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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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7 Chapter 6: WATER BALL SWORD!!!

Roxy blushed a bit when she remembered what I said earlier. Hehehe even though you're the same age with my grandma(Zenith's mother), no woman will not get happy when a man says beautiful.

Roxy: *sigh*. Anyway which one's the student I'm supposed to teach?

Did she really let it go like nothing happened? Maybe I really need to ask advice to the playboy father I have. Or did she only think I'm just a kid, oh that must be the case. Well when I looked at myself in the mirror my face and appearance is more similar to my handsome face my father had, spiky hair and a mole below the corner of my right eye. So in the future I'm surely become strikingly hot with many girls chasing anywhere I go. *cough**cough* my chuunibyo tendencies really kicked in from time to time. Well for Rudy its the same in the original Novel, similar to Zenith straight hair, gentle face, and a mole in his left eye.

Zenith: Ah its both of them.

Zenith introduced us with pride with the gentle voice she had, Rudy on her arms and me giving her a gentle smile I thought would have. While Rudy gave her a childish wink.


(AN: This is my first time writing a different POV so please bear with me)

[Roxy POV]

I entered the house of my employer.

Roxy: I am Roxy Migurdia. Please take care of me.

After finishing my introduction, all the people that are going to greet me are having their eyes wide open. 'Are they going to descriminate me because of my Race? Even though I have blue hair Its not that close to emerald green right that they will be afraid of me?'(AN: in the MT having emerald green hair means you are like a demonic exitence. Often used for scaring children to sleep early at night)

Suddenly a child with spiky hair with a cute handsome face started to hug me strongly that I felt it very warm and secure. 'He's definitely going to be a handsome man in the future'. I saw a tear flow out of his cheek. 'Eeeehhh! what should I do!'. After a few seconds that felt like eternity, he started speaking to me.

Handsome cute boy: I *hic* I *hic* Im sorry but this is my first time seeing a beautiful woman in my life.

(beautiful woman in my life)...(beautiful woman in my life)...(beautiful woman in my life)...(beautiful woman in my life)...(beautiful woman in my life)...

Those words kept repeating in my head. I started processing what he meant by that I suddenly having fantasies of an adult version of him saying that to me. I feel my face heating up never did I know that I was blushing hard.

Calm down Roxy!! He's just a kid you're a few decades older than him.

Roxy:*sigh*. Anyway which one's the student I'm supposed to teach?

I finally recovered and started asking who's going to be my student.

Zenith: Ah its both of them.

I saw a hint of prideful tone a doting mother would have for a child.

Roxy: *sigh*. I guess it happens from time to time, huh, that there are idiot parents who think their child has talent after growing slightly...

These parents are the types that are hard to deal. If the child truly is a genious they will get spoiled, while if they are just saying that and truly don't have any talent it will be the fault of the tutor who did not teach them properly.

Zenith: What is it?

Roxy: It's nothing. However, I think those child of yours doesn't understand the concept of magic, right?

Zenith: Its fine. Our Rudi is very talented while Art taught him how to cast magic.

There is it. Doting parents really loves to exaggerate about their child

Roxy: *sigh*, I understand. I'll try my best.


In the courtyard Roxy started to test us how much magic we can use. I used (observe) on her, even though its not really accurate it should not be too far. And also I'm curious of the stats of a water-saint ranked magician

Name: Roxy Migurdia

Race: Magic(Migurd tribe) race

Class: (Water-Saint ranked) Magician

Age: 37( I did not know the exact but it is stated that Rudy and Roxy have the same age including his past life)

Strength: 1.21

Agility: 1.78

Toughness: 0.76

Magic Power: 36.68

Mana: 86.54

Wow those stats really are very high. If a Saint Ranked magician have this high man, then by estimation, Rudy's mana should be over a 1000 when he fought Dragon God Orsted. And I cannot think the full power of the Future Rudeus when in his Journal he could do gravity magic, dragonic magic and etc.

Roxy: Let me demonstrate. \u003cBestow the protection of water to the place where thou demands,let the crystal clear stream appear here\u003e, [Water ball].

She finished chanting it like a chuunibyo would. A basketball sized [Water ball] appeared floating in front of her hands and flew towards a tree.


The branches snapped and it fell down off the tree

Roxy: How's that?

Art/Rudi: Yes, That tree is the one oka-san raised with such care. I guess she will be angry.

Roxy: Eh?! Really!!

Art/Rudi: No doubt.

Damn we really are twins even our script is performed in sync.

Roxy: This is Bad!! Got to think of something!!..

Roxy picked up the branch and started to chant like a chuunibyou again

Roxy: \u003clet the power of God be converted into a bountiful crop, and bestowed into one's who had lost their strength to stand up once again\u003e, [[Healing]]

Rudy: Sensei you know how to use healing magic?

Roxy: Eh, Yeah. I have no problems up to intermediate rank.

Art: Amazing sensei!! Teach me~ Teach me~

I said it in a childish tone

Roxy: Of course. If you train properly anyone can do things to that extent.

I can see a proud smile on her face. It seems she really likes compliments hehehe...

Roxy: Now then who wants to go first?

Art: Me. Please let me try *puppy eyes*

Roxy: Okay Art you go first

Should I shock her and use chantless magic. No I will use chant my Chuunibyo blood is boiling within me.


Hah That felt good. I think I have overdone it.

My [[Water ball]] had the same size like Roxy but it had the shape of a sword and it shoot towards the ground with great speed.


The [[Water Ball]] collided to the ground. The ground has a stab mark that look liked it came from a sword.

Art: Sensei how is that? Is it cool?



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