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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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9 Chapter 8: Birthday

Few months passed and the same Routine happened every day.

Wake up, Eat, Train, Take a s*it, repeat. Roxy already started teaching us at night to not only teach us magic but also history, geography, politics and etc... This are easy for me since my enhanced brain let me learn much faster.

After our every night session Roxy started going to her room to take a rest. After several minutes I planned to go to Roxy's room.


Roxy: Who's there?

Art: Its me Roxy-sensei. Can I come in?

Roxy: Come in Art is there something you want from me?

I can see Roxy is still writing something on her desk. Looks like she's writing her lesson plan.

Art: Sensei can I sleep with you?

Roxy: Why? ' Is he having a bad dream?'

Art: Umm... Lately I was having a nightmare.. I was so scared being alone.

A tear started to flow down my cheek. Yesterday I started to have a nightmare that I was back in my old world. What's worse is I'm still the old coward bullied kid in that dream.

Roxy: 'This child... Even though he's more mature than most child in his age... he's still a child after all.

Roxy: *sigh* Okay. Wait for a few minutes then let's sleep.

After 5 minutes she started lying on the bed. I lie down beside her.

Art: zzzz... Ro.. xy .. Se.. sei. I love you ...

Roxy: hai hai. If you haven't change your thoughts 10 years later, we will talk about it again.

*unknown to them they started to feel each other's embrace while snoring silently*

The entire night I was having a good night's sleep. I woke up early. I watched the sleeping figure of my goddess. 'Ehh? what is this?'. I am in Roxy's embrace on her non existent bosom. I slowly moved away from her carefully not to wake her up. 'Seeing her like this I cant resist myself. Too bad my body is still of a 3 year old. Even if my body constitution makes me look bigger than average of my age, a child's body is still a child.

Art: Well I'm off...

I gave her kiss on her forehead and go downstairs to train my body again.

Ever since Paul gave me the gravity bracelet, I have been wearing it the entire time, sleeping, eating, and training. It seems only my body can feel the restrictions and not my sorroundings like when I ride my father's horse, it doesnt seem its carrying heavy weight.

I trained myself outside the village. Running 25 km, carrying heavy boulders of rocks, running through the forest with several obstacles, meditate under an old Tree, training my haki by defeating a magical beast with a blindfold and barehanded. After training I started going back home. Village guards wont notice me since I was using my Conqueror's haki to make people dizzy to distract them.


(Time skip 2 years)

Right now I'm already 5 years old. Many things happened and right now, the Greyrat family and Roxy are in the dining room.

Paul: Happy Birthday Art, Rudy. It seems my boys are slowly becoming a fine man.

Zenith: Happy Birthday Art, Rudy. I hope both of you will be happy~.

Lilia: Happy Birthday Young Master Arthur and Young Rudeus.

Roxy: Happy Birthday Art, Rudy. I'm glad to have you as my students.

The table is full of delicous food. Everyone started greeting both of us. Me and Rudy are having a smile on our faces that could reach our ear.

Art/Rudy: Thank you Dad, Mom, Aunt Lilia, Roxy-sensei.

We held a small party in the house. We started having a feast. As always I always took half of what is on the table. They already took it as a normal phenomenon since they know I have a strong metabolism. A while later they started on giving us gifts.

Paul gave both of us a sword. He started giving a speech about how a man should have a heart there should be sword to protect those important to him and so on... Zenith cut him off saying its too long.

Art: Thank you Dad. I always wanted a sword of my own.

Zenith gave Rudy the same book she gave him in the novel, a plant encyclopedia.

Zenith: Since Art likes to cook. I write down here all my and Lilia's Recepies in this book.

Art: Woah.. Thank you Mom, Thank you Aunt Lilia. I'll take good care of this.*smiles brightly*

I really feel grateful to them since writing a book is expensive. Especially their own recepie in cooking. I hugged Mom and Aunt Lilia after that and saying thank you.

After that Me and Rudy received a magic wand.

Art/Rudy: Thank you Roxy-sensei Ill take good care of it.

After that when I received the wand, I heard a voice through my Haki. I was listening to the wand for a few seconds.

Art: 'I see. It seems Roxy really put her heart on making these. It's like in the anime hunterxhunter, an object made by the creator with all their heart have a Nen flowing from it'

I ran to Roxy and hugged her and whuspered silently.

Art: Thank you very much sensei. I will take care of it to the bottom of my heart...

Roxy:'*blush* Im really glad he liked it'

Showing an intimate scene Paul, Zenith and Even Rudeus showed a happy expression. Paul mumbling 'thats my boy' under his breath. They all knew that I had a crush on her, even Rudeus is supporting me to my first love.


In the following day I started training in my swordsmanship with Paul together with Rudy.

Art: These time I will beat you!!

I said with confidence and determination to win.

Paul: Hou.. Then give me all you've got!

In these 2 years of training I started to duel with Paul every after training. I still havent defeated him. Everytime I thought I would win he will give a reversal and started countering my strikes, It seems he is still a class S adventurer with years of experience. Despite my [[Swordsmanship]] blessing. It is still hard to develop my swordsmanship since Paul is a bad teacher. I have been only using pure swordsmanship on sparring and not using my [[Haki]]. Right now you could say I am in the early Advanced in swordsmanship while Paul is in the peak of Advanced swordsmanship. Early this morning I checked my sword and hear several things. Instinctively I sat down and held the sword in my hand and started meditating. I was communicating with the sword through haki, even if I cant say it in words I understand it through instinct.

We both make our battle stances for the spar.

Rudy: Sword ready... Go!!!!


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