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Lanterns of the Multiverse
Author :thisismymoment
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1 Chapter 1

RWBY Universe

"Ugh I groaned as I woke up

My name is Chase Sebastion uh I"m 16, a teenager that used to live in new orleans

"Where am I" I started to look around My eyes widen as I spotted a gigantic crater My eyes widen even more when I spotted My body glowing white It looked Like a superhero uniform

{ ok lets recap here I got rejected by my crush I harshly in front of people so humiliating ran home from school got on my computer My computer wasn't working I grew angry and broke it next thing you know a portal appeared in the moniter sucking me in and now I find My self in a crater with a superhero costume is this some type of dream cause it feels like one and is that a ring I never was one to wear rings never had a wore one before }

????? "huh?? so your the newest white lantern... your kind of hot" a females voice spoke

My eyes widen when I spotted another girl she was very pretty she had blond hair blue eyes and the thing that stands out well was the three whisker Marks

{huh kind of reminds me of Naruto wait a second did she just say white lantern}

"I'm sorry could you say that last part again?"

"that your hot? " she smirked as My face turned beat red and stuttered

"N-No the other one"

"Oh that your the newest white lantern?"

My eyes widen and my face began to pale My brain started to disassemble


"Are you okay-?" she asked worriedly as she floated inches from My face





that snapped me out of my daze


{So... I felt the pain this isn't a dream that made me even more depressed why... all I wanted was to go home and Read fan-fiction in peace}


her Emotions on her face morphed from fustration to annoyance/ angry

we both got in our stances

when we were surrounded By "..." why does that look like root nin

i could of sworn she muttered a "Goddammit danzo"

"Naruko Uzumaki You will Come with us"

My eyes widen in disbelief I looked at them then looked back at Naruko

"I'll explain later"she said quickly

I took a breath to calm Myself before I glared My heart was beating very very fast It was actually kind of hard to breathe but I couldn't show it

"She Isn't going anywhere"

"she is a demon she needs to be punished"

"first off that came out dirty, second she is not a demon" I glared at them as I stood

Naruko Blushed at My Protectiveness

"ring can you scan her? is she a demon"

the ring pulsed white As A wave of white energy appeared and scanned her body

[Scan complete Lantern Naruko Uzumaki of sector 1888 Is indeed 100% Human]

"you see hundred percent human she ain't going with you guy"

"then we will take her and the rings and kill you "

They started to charge at me I looked at Naruko she nodded and disappeared in a flash of light reappeared in front of a guy and Punched one in the gut knocked him uncouncious created a light construct the shape of a kunai held it in reverse grip as she stabbed the other

I had to admit it was kind of hot

I saw one charging at me out of the corner of my eye

{wait a second I can shoot energy blast right according from the comics}

{no time I'got to - }


My eyes widen when I saw a light construct extend pass me form a sword stabbed in the heart

I looked back at Naruko and saw her wink at me before fighting the rest

"so that happened" I groaned

I was then surrounded By one, two, like 10 shinobi

"Any last words" one said

" Hang on rookie-kun I'm coming" Naruko shouted panicking

I smirked "as a matter of fact there is"

"Look at your men then back to me

"now look back at your men now back to me"

"I'm Not gonna die I'm flipping you off"

"now look at the ground now back at me"


he just stood their his eyes widen in shock before he was blown away by a energy Blast

I looked back at Naruko who smirked


both our eyes widen at that loud roar I recognized it and I finally realized why they ran away it wasn't because of me it was because of those creatures

wait a second those creatures look familiar

my eyes widen and I took a step back


"uum chase-kun are you ok?" Naruko asked worriedly






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