Journey Of The Bright Immortal
32 Battle At The Vagrant Woods Five
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Journey Of The Bright Immortal
Author :HeavenlyDao9999
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32 Battle At The Vagrant Woods Five

The group led by the flame commander of Bluecloud City killed their way into the Vagrant Woods. The flaming halberd cut through spirit beasts with ease as their superior numbers failed to get the upper hand. Many surviving cultivators joined them along the way.

"It's only a matter of time before we clean this up. Did they find the frenzied queen?" The flame commander spoke with the dignity of an expert, his whole aura exuding might as a veteran of countless battles.

"The scouts are returning," the pure white-haired elder from the White Clan spoke.

"Reporting, sir! We found the lioness, it's feeding on a group of cultivators!"

"Humpft, vicious thing, you dare eat humans in front of me? Men, pick up the pace, I will discipline anyone that falls behind!"

"Yes, commander!" The men didn't doubt his words. Soon they reached a clearing with dead bodies of spirit beasts and humans. Some trees had claw marks, and many were broken. A three-headed lioness fed on a body, growling. It raised the head slightly with the newcomers but returned to eat. The other spirit beasts stood a bit further to avoid bothering the lioness.

"Three-headed... didn't the reports say it had two heads? Cultivation is indeed at the fourth layer," the white elder said.

"So what? Three or seven heads, I'll cut them all off!" The commander grabbed his halberd and pointed at the beast, "Take care of the others, I'll have fun with this one!"

The white elder raised the hand to say something but gave up. He gave the order and the cultivators from the White Clan set up traps. Unlike the ones from the loose cultivators, those traps were of much higher quality, some even ranked as the White Clan specialized in hunting and warfare. Putting aside a few newbies brought in for experience, the others had plenty of battles under their belt, the leading elder even fought in province wars before. The cultivators looked tough and powerful.

The city lord's men wore body armor, carried long spears, and looked seasoned, ready for anything. While the White Clan set up traps, they stood guard for any ambushes. The flame commander bolted forward, igniting the flaming halberd with Qi. The three-headed lioness struck with the tail but he parried it before cutting downwards. The tail came back to block, and the commander got pushed back.

"...!" He knew from the exchange the beast was not below him.

"Fierce..." The white elder became apprehensive. Spirit beasts commonly had better battle efficiency than human cultivators, and this one looked especially dangerous. The commander had low-grade first rank battle armor and weapon and still lost the exchange. The other spirit beasts stood their ground, waiting for the result of the duel between leaders.

"Hahahaha! Good, give me a good fight!" The flame commander got more excited as the battle progressed, with a sadistic look of joy on his face.

"What a madman!" The white elder shook the head. Spiritual energy surrounded the commander, feeding the inscriptions on his weapon. He swung down, creating a powerful burning slash.

[Earth-grade Body Tempering Realm Art - Flame Slash!]

The lioness jumped nimbly to the side, avoiding the blow, then countered with a leap forward, aiming to tear the commander apart with its claws. He blocked the attempt with the halberd, and once more got pushed back.

"Commander, I'll help you." The white elder shouted.

"I'll kill you if you dare, elder! This little cat is mine!" The commander slashed several times and got countered by the tail each time. He became more aggressive, but the lioness seemed unfazed. The flame commander stood at the seventh layer of the Spirit Sea Realm, possessed the earth-grade art flame strike, low-grade first rank equipment, and yet his cultivation law was only peak grade human rank at the Body Tempering Realm. His Qi flowed inefficiently and slowly. The spirit beast had the advantage in a prolonged fight.

After a few more bouts, the commander breathed heavily, and the lioness had no change, even looking more imposing than before. He made a few errors in judgment and almost got stabbed to death.

"This is no good, at this rate…" The white elder wanted to act but couldn't enrage the other party. Just then, the stubborn commander finally gave him a slight nod. The white elder was about to move...

"Huh?" He felt his entire body wrapped by thin Qi threads and couldn't take a single step forward, "This is… be careful, there's something else here!"

Too late. The spirit beasts who only watched before attacked together, ignoring the traps, some dying straight away. The cultivators fought back but lost in numbers. A bloody battle ensued.
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"The crossbows, hurry!" In despair, the white elder commanded a small group that carried spirit crossbows to attack, but before they could act the same Qi threads had already bound them.

"What is this!" The elder tried to revolve his cultivation law and use spiritual energy to sever the threads but failed. He felt faint and his Qi dissipated, unable to maintain its form. A large monstrous figure stealthily stepped out of the shadows, walking in what seemed to be thin air. Almost invisible thin threads of Qi already spread everywhere, and this part of the forest became its domain. The figure had the body of a spider, the tail of a scorpion, and sharp legs like mantis arms. Its dozens of eyes twirled around almost as if crazy.

