean. But right now there is no patients right now.

'As expected of a clinic. Hygiene really is practiced here'

Arthur: Oka-san!

Zenith: Yes Art? Are you here to visit Oka-san? Then what about your sword lessons with Paul?

Arthur: Oka-san!! Please be quick Otou-san is injured in our duel and Rudy said he needs your help!

Zenith: Really?! Wait let me bring some bandages and some healing herbs...

After Mom packed her 'first aid kit'. We rushed at home.

Paul is sitting on the living room with Rudy with the help of Roxy still healing his wound. Lilia preparing a clean towel to wipe the wound clean.

Zenith: Roxy, How is he?

Roxy: Me and Rudy used several Intermediate Ranked healing spell on him several times mother but it's healing rate is too slow. It's like We're only using an Elementary Ranked Magic. At least for now I stopped the bleeding.

Zenith: Understood. Then Please prepare the herbs and some disinfectant. Lilia please prepare the bandages I brought

As expected of a professional. No hesitation and quick at work. I expected nothing less for a S-ranked adventurer.

Zenith did not dare underestimate a wound that makes healing magic slow. After 10 minutes finally it's completely healed

Zenith: What happened to you to get such a wound like this? It's like the S-ranked monster we have fought back then.

Paul: Art challenged me to a duel and from it I got this wound.

Zenith: Art are you okay? Did you have any small cuts or a wound?

Art: No Mom... I don't have any.

Zenith: Good... Paul explain to me why did you get that wound from him.

Woah she's surprisingly abnormal today. Normally she would get worried and just be happy that Paul got healed. Now she's like a professional doctor(AN: Professional Healer) asking for the cause of his injuries

Paul: Hehehehehe... Zenith you may not believe me but Art is already stronger than me.

Zenith: What do you mean?

Paul: He used Longsword of Light!! You know what that means right?

Zenith: Do you mean???

Paul: Lilia you know what that means too right?

Lilia: Yes Master.

Roxy: Amzing...

Three of them looked at each other to confirm that they are at the same page.

Paul- Advanced ranked swordsman in all 3 styles, S-Ranked adventurer.

Zenith- Advanced ranked healer, S-Ranked adventurer.

Lilia: Intermediate ranked swordsman(before injured). Former Asura Kingdom's Battle Maid.

Roxy: Water-Saint Ranked Mgician. Famous magician for soloing dungeons by herself.

Paul/Zenith/Lilia/Roxy: Sword Saint...

The 3 of them nodded at each other.

Rudeus: S-Sword Saint?

Rudeus looked at me with admiration.

I have a smug smirk on my face looking at Rudy

Arthur: What~ Jealouse~?

Rudy: What did you say?!!

With our foreheads at each other we started bantering.

Paul and Zenith talked to each other while we are on our antics. I did not even hear them.

Paul: Art from tomorrow you should use [[Longsword of Light]] with the magic item(AN: Gravity Bracelet) so you can make it sharper faster and stronger okay. If you can do that your mom and I will introduce you to a Sword King to train you.

'Sword King? Ghlyslaine?'

Arthur: Is it her *eyes sparkle*

Paul: Yeah... The one I'm telling you the stories of our adventures. Black Wolf Sword King: Ghlyslaine...



To be Continued...


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