Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
11 Chapter 10: Zenith POV and sidestory
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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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11 Chapter 10: Zenith POV and sidestory

(AN: Ill start with a copy and paste from the original novel since I dont know where to start about this. Please bear with me)


My name is Zenith Greyrat

I was born in the holy country of Milis. It is a country with a long history. It's very suitable to describe the country as beautiful but inflexible.

I am born as the second daughter of that country's earl family.

I was a flower in a greenhouse during that time. I thought that everything I saw in my surroundings was the entire world. Such was my ignorance.

Although it's not really suitable to say it myself, I felt that I was a good child.

Never going against my parent's request, and my grades are excellent.

I followed all of Milis's church teachers, and I had a smooth time learning social etiquette.

I was even termed as 『Milis's young lady standard』.

My parents also must have felt that I was a daughter to be proud of.

But I continued to grow that way. I would one day be in a party with an arranged marriage.

That will most likely be the eldest son from a random earl family. Straight as an arrow, with a proud heart, and keeping Milis's teachings as his absolute principles. A prime example in the Milis's nobles. I'll be married to someone like that. Giving birth to children. And I'll be an earl's wife who wouldn't feel ashamed no matter where I went, and be annexed in the holy country of Milis's nobles' list.

That is my life. A [road] for the Milis's noble's daughters.

But I didn't walk on that [road].

On the day I became an adult, when I was 15.

I fought with my parents. I revolted against my parents and left home.

There was a reason why I had hated the requests from my parents that I had always followed.

I had felt jealousy over my sister who was wilder than me.

With various reasons, I turned my back on my [road].

It is very difficult to continue living if nobles turn away from their [road].

But the fortunate thing is that I had learned healing magic in the noble school. And I managed to learn to the intermediate rank.

Although the holy country of Milis is a country that's very advanced in healing magicand barrier magic, most of the people will only learn healing magic until the elementary rank. If one learns healing magic to the intermediate rank, that person can work in Milis's hospital, so it is heavily favored upon in school.

And thus, I arrogantly believed that I would be able to go living on very well when I reached there.

I was too naive.

The me who didn't even know where to sort out a place to stay immediately got targeted by bad guys.

They told me they were [Currently hiring a magic healer], and hired me who didn't know the market value into their party. Their offer was much lower than elementary ranked magic healers, but they insisted that they paid out a higher price.

I was foolish enough to trust their skin-deep sincerity, even though there were many good people in the world.

If I followed them, I would have been asked to do things that were much worse. Being used as a shield against magical creatures, or to have kept using magic until I fainted. And I might have even been asked to give up my body.

And the one preventing all this was the young warrior Paul Greyrat.

After teaching the bad guys a lesson, he forcefully took me back to his traveling party.

If their party member Elinalize didn't explain to me in detail, I would have thought Paul was a bad person.In any case. This was how Paul and I met.

At first, I hated Paul.

He's obviously a former Asuran noble, but the way he speaks is like a thug. Frequently breaking his promises, and getting rash easily. Greedy, condescending to me, and likes to feel other people's butt, and completely doesn'thide his perverted thoughts.

But I know he's not a bad guy.

Even though he looked down on me and mocked me for not understanding how the world works, he always said that there was no choice, and helped me out.

Paul's the complete opposite of me, but he's reliably wild and actually quite dashing.

It didn't take very long until I fell in love with him.

But he has many charming ladies around him, and I'm a follower of Milis.

Milis's teaching has [A couple must only love each other] as its doctrine.

Even though I left home, I was raised up with these teachings around me, and it's also taught in school as common sense, and thus the Milis teachings have been deeply engraved in my heart.

Then on one day I said it.

[If you don't sleep with any other woman again, I can sleep with you.]

He agreed to it with a smile.

I knew he was lying.

But I still thought that was not a problem.

If I get lied to, I can give up on him completely.

But I was still too foolish. Too careless. Too naive.

Because I actually got pregnant after one time.

I didn't know what to do. I was extremely uneasy.