[Giant Spider-Chimera, Peak Sixth Layer of the Spirit Sea Realm, Triple Monster Cores]

The flame commander and white elder shivered. They could take on the lioness with some difficulty, but this spider was too strong. The lioness also changed, becoming much more aggressive than before, its vicious attacks putting the commander in a defensive stance. The other cultivators fought the remaining spirit beasts, and the white elder was sealed. The spider-chimera used its legs to twirl the elder, and the cultivators bound by the thread into a cocoon.

"The elder!"

"We're doomed…"

The other cultivators despaired, barely able to hold back the spirit beasts. The chimera-spider raised its tail, ready to finish the elder. At that moment, a breeze blew by, and a youth appeared as if out of nowhere.

[Dance Of The Clear Sword]

Ming Ren stepped on the thin Qi threads and his sword danced, cutting the cultivators and the elder loose as he passed by, each [Flash] swift and precise in a beautiful sword skill. The sword cut only the threads, never the cultivators.

"....!" The elder landed on his feet, still feeling faint and drained. The Qi threads not only bound him but sealed and dissipated inner energy, weakening the prey. Ming Ren stood on the Qi threads in front of the spirit beast, sword in hand, staring firmly without fear. The spider many eyes rested on him, a look of incredulity arising. To others, the Qi threads were nearly invisible, but Ming Ren had not only keen perception but also spiritual sense and the Bright Eyes technique.

"Who is that…?"

"Help? But he is only at the Body Tempering Realm!"

The sound of rustling leaves and sprinting got louder. A group of cultivators appeared, striking at the spirit beasts. Lin Huangfu and the second elder led the charge, the appearance of two peak of the Spirit Sea Realm cultivators raising hope.

"It's the Forest Clan! The Forest Clan came!"

"The forest patriarch! A peak spirit came!"

The flame commander and white elder didn't share their enthusiasm. Lin Huangfu and the second elder were at the peak, but their strengths below them. The situation got a little better but still looked bleak, even after their arrival. Ming Ren relayed orders to the others through spiritual sense. It would be strange for a youth to take lead, so the forest patriarch gave orders out loud instead.

"Lin Dong, you three take on the spider. Second elder, white elder, we help the flame commander. The rest of you, take care of the spirit beasts!" Lin Huangfu shouted orders while moving to help the flame commander.

"What?! Are you crazy, Lin Huangfu? We need to focus on the spider!" The white elder quickly shouted. If the flame commander held back the lioness, they might have a chance by focusing on the spider.

"We'll only get in their way! Come now, quickly!"

Get in their way? The white elder didn't know what to think.

The spider wanted to trap them with Qi Threads, but Lin Dong jumped from the ground and struck with the middle-grade weaponized spine in a downward attack carrying powerful spiritual energy.

[Woodland Fury - Heaven Tier]

The beast blocked with some difficulty using three legs. Lin Dong landed on the ground, getting ready to jump again. Lin Qiang summoned a feather-bladed curlew, Spirit Sea second layer, a green armored ape king at the first layer, and a two-headed lioness at the peak of the Body Tempering Realm.

"Summoning energy!" The white elder shouted in shock.

The feather-bladed curlew harassed the spider during flight standing out of melee range and the ape king tossed loose weapons or anything heavy from the ground. The spider defended well, its eyes focusing on Lin Qiang, the scorpion tail stretching far and striking against the girl.

"Watch out!" Lin Dong shouted, but the tail struck too fast. Even with Ming Ren's usual warning, Lin Qiang couldn't get out of the way. The two-headed lioness summon blocked the attack sacrificing itself but the tail pierced through it and slowed down, still hitting Lin Qiang on the shoulder and throwing her to the ground.

"Qiang'er!" The second elder and forest patriarch worried.

'Her summoning energy is much weaker!' Ming Ren wasted no time in exploiting the opening. He activated the Divine Light Dragon physique at maximum spiritual energy for burst power, even harming his body. The youth flashed like a gust of wind, dancing on the Qi threads as the blade swiftly cut through them.

[Dance Of The Clear Sword - Full Power]

The attack took the chimera-spider by surprise and landed many shallow hits. The moment Ming Ren finished attacking and landed on a thread, the spider countered with a slash. The youth staggered after using too much power and barely got out of the way. His robe and chest got slashed deeply once again.

"Benefactor!" Lin Dong was about to jump again when the youth fell, but he didn't fall alone. Ming Ren cut all the Qi threads which supported the spider, causing it to drop. The entire battlefield shook as the monstrous body hit the ground. Ming Ren backflipped near Lin Dong, and Lin Qiang also got up. She dodged the sting at the last moment and avoided the worst.

"Sword, Beast, and Fist!" Ming Ren shouted. With the chimera-spider on the ground, their odds of winning increased. It was time to attack!


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