Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
10 Chapter 9: Paul POV and sidestory
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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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10 Chapter 9: Paul POV and sidestory

(Paul POV)

My name is Paul Greyrat. Past name Paul Notos Greyrat. I threw my 'Notos' name after an argument with my father. A knight currently lives in Buena village of the Asura kingdom. Married with a beautiful and loving wife, and two genius sons.

After deciding to retire in being an adventurer. settle down with Zenith to live a happy life. I know that my past comrades in my adventuring party might have grudges to me about it, and its not a good way to say goodbye to your comrades who you fought side by side in life or death battles.

Lets talk about my sons. This is my first time for having a child of my own so Zenith and I decided to hire a maid.

Her name is Lilia. She was a battle maid that served in the royal palace in Asura kingdom but after a certain incident she was fired for being injured. And she's also a fellow disciple in the same dojo I trained swordsmanship.

By the time when Zenith gave labor I was very nervous since it might be dangerous to her.

Paul: Is she goimg to be alright Lilia?...

Lilia: Dont worry Danna-sama(Master). I have already experience many childbirth since I have been working as a maid.

Paul: Ok I hope she's alright.

After half an hour, there 2 baby sleeping peacefully in the arms of Zenith and Lilia. I never thought I will have a twin. In Zenith's arms is the elder twin. He has a mole under his right eye, Zenith's eyes Azure blue and had the eyes of a swordsman. As a swordsman myself I feel he will become very strong in the future. In Lilia's arms is the younger twin. He had my green eyes and a mole under his left eye. His eyes contained intelligence. I cannot help but think is this really a baby? It just slipped my mind after that subconciously thinking this should be normal when looking your own child.

Zenith: Come Paul hold him. This child had your face and my eyes. Im sure he will be as handsome as his father in the future.

I approach Zenith and take him in my arms, Lilia taught me how to hold a newly born child properly. His eyes seemed close now, he is sleeping peacefully.

I suddenly felt my body relaxed. My worries are being washed away like I have drunk the most delicious alcohol in the world and Im filled with overwhelming joy. I have the urge to tell the world that ' THIS IS MY SON!! MY FLESH AND BLOOD!' and toss him in the sky but I held myself back.

My other son was now in Zenith's arms.

Zenith: Look Paul he has your eyes heheheh~.

Zenith looking at my other child with affection and love a mother could give. I cannot help but be mesmerized by the scene 'a mother holding his child with love'.

Zenith: Have you decided for a name yet?

Paul: Yeah... For the elder one with your eyes How about Arthur? Its the name of the Hero in your favorite book.

Zenith: Its good name isnt it... For the younger one hmm.. How about Rudeus?

Paul: Arthur and Rudeus huh. Its a good name. What do you think Lilia?

Lilia: I think its a good name Master.

And so we named them Arthur Greyrat and Rudeus Greyrat.

(A month later)

I was practicing swordsmanship in the front yard inorder to not get rusty of my skills. After a several thousand of swings I walked to the house. I heard a commotion and ran to the living room.

Paul: what happened?

Zenith: Art started crawling!!

Paul: Is it true?!!

Zenith with Arthur on her arms started yo hug him with a doting words like 'my son is a genius'.

Paul: Hehe it seems Art had a strong body its perfect for a swordsman.

I moved my gaze to Lilia standing beside Zenith with Rudeus. She's staring at Art with visible fear on her eyes.

Paul: What's wrong Lilia?

Lilia: Um.. N.. noth... ing is mas...ter

I didnt mind her and started to get Rudy from her.

Paul: You when will you start to crawl? By the time you walk your brother is already swinging a sword~.

Zenith: What are you talking about you sword maniac!!! Dont talk to your sons and make them soldiers!!

Paul: Its a joke~ Its a joke...

When I look back to Rudi I saw a moment of determination.

