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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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4 Chapter 3: Training Star

Right now I'm teaching Rudeus about my self-taught meditation and breathing technique. For meditation I modified it for him that it will increase his magic power, mana and spirit equally at the same time. While for me is specialized on spirit, though it could raise my mana and magic power a little bit.

After a while he got the hang of it and can now do the basic process.

While for me he taught me how it is just like when he explained it in the novel. Right now I tried water ball an elementary water magic. Hmm like gathering blood at the palm of your hands... I feel something wet on my hands.

Rudeus: Wow!! You can already do it the first time I taught you?! And whats more chantless?

Arthur: Well you said it already right? imagine gathering blood in your hands. This is basic when meditating for imagination and breathing technique for gathering of blood so for me its just like breathing now. You could already do it when I didnt taught you meditation. So now that I taught you meditation it you can already do chantless magic more proficiently than ever before. Do you think I can do chantless magic without me meditating and breathing technique this past year?

Rudeus: So meditating already is useful this much. That means I can do it more proficiently than you right?

Arthur: Yes. Now Rudy I have a suggestion. I think its important for you to breathing technique constantly while doing chantless magic. The advantage is you can also multi cast your magic. Breathing technique will help your blood circulation on your body faster so in theory you can cast chantless magic without raising and pointing your hand at your opponent, it will help you in combat when your enemy will let their guard down thingking you need to raise your hands to cast magic, and also the greatest advantage is when using your hands at most you can only cast 2 chantless magic at the same time around your hands with breathing technique you could cast it as its near your body.

Rudeus: What a great idea Art-nichan!! But It seems a lot of training I need *sigh*...

Arthur: Come on dont be like that. I will teach you throughly about it okay. And when you will be able to do it I think you will become the strongest magician in the world!!!

Saying it like an innocent child encouraging him like this. I can see tears rolling down in his eyes. I guess he's still remembering the past life when he's a fat ugly bastard good for nothing otaku. No one reached out to him and helped him until My Waifu Roxy helped him. Although I can agree he is a bit of a bastard but in this life he decided to change, so why not help him?

Arthur: Why are you crying? Didnt you say you will work hard to become the strongest magician while me becoming a Seven Major World Powers Sword God? If you dont have the resolve to become the strongest you can be then forget it. I will become strong with or without you.

I said it smirking

Rudeus: Who's crying!!! Im not crying!!!

Trying to wipe his tears and snot on his nose.

Smiling at him. What a helpless little brother I have. Dont worry oni-chan will help you.

But Roxy will become my wife huhuhuhuhu Im sorry Rudeus but I will court Roxy and ask her to marry me in the future. Of course I have already a plan how to save her in 'that' dungeon.

After a while he stopped crying

Arthur: okay now so try using breathing technique while casting chantless magic without your hands, you already know the basics so I know there should be something you could do about it. For now try casting 3 water ball at the same time.

Rudeus: *sniff**sniff* okay.

After a few seconds he can now do it easily. He's really a genius in magic is only thing I could say.

Rudeus: Oni-chan(Big Brother)!!! I did it!!!

Arthur: Yeah!! you did it!! as expected of my little brother your a genius!! you really cou..

While talking the 3 water ball shoot out at the wall. *Boom* the impact destroyed the wall to splinters.

Zenith/Paul: Art!!! Rudy!!! are both of you alright?

Lilia also arrived a a second later they arrived


Athur: *cough**cough*😙😙 I may not mention it in the past but my nickname is Art while Rudeus's is Rudy. The damned author in this novel is just too lazy so please scold him not me Im narrating it according to the script.

Author: So its my fault now!!! I will have Shepherd to remove your blessings!!! 😈😈

Arthur: Please dont!! Its my fault! Really its my fault!!😱😱😱😭😭😭😭


Arthur: Yes oka-san(mom), otou-san(dad). Me and Rudy just experimented on the magic we read on the books. It says you need to chant to use magic but when Rudy tried doing it chantless he did it but much more he created 3 water balls at the same time!! But after a while he lost control and he sent it at the wall so could you please forgive him? As a big brother I will take responsibility.

Rudeus: No!! oni-chan dont. Its my fault I lost control. Please mom, dad dont punish oni-chan do it to me instead!

Zenith: You dont have two take responsibility. Both of us are happy that you brothers are safe.

Paul: Yeah I sometimes wonder are you 2 really my brats?! When I was young Im not as filial as both of you.

Zenith: Hmph!! they got their trait from their mother of course!!

*sigh* Im saved. Even though I knew they would forgive us base on the novels Ive read. Becoming a big brother makes me happy that I have finally a blood related siblings.

Zenith: So can you explain to us again what happened here?

Rudeus: Oni-chan taught me a technique to use magic more proficiently than I have been practicing and after successfully doing it getting me excited makes me lose control of it.

Paul/Zenith: 😱😱😱

Lilia: 😐

Zenith: Come here Art, Rudy!!

She came to us hugging tightly squezzing us until Im drowned and cant breath for some reason. I havent said this but GODDAAMNNN!!!! THOSE MT. EVERESTSSS ARE TOOO BIIIIGGGGG!!!! I thought only water and outer space will stop you breathing but SCIENCE HAVE PROVEN ME WRONG!!!! Huhuhuhuhhuhuhu lowly Earthlings. In another world has only one field that is advanced than Earth.

*Cough cough* where were we.

Art/Rudy: mom.... can't..... Breath

Zenith: Oh sorry. But Rudy you are a genius!!! At the strength of magic that have caused this damage it should be no weaker than an intermediate magic spell!!! and chantless too!!! Paul lets contact a tutor right away!

Paul: Didnt we promise when our children are boy I'll teach them swordsmanship?

Zenith: What are you talking about? Rudeus can do chantless intermediate magic and self-taught at that!

Paul: But still its a promise.

Zenith: Hmph!! didnt you always break your promise?

Paul: This is different it concerns our child!!

*sigh* this couple despite f*ck*ng each other every night always fight almost every day.

Arthur: Dont worry dad as you know me and Rudy have dreams to become the strongest!!! I will become the Strongest Sword God Seven Major World Powers and Rudy will Become the Strongest God Ranked Magician in the World!!!

Paul: HAhahahahahahahaha. Its good to be young. Strongest Sword God and becoming one of the 7 Mahor World Powers! Your dreams are good!

Zenith: No matter what dreams you two have we will fully support the two of you.

Lilia: I'll support Young Masters too to the most of my ability.

Arthur/Rudy: Arigato Oka-san!! Otou-san!! Lilia Oba-san( Thank You mom, dad, aunt Lilia). I promise I will become the strongest Swordsman/Magician!!

And that night we have a feast because we have a dream that could reach the peak of this world.


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