Juubi no Shinju
1 Ch:1 - It begins.
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Juubi no Shinju
Author :AsuraMonarch
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1 Ch:1 - It begins.

Getting reincarnated in Naruto WITHOUT a system is hard. It isn't easy and beats the laziness out of you if you truly want to prosper in this world.

Thankfully I was given 2 choices at the start.

Sasuke Uchiha or Naruto Uzumaki.

Thinking of all the pros and cons that I can think off I picked Naruto. Here's the list.

Reminder the knowledge that I will get Naruto's pure soul and iron will reinforced the idea.

(An: This is for the tug of war since kurama was this big furry ball of hatred. remember that time?)

The fact that I could technically be said to be good in soul despite my nearly apathetic and cynical outlook in life back then was the cincher. The power of the malice filled kurama might've been much deadlier than the curse of hatred in Uchiha's

List of Pros for Sasuke.


-potential EMS

-Possibly good looking

-Natural talent

-"Reincarnation of Indra"




-Possible emotional trauma

-May not survive to kill Itachi

-The curse of hatred

-Reincarnation of Indra

-Pedo snake sannin



-Chance of insanity or permanent PTSD

I doubt I can change the early plot of Konoha as a child without raising suspicion. Despite the shounen nature of the show dark undertones are abundant. I have no doubt if I did even somehow change the early plot as in a child somehow becoming so influential to change a relatively solid scheme agreed upon by a majority of the clan.

(An: Was the plan for the coup canon?)

Even if I did then I attracted alot of unwanted attention. Danzo Orochimaru and possibly Zetsu and Obito

So that was out if the option.

Now for Naruto. Here I prayed I didn't reincarnate into those DARK DARK FICS of naruto. You know, beaten, tortured, sealed a fair ammount of brain to make the mental capacity small... Starved, poisoned, attempted to be killed by nearly everyone, or just generally hated by all.




-Possible backing of Hiruzen

-No parents so I don't need to worry about abnormal behaviour not fitting for a child

-General freedom


-Reincarnation of Ashura.


-Naruto Uzumaki...

-No decent money supply

-Malnourished or atleast hinted to be

-Unreasonable hatred towarda me

-Danzo interested in making me a weapon


In the end I picked naruto. Uzumaki PLUS Kurama grants me unhuman vitality... Naruto was stabbed in the chest possibly wounding the heart and definitely blowing through a lung maybr even the both of them having some bones in them. yet still survived. AS A TEN YEAR OLD.

And I don't care if naruto technically fell short of sasuke in talent in the wave arc despite naruto being an Uzumaki jinchuuriki sasuke and naruto learned the tree walking exercise basically at the same time.

So there.

I did get born into a fanfiction naruto verse but so far the only thing different is that I was sealed with Yin and Yang kurama and with red hair Alabaster skin and red hair and blue eyes.

Here's my tale so far.

After picking Naruto I was in a different place. It was a place with fluids and a place where I can't breathe. Moving my limbs I discovered it was a fairly limited space and a tube like thing connected to my stomach. I then concluded i was atleast a 6 month old fetus.

After that I did what I did in my old world as a joke. Meditation. Or atleast as close I could get with me being in a womb.

Amazingly I could clear my thoughts nearly instantly and be calm. As I did so I could sense a mysterious energy surrounding me. My mother's chakra I thought.

I delved into my still developing body trying to see if I had any. Thankfully it seems I had a miniscule ammount. As a result of boredom I moved it arround. I entered a strange state where I felt it flowing and by roughly mapping it out I found our I am mostly developed already. Just for fun I kept rotating it in different paces to my wish.

Unknown to me this improved my overall handling of chakra and even 'boosted' my talent both physical and chakra.

After an unknown ammount of time I found my chakra was slowly getting used due to this. (An: no compact chakra BS here. by compact I meant potent.)

When I was low by low I meant my chakra was barely even 10% of what is started with I tried moving around and found it easier.

Feeling around I roughly took the position of best possible position Aka my head down to the exit with my limbs tucked in.

I kept the cycle of mediation and circling my chakra.

After an unknown ammount of time I felt contractions and the fluids slowly draining.

Realizing I was about to be born I was nervous.

Follows canon stuff.

Here I was outside born and with my still developing ears can roughly hear chaos.