I whispered to his ear and said

Paul:'*You have the eyes if a man*'

(another month later)

When walking to the living room to get my sword to train. I saw Art walking... Yes he's walking. I noticed Zenith and Lilia their eyes full of surprise and shocked. I was excited to think that my son is already walking after 2 months of being born.

Zenith: Art are you okay?!!

Zenith started to ran to him with worry

Paul: Hahahahaha! Zenith our son is a genius. He can walk in a couple of months being born. Surely when I train him in swordsmanship he'll definitely at least become a Sword Emperor!!

Zenith: Stop spouting about fighting when your son is hurting! Dont worry Arthur Mom is an Ex-Adventurer so I will heal you in no time.

After a few seconds Art is healed.

Lilia: Master, Madame I think young master Arthur is a Miko. In my whole life working as a maid I have taken care of many infants but only young master Arthur is the only one who could already crawl after a month of being born and after another month could already walk.

Paul/Zenith: Really Lilia?!!

Lilia: I think so too...

Paul: hehehe... Yosh I decided. I will train Art in swordsmanship when he reached a year old.

Zenith: I refuse. He's too young for that. Atleast let him reach 5 years of age first like you.

Paul: Come on Zenith. He's a Miko you know? A man should take advantage in everything he has to get stronger to protect the weak especially the one he loves.

Zenith: Don't you think he's too young for that?

Paul: Its alright Zenith. I trained swordsmanship when Im still 5 years old and I'm a normal child. I dont have any regrets training early. Without it I wont survive when Im an adventurer.

Zenith: Alright then train him when he reached 3 years old that's the bottom line.

Paul: Okay.

It seems I cant train him earlier...

One time in midnight. Art's cries can be heard all over the house. We were worried that something happened but after reaching his room. All of us felt dizzy and a difficulty in breathing. This pressure... Is it Touki? Battle intent? No it is different from the things I experienced from different swordsman I fought. Even Ghlyslaine cant give me this much pressure. No now is not the time for that.

Paul: Lilia do you know what is happening?

Lilia approached Art with a little difficulty.

Lilia: I think Young master is just hungry. I think Madame could you breastfeed him?

Zenith: Umm... Sure.

We bring Art to our room and feed him there.

Zenith: It seems my little man is really hungry~ Look Paul he's sucking like he never had anything to eat the whole day.

Paul: Hehehehe. Ill give him your breast to him for now. Art Ill let you borrow your mom's breast, But remember to leave some for Dad okay~?

Zenith: What are you saying? You have enough when we did it this time right?

Paul: How about round 2~

Zenith: No I still have work in the clinic tommorow and you will have to wake up early in the morning.

(after 3 years)


'Is it an attack? No Art!! Rudi!! Zenith!! Lilia!!'

I rushed in to the house and find the source of the explosion. It seems in the study.

When I arrived, there us a huge hole in the wall. They explained that they are practicing magic. Zenith started to say on hiring tutor for Rudy but I objected. Our promise is I will train our child in swordsmanship if he's a boy.

A while later I reluctantly agreed to Zenith.


There seems a wild magic beast that attacked the patrol in the forest and I was called by Rawls a village hunter.

Paul: Art, you want to come?

Arthur: Sure Dad!!

He seems very happy when I take him around.

Paul: How about you Rudy? Want to come too?

Rudeus: I Im... No...t ab...o..ut that

Arthur: Come on Rudy lets go!

Rudeus: No I will stay here. Sorry Ni-chan, Dad.

Paul: Okay let's go Art!!

Art: Yes Dad!!

We arrived on the guard post and say hi to the guards.

Paul: Hey Rawls what's the situation?

Rawls: It the magic beast is now resting North from here. Is this your son?

He looked at Art in my shoulders.

Paul: Yeah. Introduce yourself Art.

Arthur: Good morning Rawls-jisan(uncle Rawls). My name is Arthur Greyrat, please take giid care of me (yoroshiku onigaishimasu).

