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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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5 Chapter 4: Training Haki

(1 week later)

Im having my training at the forest. Right now my Body can handle a month without sleep. Its been a week since I have been training in the forest every night and it really is good for training especially for the treants that come across my way. Well I can kill them easily with the Hatchet that I borrowed at home and with my armanent haki. It improved my [[haki]], and it seems that my conquerors haki can now knock out creatures that are significantly weaker than me.


Monster: Treant

Stength: 3.68

Agility: 0.56

Toughness: 15.53(Treants are basically wood monsters so they are several times tougher than a human body)

Magic Power: 0

Mana: 0


I really wondered why treants are the most common monsters in MT(AN: Mushoku Tensei). Well its not like slimes are good in giving combat experience.


after killing dozens of Treants I finally got attacked by a much stronger and larger Treant.


Monster: Elder Treant

Strength: 21.50

Agility: 3.43

Toughness: 30.89

Magic Power: 0

Mana: 0

Spirit: 2.91

Name: Arthur Greyrat

Class: () Swordsman

Age: 3

Strength: 5.76(+1.5)

Agility: 5.98(+1.5)

Toughness: 5.86(+1.5)

Magic Power: 1.51



1. Observation: Can sense 15 meters. Can see 3 seconds in the future.

2. Armanent: Can wrap a weapon fully. Increase the weapon's sharpness and durability by 3 times.

3.Conqueror's Haki: Can knock out creatures with Spirit less than 2

Surprisingly its my first time fighting a monster with a very high stats. Those Stength and Toughness is the problem. This battle might be a little difficult. I should just dodge its attacks cause its slow.

(AN: This is my first time writing a battle scene)

The Elder Treant is now waving his branches at me. I dodged it with the help of the reflexes and Observation Haki.

I clad my Hatchet in Armanent Haki and hack the branch that attacked me. I can only hack it halfway through it.

This time I used breathing technique to the maximum my body could handle. I feel my body bursting with power, moving more faster, and my mind more focused.

This time the Treant got angry and send several branches to attack me. I dodged most of it while some that managed to hit me a little are just scratches and tears of my clothes.

After reaching in front of the Elder Treant I swing my Hatchet at the trunk in with all my strength. It again only managed to cut halfway through it. I expected this so I deliver another full swing on the other side of the trunk.

Phew this time I almost died if one of those attacks hit me directly, even with armanent haki I will still be moderately injured. Thankfully my body is still of that of a 3 years old. Well time to go home.

(At home)

Zenith is looking at me worried seeing my tattered clothes and scratches from the fight.

Zenith: Art!! What happened?! why did you get so hurt? Wait Ill heal you.

Arthur: Oka-san(Mom) I fought some treants in the forest and surprisingly an elder treant have arrived and it attacked me suddenly. But dont worry I beat destroyed it and bring some firewood at home. So dont worry cause Im strong enough to beat them.

Giving them a childish smile so they could stop worrying at me.

Zenith: Art, I know you are strong and a miko at that but please dont be reckless and get hurt.

Paul: Hahahahaha...

After laughing he gaved me a serious look. I can only see those look in his eyes when habing his sword practice in the yard.

Paul: Art, in fighting monsters a moment of carelessness may detrmine your death so in the future when fighting monsters dont let your guard down understand?

Arthur: Yes Otou-san(Dad). I just want to have experience of fighting those monsters that you are telling us in the story and the books.

Paul: As long as you understand.

Rudeus is still silent after hearing them talk to me. I guess he still is afraid of going outside.

(Dinner Time)

Lilia: Master, Madame it seems the request that we've sent last week have been accapted.

Zenith: Really! thats great!! Now Rudi can learn magic from a tutor. So when will the tutor arrive?

Lila: It seems he already started going here and will arrive in the morning.

Paul: So its that time huh. Art starting from tommorow you will be trained by me, while Rudy will start studying with his tutor

Rudeus: Isnt this exciting. Right Art-nichan?

Art: Yeah it is... But Otou-san can study maguc too? I will at least would like to learn at least up to intermediate. I promise I will not slack off in my swordsmanship!!

Zenith: Paul let him. He was the one who taught Rudy that magic right?

Paul: Okay, but why would you want to do that?

Arthur: Well when in the future I am in a situation that need can be solved by a little bit of magic like lighting a campfire in travelling it will be convinient.

Paul: Then how will you do both? Won't you be exhausted?

Lilia: Excuse me master. I suggest Young master will train Swordsmanship in the afternoon and Study magic in the morning.

Paul: Yes we could do that.

Rudeus: Otou-san(Dad) can I also train swordsmanship?

Paul: Okay then starting tomorrow both of you will train.

Zenith: Do your best boys.

Giving both of us a kiss on the cheek.

Art/Rudi: hehehehehe *giggling childishly*

(In the morning)

A blue-haired middle school looking girl arrived in the living room with a bag in her left hand and a magic staff on her right hand, dressed on a magician robe and hat.

She's there standing in front of me.

My Waifu is standing in front of me.

I cant believe it. Its really good to be alive in this world.

Roxy: I am Roxy Migurdia. Please take good care of me.

Chapter end.....

Meanwhile in our MC's mind

Roxy: Ho... Your approaching me? instead of running away your approaching me?

Arthur: I cant hug you without getting close to you.

Roxy: Ho... Then come closer as you like.



Real Chapter End...


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