With my visual mapping prowess using chakra I found the general area of people and where kurama is. My mother is next to me with her chakra constantly getting drained. I noticed that my Chakra is livelier than usual and its growing quickly. I even noticed some if not most of the chakra my mother is losing was going to me.

And to my shock I felt pain. due to this I cried out. Startling my mother who was now worried for her husband and newborn child.

In that pain filled moment I fainted. I woke up fairly quickly feeling able to move easier having blurry sight but enough to see a few feet infront of me. my chakra multiplied my mind felt clearer and I felt something. aside from that my ears felt... clearer? more developed and I can hear better i guess...

Looking at where I felt my mother is I saw her looking at me with a mixture of shock, worry, and confusion.

'I grew up!' I thought to myself in shock.

Thinking about the improvements in muscles and eyesight and hearing I realized I grew a few months in a matter of minutes.

But back to reality I felt a chakra presence vanish.

In a matter of minutes Minato was infront of us and took us near the ninetails.

(Canon stuff)

Looking at my new parents stabbed through with a claw I couldn't help but feel something snap.

The merge of a new and old soul and the new soul broke seeing this scene. What broke was possibly my heart. The instinct of knowing who your parent is and that part of me got attached to kushina already.

To my and my parents surprise A chain suddenly shot out from behind me.

"What! Kushina I thought you said that in Males the chakra chains is rare!" Said a surprised Minato.

"I don't know! it's not impossible but Naruto is just a newborn!" Replied Kushina

They both exclaimed despite the fact they have a claw stabbing them through the gut.

(back to canon but now Yin and Yang is in naruto.)

'Hopefully being whole makes Kurama not so irritable...' I thought idly.

The 3rd hokage arrived a bit after the sealing and both my parents were dead. At that point my chakra chain now chains were still flailing in the air be it because my anger or just incompetence is at fault is still unknown.

(An: nearly apathetic and cynical. still had emotions and can be sarcastic and shit. but due to merge with Ashura's soul he is basically more emphatic and was given good soul hacks and automatic Iron will. How that works? I dunno)

Thus seeing my flailing chains knowing that hiding my heritage will only work for so long I heard him say.

"With that hair of his people will think his Uzumaki blood is fairly pure... The only red headed uzumaki here an actual pure uzumaki was kushina... Might as well announce his true heritage."

As the hokage thought outloud I was ecstatic. Resources and wealth of the uzumaki and namikaze is mine. Nutritious food is mine. But freedom is at stake.

--Time skip--

A large crowd can be heard some murmuring some still sobbing and some shouting hysterically.

"People of Konoha... The ninetails attacked the results tragic! many died civilian and shinobi alike, young and old. Establishments razed to the ground, items burned caught in the chaos. Many of us lost something dear. The fox infact many might think was summoned or something similar. Let me tell you all this. The Kyubi has been in the walls of konoha since the time of the First hokage! Mito Uzumaki the wife of the first, and the Jinchuuriki to the Kyuubi no Kitsune! She held prison the beast and passed the role on to Kushina Uzumaki one if the scarce survivors of Uzushiogakure! And many might not know... The wife of the 4th hokage! Minato Namikaze the Kiroii Senko!" At this peace of information many were shocked. Sure they were close but most thought it hadn't reached that stage yet. And Kushina hiding under a genjutsu didn't help.

"Many might wonder why did they hide this information? It is because Kushina became pregnant! A female Jinchuuriki's seal weakens immensely during childbirth. And at this time a masked man striked! According to the description he is speculated to be an Uchiha, Or atleast stole the eyes of one.

Due to this man the Kyuubi was released and only thanks to the sacrifice of the 4th and his wife was the fox sealed...

Minato was many things, Noble being one of them. Minato despite knowing that the jinchuuriki status can't be hidden still sealed the Kyuubi into his... Newborn son!

Many might've heard how some villages treat their Jinchuuriki. they become outcasts. sometimes abused...

I hope you can all honor Minato's dying wish.

To honor Naruto as a hero. For he keeps prison the Kyuubi."

At this there was an uproar but sometime hysterics shouted Naruto was the demon. Yet many argued with them.

"QUITE! Naruto is merely the container! He is the Prison! not the prisoner! Learn the difference between a scroll and the kunai inside of it!"



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