I didn't think at all that Paul would actually take responsibility and marry me.

And the child that I gave birth to,

Arthur Greyrat and Rudeus Greyrat.

----------(AN: Sorry again for copy pasting this part cause I think this part is good)--------------

Before I gave birth gave me many feelings.

Pain... Suffering... Anxious... Fear...

'It keeps getting to my consciousness that am I really the right woman to bear his child?

What if died? Will my child still feel the love of a mother?' I started to feel sorry to my mother. I felt grateful to feel a mother's love even if we quarreled back then.

'what if the child died? Will Paul hate me and find another woman?' I hate this... I need to stay strong...

Unconsciously I started praying. Ever since I left home I only prayed once or twice a week now. I feel regret that I neglected the teachings of Milis.

'Please keep the child safe'

Lilia: Madame one last push!

Zenith: Uuggghhhhh *grunting*

A few seconds later I hear Paul's happy voice

Lilia: Congratulations Madame! Its a boy.

Zenith: huff.. huff.. Uuuughhhhhh *grunting*

Lilia: Madame! Please hold on... Its a twin!!

A couple of minutes later I held my child with me.I no longer feel any fear, pain or suffering.

I only feel Love... Joy... Happiness... and a sense of achievement.

'Thank you so much.'

Zenith: Come Paul hold him. This child had your face and my eyes. Im sure he will be as handsome as his father in the future.

Paul held the elder twin on his arms. Lilia then hand

Zenith: Look Paul he has your eyes hehehehe~.

I held my child as if he is the most delicate treasure in the world.

'Oh right a name.'

Zenith: Have you decided for a name yet?

Paul: Yeah... For the elder one with your eyes How about Arthur? Its the name of the Hero in your favorite book.

Zenith: Its good name isnt it... For the younger one hmm.. How about Rudeus?

Paul: Arthur and Rudeus huh. Its a good name. What do you think Lilia?

Lilia: I think its a good name Master.

Arthur Greyrat snd Rudeus Greyrat.. I hope you grew up well


Its been a month since I've gave birth to Art and Rudy. I think it's really easy to raise a child than I thought it would be. The only child than needs to take care of more of the two is Art.

He gets hungry everyday and Ive been feeding him to make sure Art will not get hungry while I'll work at the clinic. When I started breastfeeding him he will suck you dry till his satisfied.

I started getting worried that there will be nothing left for Rudy. When my milk started to get empty I'll just use healing magic with drinking milk to replenish it. When I gave Rudy a breastfeeding, he started to giggle cutely(AN:having perverted face). 'hehehehe your so cute Rudi'

After feeding them and I'm getting ready for work. I started seeing Art crawling.

Zenith: Lilia! Lilia! come here!

Lilia: What is it Madame?

Zenith: Art is crawling!! ayahhh!.. Come to Mom Art come to mommy~

Paul who is practicing swordsmanship just arrived

Paul: what happened?

Zenith: Art started crawling!!

Paul: Is it true?!!

Zenith: *hugs Art and kissing him* 'My son is a genius'

Paul: Hehe it seems Art had a strong body its perfect for a swordsman.

Zenith: Come to mommy Art~

Art understanding my intention started crawling slowly to me. Art reached me and I started carrying him. I looked at Paul to and wanted to tell Art to crawl to him when...

Paul: You when will you start to crawl? By the time you walk your brother is already swinging a sword~.

He started to talk to Rudy and started to talk aboit swordsmanship.

Zenith: What are you talking about you sword maniac!!! Dont talk to your sons and make them soldiers!!

Paul: Its a joke~ Its a joke...

I started to dote on Art and saying about being good boy. I forgot to go to work that day and got late.

(another month later)

Yosh... done cleaning the house Where is Art?

I started to look for him at the study but he's not here. 'where might he be'?

I walked to the living room and there I saw it.

Zenith:'He's walking?'

I didnt even saw Lilia on the other side of the room. Art started walking but after a few steps he started stumbling getting out of balance.

