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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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6 Chapter 5: MC“s Backstory

AN: Please be reminded that I only write this for fun and also because I like this novel very much especially some characters. I'm not really good writing fan fics that I might not give justice to the characters of the original novel so please bear with me.

Happy Reading😉


Roxy: I am Roxy Migurdia. Please take good care of me.

After she said that my parents including Lilia is in shocked me included. Even though I knew this world would be like the fantasy anime world but this is my first time experiencing a real life anime-like girl. And most importantly ITS ROXY MIGURDIA YOU KNOW!!

The legendary godess that saved both Rudeus in the novel and me in real life...


In the beginning I just red the novel because I picked this up in a street somwhere and started reading it for I am bored and hated my life and wanted to do something new. At first I am very interested especially the plot and the characters in the story. And the MC where I can understand his background story which is similar to mine where everyone bullied me for being an orphan which makes me depressed. When I reach the time when Roxy enters the story I feel very interested in her just like every character in the story. Until when she saved Rudy of his past and present life. It also saved me from the depths of my depression and she saved me... Even the people on Earth wont give me the warmth and care of a fictional character that gave me the light in the depths of darkness in my life. I never thought that a character in books will give me what I needed the most in my life that tears started to flow out of my eyes.

After that I started to have positive outlook in my life. I am still at high school in my 2nd year. My parents died early leaving me at simple house. Thankfully my parents have insurance and have enough money to support me finacially until I graduated highschool.

At this time I started to have confidence in my personality. My studies improved that it reached top 7 in the entire grade. The delinquents that bullies me are surprised that I was no longer the same coward lifeless person they bullied for money and that I fought back even though with inhuries. My classmates looked up to me for changing myself. In school some even confessed their love to me after just a month of my change, Even thogh Im not too handsome only slightly above average, but my personality after Roxy saved me give me an aura that makes people comfortable to be with.

I started to look for part-time jobs to sustain my needs and my hobby. After the first pay I bought necessities then the volume 2 of the novel. I also developed a hobby of watching animes and reading mangas, and even gave me an another secret personality, A chuunibyu(8th grade syndrome).

After a year I bought all volumes of the novel and I finished reading it.

I started to cry. This novel changed my life.

I cried when Rudy and Paul fought then make up to each other.

Suspicious at Hitogami.

Happy when Aisha and Rudy met again.

Sad that Eris left Rudy.

Feel the thrill on all the fight scenes.

Tears of joy after Norn and Rudy become real siblings when Norn got depressed.

Praying to our Godess Roxy with our Pope Rudeus Greyrat the 1st(*Cough cough*).

Cried when Paul died...

Cried when of Future Rudeus's Backgroung story. Angry when Zenith got kidnapped.

Jelous when Roxy got married to Rudy.

Sad when Eris died.

Sad when Sylphy and Roxy will live for atleast a century after Rudeus died leaving them.

All the

Happy times...

Sad times...

Thrill times...

Hype times...

Depressed times...

Jelousy times...

Angry times...

Perverted times...

and many more things that I havent experienced in real life. I cried the whole night and wish that Rudeus could have a magic or anything that could extend his lifetime until Roxy and Rudeus will Death do them apart. Although I only focused on the character development and just little understanding of the plot. After finishing reading it I put the experience reading the novel in my heart. This is the novel that changed my life for the better

I have made several friends but no girlfriend. I dont know but even the prettiest girl in our class confessed to me, I feel happy but I dud not feel the love and warmth I feel when Roxy saved me. I could say that before I have a crush on her even before high school and she is considered the madonna of our schoo, but I realized that I only feel admiration on her not love.

