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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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8 Chapter 7: Train and Ea

(AN: This time Ill try using the thoughts of other characters in the same POV Ill put (' ) in others thoughts)

I can see Rudy holding back his laughter. He must be laughing that his brother is a chuunibyou

Roxy: 'What kind of chant is that? Based on how the spell formed, it should be a newly created spell!!

Roxy: Art, how did you create a new spell? Ive never heard of a chant so exaggerated?

Huhuhu it seems she was amazed at how good I am, but I should keep it low key, or not...

Art: Hmmm? Sensei when you say those words, isnt it to make yourself cool?

Huhuhu nice excuse for being a child.

Roxy: What? No chanting is not to make yourself cool. Instead chanting is a tool to create magic. By chanting magic word that help make magic automatic, the chanter can produce magic power by using the magic power in their body. after a number of years using magic a few elite magicians can use a shortened version of the chant... Do you usually chant it that way? In battle especially monsters chanting like that will make you give away to nearby monsters.

Arthur: Usually... I dont chant

I started creating 5 [[Water Swords]] floating above me.

Roxy: 'Seriously?!! he's already at this level in his age? Even for a genius this is unheard of!!'

Roxy: ... I see. So you usually use voiceless incantion. I see. Do you feel tired?

Arthur: Though I feel a little tired. But its no problem to me I can still listen to your lessons. Did you know Im a Miko my physical aspects are higher than normal.

My mana is still a little less it just reached 1.0

Roxy: Is that so? Even though you know voiceless incantion but your mana reserves are little lacking to become an excellent magician.

Rudeus: Dont worry about ni-chan sensei. He only wants to study until intermediate. My brother is more of a swordsman than a magician.

Roxy: Is that true Art?

Arthur: Hai(Yes) sensei. I only wanted to know the basics. If you say there's a genious in us then it will be Rudy! He's several times more talented than me, Rudy show sensei your magic!!

Rudy: Hai ni-chan

Rudy then created several ball of magic of different elements. A fireball, waterball, earthball, and windball floating everywhere around him. 10 fireball, 10 waterball, 10 earthball, 10 windball.

Roxy: .....

Art/Rudy:... Oi(Hey) sensei are you alright?

Roxy: ... Looks like there is some worth teaching them huh. Now into the next spell...

The entire morning we were taught the basic concept of magic.


In the afternoon we were taught swordsmanship by Paul.

We were each handed a wooden sword with a reach that is right for our small bodies.

In this training we were taught how to grip the sword, suprisingly when I held the sword. It feels like it became an extension of my body, like gaining an extra limb.

I prefer left-handed in holding the sword since usually in everything back on earth. Left handed people have advantages in sports, fighting(like boxing) and many more so the more advantage I have.

Admiring the wooden sword in my hand it feels like I have broken through my [[Observation Haki]] and [[Armanent Haki]]. It seems I have gained the famous ability Luffy and Roger only have they called it [[The Voice of All Things]]. The ability to hear the voices of living(AN: in one piece the sea kings) and non-liveng things(AN: in one piece like how Roger hears the voice of the Ponyglyph in Sky island).

From the sword in my hand I herd that It felt very happy to be held by the Sword *%$#\u0026. Hmm... It seems I still cant hear the rest or maybe Im still not strong enough.

Next session was Paul stretching for flexibility then physical training.

Paul: Art since you are a Miko how about using these?

Arthur: Tou-san what is that?

Paul: A magic item for you. This bracelet is a magic item for training you physically. When you wear it it will automatically adjust the weight of your body appropriate for your training. I found these in the dungeon when Im still an adventurer so take care of it.

Arthur: Hai tou-san.

I wear it and then I felt I was wearing weights all over my body. Hmm this is a good, will help my training and get stronger fast.

Rudues: otou-san do you have another? I would also like another one.

Paul: I dont have more Rudy, sorry about that. But even if you wear that it will only affect your growth negatively. I only gave it to your ni-chan since he has a miko body, the more he trains it the stronger his body becomes.

Rudy: Okay father.

After physical training he taught us the basics. Grip, fighting stance, sword strikes, parry, foot work and etc.


Night time during cooking I went to the kitchen to find Mother and Aunt Lilia in cooking for food.

Arthur: ka-san Lilia ba-san(Aunt) would you teach me how to cook?

Zenith: Ara ara~ why would you like to learn how to cook Art?

Arthur: Since my body is strong it also need a lot of nutrients to grow big and strong, I red it in the book(showing them the book I red). Thats why I ate a lot. But most importantly I want to learn the recepies so that even though Im not home I can still taste the food you cook.

Zenith: Ara... My tiny little glutton is so cute~. Okay you can start by washing the vegetables over there then your Aunt Lilia will teach you the recepie we were about to cook tonight.

Arthur: Hai ka-san. Lilia ba-san teach me~ teach me~

Lilia: Yes young master. Could you can start washing the vegetables then I will teach you how to slice the meat.

It seems Lilia is not really afraid of me. In the novel she's afraid of Rudeus since he seems like an perverted adult in a skin of a baby. I guess she already considered Rudy a normal child since I'm the more abnormal one since Im a Miko.

Then our family bonding starts. This is my first time cooking with my family. Im truly happy that I already had a family to cook and eat together. I've always been alone when eating dinner in my old house back on earth so these family is really I wanted to protect.

Then dinner time I ate 5 worth of meal for an adult male. I also considered it as training since everytime I ate more the food that I digested also seems my body grows stronger.

Paul: It never seems to amaze me that you can eat more than all of us here Art. Its a good thing that I always bring a wild boar for dinner every night or we will starve everytime you eat.

Roxy: Yeah. I never think that a child really can eat more than all of us here.

Zenith: Mah mah~ Dont mind them Art. A child should eat more to become strong and big man like your father.

Paul: Yeah Art you should eat till your satisfied. You too Rudy, if you dont eat more you'll become a midget in the future.

Paul teased Rudy since Rudy since there is still more than a half of food left on his plate.

Rudy: Dont compare me to Ni-chan. Ni-chan has an abmormal body so he ate a lot! Im still 3 years old, Im not like an insatiable glutton like him!

Paul/Zenith/Lilia/Roxy: hahahahahahahahahaha

And the night goes on in the Greyrat family


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