Zenith: Art are you okay?!!

Zenith started to ran to him with worry

Paul: Hahahahaha! Zenith our son is a genius. He can walk in a couple of months being born. Surely when I train him in swordsmanship he'll definitely at least become a Sword Emperor!!

Zenith: Stop spouting about fighting when your son is hurting! Dont worry Arthur Mom is an Ex-Adventurer so I will heal you in no time.

I started to calm down to cast the magic properly.

Lilia: Master, Madame I think young master Arthur is a Miko. In my whole life working as a maid I have taken care of many infants but only young master Arthur is the only one who could already crawl after a month of being born and after another month could already walk.

Paul/Zenith: Really Lilia?!!

Lilia: I think so too...

Paul: hehehe... Yosh I decided. I will train Art in swordsmanship when he reached a year old.

Even though he is a Miko isn't it too young for him to train?

Zenith: I refuse. He's too young for that. Atleast let him reach 5 years of age first like you.

Paul: Come on Zenith. He's a Miko you know? A man should take advantage in everything he has to get stronger to protect the weak especially the one he loves.

Zenith: Don't you think he's too young for that?

Paul: Its alright Zenith. I trained swordsmanship when Im still 5 years old and I'm a normal child. I dont have any regrets training early. Without it I wont survive when Im an adventurer.

Zenith: Alright then train him when he reached 3 years old that's the bottom line.

Paul: Okay.

Miko or not he still needs to grow up to not get hurt.

One time in midnight. Art's cries can be heard all over the house. We were worried that something happened but after reaching his room. All of us felt dizzy and a difficulty in breathing. This pressure... Is it Touki? even though I can't use it myself I'm still a past adventurer. No now is not the time for that.

Paul: Lilia do you know what is happening?

Lilia approached Art with a little difficulty.

Lilia: I think Young master is just hungry. I think Madame could you breastfeed him?

Zenith: Umm... Sure.

So he's just hungry thank goodness.

We bring Art to our room and feed him there.

Zenith: It seems my little man is really hungry~ Look Paul he's sucking like he never had anything to eat the whole day.

Paul: Hehehehe. Ill give him your breast to him for now. Art Ill let you borrow your mom's breast, But remember to leave some for Dad okay~?

Zenith: What are you saying? You have enough when we did it this time right?

Paul: How about round 2~

Zenith: No I still have work in the clinic tommorow and you will have to wake up early in the morning.

Several days later Art is with me. He just finished breast feeding and started to practice walking.

Zenith: Be careful Art~ dont hurt yourself too much okay?

Art: UmmmUmm. Mama.

Zenith: !!!! Can you say that again Art?

Art: Mmma... Maama

Zenith: Kyaaa!! come here say it again Mama.

And so I heard the first word At had spoken and bragged it to Paul and Lilia.

Paul: Ugghhh.... Come here Art say Papa.

Art: Mmmmpa.. Pampa... Papa.


Zenith: Hmph! Mama is still is his first word.

Paul: What?! If I asked him first Papa will be his first word you know?

Zenith: Hmph! Whatever

Paul: Ughh... Come here Rudy say Papa.

Rudy: ... +$*\u0026%#+$ ptui!~

I saw Rudy spit on Paul.

Zenith: Hhahahahaaha. Look at you so pitiful.

~How cute~(AN: Okawaii koto(Kaguya-sama love is war))


What's that it sounded like it came from the study..

I saw Art and Rudy holding a book. 'Hmmm? Basic Magic?'

Zenith: Art, Rudy did you read the words in this book?

They explained that they are practicing magic. Art started saying for punishing him instead of Rudy.

I only started hug them tightly. 'These boys really makes me worried sometimes'

I argued with Paul about teaching Rudy magic. He objected but I forcefully 'convinced' him.

(Roxy arrived)

In front of me is a girl standing with a baggage and a magic staff on each of her hands.

'a magic/demon race?'