I also joined a club, a basketball club. Even though our team is weak when I joined I practiced a lot and remembering the basics when I was still young playing with my father basketball. We got semi finals in Tokyo

And in my 3rd year we reached quarter finals in the Natinals the farthest our school got far in sports club. Everytime we faced a strong team, I go to my bag and hold the panties on my hand and started to pray. Yes as you can see the panties I bought them in the shop with an excuse that its a gift for my sister. This is the Divine Artifact that our Pope Rudeus Greyrat the 1st(even though mine is fake). Im jealous that Rudeus got the original, though I can understand since he is the Pope. During games I pray for the guidance to win and suddenly it felt I ate a Senzu Bean in Drag*nball and entered Super Saiyan.When we thought we lost the game, After praying to the Divine Artifact I started to enter the Zone and started to do all the Generation of Miracles(Koruko no Basket) moves for 3 minutes. My teammates got the morale and started to play again and we won. It repeated to several games but only I only got us till qusrter finals nationally. After I retired in the club our school got famous due to the basketball club and many strong fresh graduates from middle school joined. Im shocked that the power Divine artifact could attract this much followers. Hehehe I will bring the new relegion in this world, who knows the basketball club will become Godess Roxy's Church Hhehehhe *cough cough* where were we.

During graduation I was the valedectorian and gave speech. I applied to the most prestigous university in japan when it comes to litereture. I got the highest score in the entrance exam in the university and ranked 4th in Japan. After class I got home and read several light novels, when there is a news in the internet that the novel will get an anime adaptation. I was overjoyed and think of various scenes that I imagined in my mind and it got me reading again from volume 1.

In the morning I woke up late and rushed to the university. I took the shortcut in several alleyways. In one the shortcut road there are several gang youths who are already sorrounded me. They beat me up, I tried to fight back but they are too many. They opened my bag looking for money when they saw the Holy Bible that I red yesterday. They started talking about burning it and I got angry.


I feel adrenaline rushed in my body and beat them up one by one. I didnt got out unscathed but you could say that everywhere in my body is blood, the skin of my fists are torn like it was peeled. When a random stranger passed by they might think I was bleeding, but this is the blood of the people who would burn my Holy Bible. If the stranger will look at the ground, it was full of bodies bleeding, several broken teeths, twisted arms.

I feel relief that my Holy Bible did not get a scratch. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my back. I look behind me that a person beated black and blue, broken teeth holding a blooded knife at my back.

I started to feel and conciousness fade and I prayed to get reincarnated and have Roxy as my wife.

(Flashback end)

(3rd person POV)

Arthur towards her and gave her a hug. She's surprised that she was hugged by a kid, and that kid a tear started to flow out at his eyes.

Roxy:(Ehhh!! what is this kid doing?)

Arthur: I *hic* I *hic* Im sorry but this is my first time seeing a beautiful woman in my life.

Paul: Huhuhuhu that's my son as expected of my genes he inherited my gentlemaness!!😆😆

Zenith: THATS A BAD TRAIT FOR HIM TO HAVE PAUL!!! Of all the good things he might have he got the worst personality you have!!😤😤

Paul: What did you say!!🔥🔥

They started bickering at each other again for several minutes until Lilia interrupted them.

Lilia: Master, Madame it might be best to get her to the guest room.

Zenith: Ah yes yes... Come here Roxy-san we will get you to your room.

They walked away the Paul and Rudeus started walking to me.

Paul: Hehehe so my daughter in law have arrived huh. Art make your old man proud!! Just make sure to use protection when you do it so we will not bacome grandparents early.

Paul said in a joking tone.

Rudeus: Huhuhu ni-chan is a pervert.

Arthur: Nandato konoyarou!!💢💢(AN:What did you say bastard!!). Says someone who have a perverted face when still not walking in his own feet!!😏😏


Arthur: Aunt Lilia told me when your still little you always have a perverted face when you are near her boobs!!

After that we started bickering for a few seconds.

Paul: Well if you boys need advice your old man will teach you some techniques exclusive on how to bring girls to your bed in addition to swordsmanship.

Paul said with a perverted smile. After Paul said that he felt killling intent. He was an experienced Rank S adventurer so he have something like a 6th sense. He turned around and see a angry Zenith.

Paul: Yoh(Hey) Zenith😅...

Zenith: DONT YOH ME!!! Just what are you teaching this boys!! If you continue your jokes I will not let you teach them swordsmanship and just hire a tutor!!

Arthur:(Roxy is prettier than I thought, tho also smaller than I think she is)


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