MMORPG: Martial Gamer
1234 What Kind Of Strategy
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MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Author :Immortal Iron Bull
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1234 What Kind Of Strategy

For any tournament, the squads left towards the end were always increasingly strong. The fights between top experts had always been the most exciting.

In the quarterfinals, there was a significant decrease in the number of fans due to the elimination of Heavenly Fire Squad in the previous round. However, the experts left were all experts who knew the ropes and were of much higher quality than any other competitors.

The eight teams walked in when the host introduced them. They had a lot of thoughts and feelings as they saw the empty seats beside.

A few days ago, there were 50 teams. Now, it was only left with eight…

This was the cruel reality of a competition.

After everyone got back to their seats, the atmosphere was driven up by the host again.

Following which, it was the segment to choose the squads.

The facts proved that Fearless was indeed a leader with great vision.

All of a sudden, a voice shouted, "We choose to challenge Team A Murder Of Crows!"


Hearing this voice, everyone, including the cameraman, turned to look at the person shouting.

The person shouting was none other than the leader of Kingdom of Hell, God of Death's Left Hand.


The arena went into an uproar.

What was going on? Why was Team A Murder Of Crows challenged again? Didn't everyone want to challenge the Kyushu Squad in the past? Unless Team A Murder Of Crows has become the squad worthy of a challenge?

At the thought of this, everyone couldn't help but look at Wang Yu and co.

Looking at this ill-disciplined bunch of amateur players, everyone shook their heads… How can this bunch of players be more impressive than the Kyushu Squad? This isn't realistic at all…

When Vainglory heard that God of Death's Left Hand wanted to challenge them, he called out in an unsatisfied tone, "Hey! You are pretty petty huh! You still cannot get over Uncle Bull, huh?"

Everyone chuckled, "Old Bull, you better be careful."

"Tsk!" Wang Yu replied, "He is merely seeking an early death!"

Domineering as usual.

Among the eight teams left, all the other teams with the exception of Heavenly Dragon Squad and Kingdom of Hell were reputable old squads. They were all opponents that the Quan Zhen Sect wished to avoid.

Being challenged by Kingdom of Hell or Heavenly Dragon Squad was indeed what the Quan Zhen Sect wanted.

Since their opponents were so earnest to fight them, why not welcome them?

Wang Yu clicked on the accept challenge button as he said, "I accept the challenge!"

When the host saw that Wang Yu accepted it, he exclaimed, "Team A Murder Of Crows has once again accepted the challenge. Will we see a miracle like the one we saw yesterday? We shall wait and see. May I invite the two teams to enter the gaming cabins!"

The two teams got off their seats.

At this moment, Sword of Thunderbolt went towards Boson and said, "Tsk! Don't think you guys got lucky! We are not like the ones yesterday and we are going to teach you a real lesson. You are far from being good enough for this competition."


Boson flew into a rage as he looked as though he was going to throw a punch.

Fearless and the others quickly held Boson back, "Are you crazy? We're still in a competition! This fella is intentionally provoking you. Hit him and we're dead."


Hearing Fearless' words, Sword of Thunderbolt snickered as he turned and returned to his squad.

As Wang Yu watched Sword of Thunderbolt walked away, he scratched his chin, "This fella is pretty despicable…"


Everyone else nodded in agreement. If Boson had really acted out, the outcome of the match would have been decided.

Spring Halo provoked others just so that he could win one match. This fella's provocation nearly caused the whole Team A Murder Of Crows to be eliminated. Clearly, this fella's level of despicableness was above Spring Halo.

Wang Yu shook his head, "If the Kingdom of Hell has such a despicable player, I'm afraid we need to take note of their strategies."

"Don't worry!" Everyone responded, "Our Fearless is much more despicable than him."

Fearless was speechless, "…"

This bunch of b*stards could curse and compliment someone at the same time.

Because the opponents at this stage of the tournament were increasingly strong, Mu Zi Xian was swapped out by Evil Rampage.

After everyone entered their gaming cabins, they arrived at the arena.

According to tradition, the challenger would have the authority to choose the map. God of Death's Left Hand chose the first map and it was called Forest of Desperation.

Forest of Desperation was basically a primitive forest.

In the background story, Forest of Desperation was the biggest forest in \u003c\u003cREBIRTH\u003e\u003e. People would enter this forest and felt despair because they couldn't find their way out.

Of course, this forest couldn't be exactly what it was in the game because it was a competition map. However, it was still a relatively large map.

Looking at the dense trees and bushes in the forest, Wang Yu started sweating profusely… One must know that Uncle Bull isn't afraid of heaven or earth. However, he was afraid of getting lost in the forest. God of Death's Left Hand's choice of map was indeed wise.

Of course, Wang Yu's fear of getting lost in a forest was only known to the players in the Quan Zhen Sect itself. The actual reason he chose this map was because of the thick and dense tree leaves here. An Assassin's [Stealth] would be useless in this map. Therefore, this was a map especially effective and advantageous to an Archer.

It seemed like God of Death's Left Hand was pretty confident about his own skills.

In the quarterfinals, most teams would naturally give their all as there was no longer a need to conceal their strengths or abilities. Therefore, the first one up was God of Death's Left Hand.

On the other side, Team A Murder Of Crows naturally sent out their trump card. Despite his reluctance, Wang Yu was sent to the arena.

Due to the obstruction of the thick layers of leaves, the black and primitive forest was always going to be stifling for a player's emotions.

After entering the map, Wang Yu swung both arms towards the sky as he immediately executed his [Double Dragon Strike].

Since Wang Yu wasn't going to run about in the forest and that a battle was inevitable, he would rather expose himself for his opponent to find him.

And since it was a high-level skill, the effects looked absolutely magnificent.

[Double Dragon Strike] was an impressive skill that belonged to a Qigong Master. The effects were not inferior to a Magician's AOE magic skill. One red and one blue dragon flew towards the sky as they exploded like fireworks.

Forest of Desperation was relatively dark to begin with so the explosion of the skill was extremely eye-catching.

Indeed, God of Death's Left Hand saw the fireworks in the sky and quickly confirmed Wang Yu's location. Following which, he walked over at his own pace.

Seeing that God of Death's Left Hand was really lured over by Wang Yu, Sword of Thunderbolt was disgusted, "This idiot! Didn't I tell him that the opponent will take the initiative to find him? Why was he lured over instead? Does he have any IQ at all? Isn't he worried that he might be ambushed?"

As Sword of Thunderbolt started scolding God of Death's Left Hand, his eyes fell on Wang Yu.

At this moment, Sword of Thunderbolt was dumbfounded.

After executing his [Double Dragon Strike], Wang Yu did not hide to plan an ambush of any sorts. Instead, he picked up a pile of leaves and sat down…

"This…" Sword of Thunderbolt was stunned, "What kind of strategy is this?"


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