I can't help but think about it since in Milis you rarely see a Magic race. Even though I encountered different races like elves,dwarves and beast races, its still rare for me to see a magic race. I finally thought that my mother's teaching is starting to get into me like 'the magic/demon races are evil existence, they should be eliminated'

Nonono Don't think about it don't descriminate them.

???: My name is Roxy Migurdia. Please take good care of me.

Before I can say anything Art started walking to Roxy

Arthur: I *hic* I *hic* Im sorry but this is my first time seeing a beautiful woman in my life.

Paul: Huhuhuhu that's my son as expected of my genes he inherited my gentlemaness!!

Zenith: THATS A BAD TRAIT FOR HIM TO HAVE PAUL!!! Of all the good things he might have he got the worst personality you have!!

Paul: What did you say!!

Sheesh this husband of mine is really a bad influence to our sons. Next time I hear him like that I'll punish him.

Lilia: Master, Madame it might be best to get her to the guest room.

Zenith: Ah yes yes... Come here Roxy-san we will get you to your room.

I started to guide Roxy to the guest room

Zenith: My name is Zenith pleasure to meet you.

Roxy: Roxy Migurdia meet you too Madame

I started chatting to her to make her more comfortable at home.

I started going back to call Art and Rudy when...

Paul: Well if you boys need advice your old man will teach you some techniques exclusive on how to bring girls to your bed in addition to swordsmanship.

I started to release my mana unconciously and Paul noticed me.

Paul: Yoh(Hey) Zenith...

Zenith: DONT YOH ME!!! Just what are you teaching this boys!! If you continue your jokes I will not let you teach them swordsmanship and just hire a tutor!!

That night I didnt let him touch me even a finger and started to apologise.

(The time when Art started cooking)

Night time during cooking I saw Art coming to the kitchen.

Arthur: ka-san Lilia ba-san(Aunt) would you teach me how to cook?

Zenith: Ara ara~ why would you like to learn how to cook Art?

'So cute!'

Arthur: Since my body is strong it also need a lot of nutrients to grow big and strong, I red it in the book(showing them the book I red). Thats why I ate a lot. But most importantly I want to learn the recepies so that even though Im not home I can still taste the food you cook.

Zenith: Ara... My tiny little glutton is so cute~. Okay you can start by washing the vegetables over there then your Aunt Lilia will teach you the recepie we were about to cook tonight.

Arthur: Hai ka-san. Lilia ba-san teach me~ teach me~

Lilia: Yes young master. Could you can start washing the vegetables then I will teach you how to slice the meat.

And that time we started cooking teaching Art some basic cooking skills like how to hold a knife, the use of different kitchen tools and etc. He's a fast learner so he started helping us and make it convinient for us.

Art: Ka-san how much salt should I put in this?

Zenith: 2 teaspoons should be enough Art. Be careful alright~.

Art: Hai ka-san.

(Arthur and Rudues Birthday)

Paul gave both the boys a sword. He started giving a speech about how a man should have a heart there should be sword to protect those important to him and so on... I cut him off saying its too long.

Art: Thank you Dad. I always wanted a sword of my own.

I gave Rudy a book since he likes reading books.

Rudy: Arigatou ka-san I'll treasure it. *flips the book and skimming the pages*

Zenith: Come to your mother and give me a hug.

Rudy: Hai hai...

I kissed him on the forehead.

Rudeus: *giggle* 'ehehehehe'

Next I gave Art a recepie book for cooking

Zenith: Since Art likes to cook. I write down here all my and Lilia's Recepies in this book.

Art: Woah.. Thank you Mom, Thank you Aunt Lilia. I'll take good care of this.*smiles brightly*

I also gave him a hug and a kiss in the forehead too.

Art: *giggle* 'ehehehe'

'They're really twins'

Roxy gave both of them a magic wand.

Art/Rudy: Thank you sensei. I'll take good care of it

Art then hugged Roxy and..

Art: Thank you very much sensei. I will take care of it to the bottom of my heart...

Look at this boy courting at age 5? *sigh* Greyrats...


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