Art performed a polite greetings with etiquette of bowing slightly placing your palms in your chest and facing his right shoulder to him.

Rawls: Ohh, I heard of you. You're really a polite child. Oh, my apologies. I'm Rawls. I'm usually hunting in the forest. I have a daughter the same age as you I hope you can meet her. Paul where is your other son? I thought you have twins?

Paul: Well he's the kind to read books at the study than go out and play.

After a few chit chat we started to proceed to the forest. A few kilometers we found the beast. It looked like a boar and it is large and strong enought to ba a Rank B beast in adventurer terms.

Paul: Leave this to your Dad Art. I will take this beast down and have its meat for dinner tonight.

Arthur: Really? Do your best Dad!!

Paul: Yeahh... Leave it to me!

As a father my pride wont let me get beaten by some beast. I pull my sword from its sheath and make my battle stance. I activated Touki in my body. The beast had noticed me and started to Rush to me trying to ram me with its horns. I sidestepped the right time and countered using the Water God style counter. The beast's foreleg is chopped off. The beast is now having trouble in standing. It wanted to run but I decided to finish it immediately and chop of its head from its body.

Paul: Come Art and let's bring this to the butcher. Let's have your mother and Lilia cook this tonight.

Arthur: Yeah Dad!!

We arrived at home and decided to take a bath together. I washed Art's body and I saw his body.

Refined bulging muscles, Not too bulky but can be seen packed with explosive power. ' Is this really a child's body?'

Paul: Art you have a very healthy body. Take good care of it.

Arthur: I will Dad but why are you saying this now?

Paul: hehehe Art Listen to me... You will enjoy a woman with big breast, vuloptuos body, and a meaty butt right?

Arthur: I'll tell mom about this you know~

Paul: Wait wait!! Let me finish first. *cough**cough*

As a man if you enjoy a womans body you should also have a body to please the woman too. So that's why you should not slack off on training alright?

Arthur: Alright Dad. Then dad can you teach me techniques to please a woman? As a Greyrat my pride will not allow me to go to in the battlefield(Bed) unarmed(inexperienced)

Paul: Now now... You're asking the right questions son.

And so began my lesson to him until Zenith scolded me about it when she heard what I was teaching him.


(time when Roxy arrived)

Roxy: I am Roxy Migurdia. Please take good care of me.

I was shocked was that the tutor we hired was from a demon race. Then suddenly Art hugged her and complimenting her.

Arthur: I *hic* I *hic* Im sorry but this is my first time seeing a beautiful woman in my life.

Paul: Huhuhuhu that's my son as expected of my genes he inherited my gentlemaness!!

Zenith: THATS A BAD TRAIT FOR HIM TO HAVE PAUL!!! Of all the good things he might have he got the worst personality you have!!

Paul: What did you say!!

Hahahaha He really is my son. Greyrats tend to have several woman in their wives it seems my son inherited that too. Rudy too is having my sense of gentlemaness. It seems the fruit cant fall far from the tree.


This day is the first day of teaching them swordsmanship. I only taught them the basics then physical exercises to increase their strength. But in the case for Art he's already doing training that is equal to five adults.

Several weeks of training and I could already see results. Art is a genious and already is in the level of intermediate in all the 3 Sword styles. Rudy however does progress slowly but not much as Art. I decided to give Art the magic item that will make training efficient since he is a Miko. The magic item is normally harmful to most people but I know Art csn handle it and he will get strong fast. I also knew that Art have a big crush on Roxy so me and Rudy also giving him a push on the back and it seems he's also very good in woman. 'It looks like I already have a daughter in law'

In their 5th Birthday I gave the twins a sword. I bought them in the city. We had a great time celebrating their coming of age


Art: These time I will beat you!!

Paul: Hou... Trn show me what you've got

He's progressing very fast that in 2 years he's already Advanced Rank in all 3 styles

AN: Longest chapter yet


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