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Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother
Author :Rudeus_GreyratRoxy
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3 Chapter 2: Brother

After walking a few steps I stumbled and hit the floor hard. Damn! It hurts!! Even my body is stronger my balance is still not trained yet.

Zenith: Arthur!!! Are you okay?!

She runs to me looking very worried after falling out of balance. Lilia is staring at me having no expression but I can tell she's thinking deeply about something. Paul on the other hand is having a face full of excitement.

Paul: Hahahahaha! Zenith our son is a genius. He can walk in a couple of months being born. Surely when I train him in swordsmanship he'll definitely at least become a Sword Emperor!!

Zenith: Stop spouting about fighting when your son is hurting! Dont worry Arthur Mom is an Ex-Adventurer so I will heal you in no time.

After that she starts chanting her magic. I look at Lilia, she keeps staring at me for some reason. Am I really that of a monster that you keep staring at me like that! Mom Im afraid! Of course my childish thoughts are pointlessy running on my mind for no reason. After a few seconds Lilia suddenly have an expression that looks like she got resolve to say something.

Lilia: Master, Madame I think young master Arthur is a Miko. In my whole life working as a maid I have taken care of many infants but only young master Arthur is the only one who could already crawl after a month of being born and after another month could already walk.

Well maybe your not wrong aunt Lilia. After a month of being born I started crawling. I crawled everytime I have the chance to train my body. And after another month I started to try walking and surprisingly I walked 5 steps before falling down.

Paul/Zenith: Really Lilia!!

Lilia: I think so too...

After that they started talking something about when Paul will train me in swordsmanship when I reached a year old. Zenith refuses and told him Im too young for it at least let me start at 3 years old at least. Surprisingly they already accepted that I am a Miko and still loves me as much regardless. Im really happy having such parents, now I can feel how Rudeus really loves his parents when I was still reading the novel.

Thinking about him, my little twin brother isa still sleeping peacefully on Lilia's arms. I decided to myself that In the future I will become at least a Sword Emperor before Hitogami starts appearing in Rudeus's Dreams. I will not try to talk to him about it because it is good for him to have Demon Eyes and several events that would make him grow as a person(like when Ruijerd removes the Dye on his hair on the Demon continent arc).

[[Time Skip]]

Im currently 3 years old now. During this time Im training my (haki). I have found another ability using observation haki. I could quantify anything that I observe. For example I could observe a person's Strength, Agility, Toughness, Magic Power, Mana, Spirit(Touki,Haki) and etc. A manhua I usually read in my past life inspired me to modify my ability. For now I will call this ability (observe).

I using (observe) to myself

Name: Arthur Greyrat

Class: ()Swordsman

Age: 3

Strength: 1.88(+0.5)

Agility: 1.80(+0.5)

Toughness: 1.79(+0.5)

Magic Power: 0.87

Mana: 0.64

Spirit: 3.97

(1.0= average adult human),

(+0.5 is added when using breathing technique constantly for example Arthur's base strength is only 1.33 but using the breathing technique constantly increased it to 1.88)


Observation: can see 1 second in the future. Can see anything in a 5 m radius.

Armanent: can make a normal leaf as hard as stone and its color is darkish green. I still cant make it fully dark colored. Its like 65% dark 35% green

Conqueror's: Can only make a human a little dizzy.

Well decent enough, me being a 3 years old that my physical ability are not less than an average adult human would have. I trained In the house whenever they fall asleep doing pushup, situps, running, and meditating. Meditation helps me increase my Spirit, although its just like stabilizing your breathing and clearing your mind, for breathing technique I could now constantly use it and helped me strenghten my physical ability. In terms for haki I can say Observation haki has the most progress. Conqueror's haki is hard cause I still dont have any fighting experience.

As for Rudeus, well huhuhuhuhuhu he's been training ever since he heard the news that I can walk 2 months old. A little bit earlier than the original story maybe it will help him grow stronger than the original story. I used (observe).

Name: Rudeus Greyrat

Class: ()Magician

Strength: 0.15

Agility: 0.17

Toughness: 0.15

Magic power: 2.20

Mana: 4.36

Spirit: 0.12

(1 mana stat of Rudeus = average mana of magicians)

Hmm as expected his training this past 2 years paid of. I guess his high mana stat is due to that the people of this world believe that you cant increase your mana, so the average mana is low.

Right now I was in the study with Rudeus as he reads books while I tried but to no avail

Arthur: Rudeus! can you help me study? you can already read but I still have some problems.

Although my [[Supreme Physique]] can help me learn much faster with my enhanced brain. I still need a little bit of studying to learn the new language of this world. After all learning a how to speak is easy but reading is different.

Rudeus: Okay Arthur-nichan. I will teach you.

Arthur: Thank You little brother.

After a couple of hours I can now read an entire book. Thanks for Rudeus I guess.

Arthur: Thank you Rudeus, I can now read! You really are good in teaching. Having a smart brother really is good. Learning it by myself for months didnt even helped me a bit

Rudeus: Ni-chan you learn really fast too.

After that we were chatting for a few minutes. We have a pretty good relationship as brothers. Sigh, In my past life I was an orphan so its a nice feeling having a nice brother.

Arthur: So Rudeus, you're practicing magic right? can you teach me?

Even if I have a [[curse]] its not like I cant cast magic it just limit me to intermediate.

Rudeus: Huhuhuhu ni-chan You're training too right? When everyone falls asleep you started physical training. Ni-chan I saw you one time like you are meditating there are something I can sense around you like your aura is getting stronger can you teach me that?

Arthur: Okay but it depends on how talented you are in controlling your mind. But you have to teach me magic, Deal?

Rudeus: Deal!!

Hehehehe dont worry Ill teach you wether you like it or not. In theory if you have a high spirit enough Hitogami wont be able to see your future. I need to train my spirit as much as possible before that 'incident' happens, because in the original story Hitogami only noticed Rudeus after that 'incident' happened.


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