High School DxD: The Final Finish
3 Clothes Make The Man!! The Crazy Plan Doug Came Up With!!
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High School DxD: The Final Finish
Author :MaxWatler76
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3 Clothes Make The Man!! The Crazy Plan Doug Came Up With!!

"Okay so lets go over what we know," Doug said as he made his way down the stairs of the bridge, heading towards where he believed Issei lived. The anime hadn't really gone into detail of where he lived but he did know two things. It was close to his school, as he was constantly walking there every morning, and that it was a normal house with the word Hyodou on the wall surrounding it.

"A wormhole sucked me up and spat me out into a make believe world filled with unnaturally hot women and supernatural beings." Doug made a left at the first street, his eyes scanning for anything that could even remotely LOOK like Issei's home. "That girl was Raynare, a powerful demon....or powerful compared to me anyways. She was the fallen angel that first killed Issei, before he was turned into a devil."

"She called me Issei Hyodou though I don't look anything like him. Although it seems the trip through the portal dyed my hair." Doug ran his fingers through his now silvery hair. "Taking into account that she seemed recognize me as Issei, I can only conclude that she either needs glasses or others will now somehow perceive me as Issei Hyodou. Its just a hypothesis but we'll keep it for now."

"Dawg, why you talkin to yourself like that?" Came a voice from beside him. Startled, Doug turned his and took a fighting stance, but quickly backed after seeing who it was, and thus confirming his theory about WHERE he was.

To the left of him stood one of Issei's perceted best friends, Matsuda. He had a shaved head, squinted eyes, and rather large ears, looking exactly like he did in the anime, even sounded like him. Currently, he was looking slightly confused, obviously wondering if his friend "Issei" had knocked a screw loose.

Quickly putting on his best acting face and scowled. "What the hell Matsuda, you tryna give me a heart attack? Let me know where you going to show up from A-hole."

"Dawg, you tripping." Matsuda lost the confused face and stayed where he was. "By the way bra, aren't you about to pass your house?" He pointed to a house behind Doug. "You really should go inside before it gets dark, you know what I'm saying."

'I forgot how horrible this guys language was' thought Doug as he began taking step backward towards the house, not bothering to question what Matsuda was doing walking around Issei's lane and near his house. "Well thank you, Ill be sure to keep that in mind."

Doug turned around and practically ran inside shutting the gate behind him as he made his way past the door. Taking a deep breath after he was in the house, he peaked out to see if Matsuda was was still there and breathed a sigh of relief when he didn't see anything.

Turning back to the inside of the house, Doug made his way down the hall, ignoring the adults in the kitchen. They didnt seem to mind apart from a brief hello, confirming that this was Issei's home. If it wasnt they would be screaming at him, wondering what he was doing in their home. It also further confirmed the theory that everyone was viewing him as Issei Hyodou.

Opening the door at the end of the hall, Doug made his way into Issei's room. The room was pretty much how he imagined it, sprawled with swimsuit magazines, dvds lining one side on a dresser, and a couple of posters of half naked anime chicks on the wall.

"Yeah this room is definitely Issei's," Doug mumbled as he began tidying up the room, organizing all the things that had been casualy thrown about. "I dont remember him being this messy from the anime OR the manga....maybe the world isn't exactly the same as the one portrayed in the show."

After tidying up around the room, Doug took a step back to admire his handy work, gazing over the nice clean floor. "Now that we have that settled, lets go over the situation witu the clothes." Doug said with a smile as he started towards the closet. "Wait, Issei if you don't not want me to not go through your closet then don't not say anything!!!"

After waiting a couple of seconds and hearing nothing, Doug laughed a little and opened the closet door. Despite everything being a mess on the floor, Issei's closet was actually pretty decent, clothes neatly folded in a small dresser along with clothes hung up on hangers.

"Well well well," Doug said as he begun rummaging through the clothes that he was now considering his own. "Issei's clothes game is actually on point!!! These clothes are amazing and stylish, makes you wonder why he didn't have a girlfriend.....and I immediately take that back after remembering that he was a pervert and immensely proud of it."

"Still though, if he actually toned down the perv and acted like a gentleman, combined with these clothes.... he might have stood a chance." Doug muttered as he pulled out a rather cool looking hoodie, although it was technically a jacket. It was light grey with black cuffs, there was some sort of soft black fur lining the edges of the hoodie, and there was a cool design that Doug couldn't recognize on the front of it.

"Well, to be honest though, he did manage to pull in a harem so I giess that was pretty cool. However that was plot armor as far as I'm concerned." Doug said as he tried on the jacket, which actually (for some odd reason) fit him quite well. "If I tried acting like him in real life, I would be beaten senseless or castrated by the girls in my own world...anime protagonists always have it good."

There was a full length mirror inside of the closet which Doug pulled out in order to admire the way he looked in the jacket. Nothing in the show had ever even shown Issei owning dope clothes like these and he even began to feel disappointed that he hadnt worn them in the anime.

After checking out and modeling most of the clothes in Issei's (Now his) closet, he took everything off and sat down on the bed in nothing but his boxers. He was now free to go over everything that had happened in LITERALLY an hour. So many thoughts were running through, but once again he managed to remain calm.

"Before anything else I should make plans for tomorrow. Considering that I've already changed the original timeline by refusing the girlfriend confession given by Raynare I have no idea whats gonna happen tomorrow." Doug ran through all the events that had begun with the encounter with Raynare.

"Issei only learned about the devils and gods AFTER nearly dying and becoming a devil." Doug tapped his chin, but shook his head. "Well that is conpletely out the window as I have '''Dont do anything thatll make me die"' disease. A very fatal illness so unfortunately I'll have to pass."

Doug lay back on the bed and closed his eyes. "I need to find another way to not only meet with the Rias faction but also the Sona faction, preferably both at the same time in order to become a devil." Doug sorted through numerous ideas but all of them would no doubt go wrong in some way or another.

"I don't want to become a slave to Rias like Issei did, even if she is hot, I'm just not into that sort of thing, not to mention that it'll limit my movements and free will." Doug frowned, still running multiple situations in his head but still coming up empty. "Also, if I'm being honest I prefer Sona over Rias, though only just barely. Regardless of that though, I will become a devil but I'll be a free one. One whose part of a team but also free to do as he pleases."

"Wait, thats it!!" Doug said, suddenly sitting up, a happy look on his face. "That's a great idea, well a much better ones then the other ones. It does come with a bit of risk but no risk, no reward."

Grabbing the covers, Doug threw them over himself and relaxed, placing his head on the pillow. "If the plan goes sideways then I honestly wont know what to do next since I dont have a backup plan. A backup plan would be nice, but I shouldn't need one if I keep a calm face and use the right words."

The plan that Doug had come up with was a rather complicated one, which was pretty remarkable since he had just come up with it. After school tomorrow, Doug would head to the top of the roof where everyone would be gathered in the courtyard on their way home or headed to their afterschool activities. Using a borrowed megaphone (assuming he could find one) he would announce the existence of the devils residing in the Occult Research Club and then list the names from Sona Sitris Peerage. If this plan didnt bring the two captains running then he didn't know what would

There was also a high probability that both of them would jump the gun and try to kill him but it was risk he would have to take. It was a reckless plan but the best he had, because the "'talking peacefully'" to them rpute was closed.


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