GODOPEDIAOLOGY and the refugees
6 GODOPEDIAOLOGY and the refugees
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GODOPEDIAOLOGY and the refugees
Author :God_opediaology
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6 GODOPEDIAOLOGY and the refugees

GODOPEDIAOLOGY gets a fine Palace to stay and is appointed as a minister in his court. GODO remembers the old lady who once gave her food and water to him in his dying time, so he disguises himself and goes in search of her. Meanwhile when he reaches the city border he sees that lots of refugees from other places had come into the kingdom border and they were treated very badly by the kingdom's soldiers and especially for ladies they were treated very badly. In them the old woman was one of the lady who begged in the kingdom for food.

GODOPEDIAOLOGY goes to the old woman and asks her that whether she has recognised him or not. The old woman after sometime remembers GODO and blesses her. GODO offers her 5000 gold coins but she refuses it but in return asks him that if he could do something for the refugees like her, it would be great and she says that it is her last desire before death. Now GODOPEDIOLOGY knew that he was an ordinary minister in the court of 1000 of ministers and it would be a impossible thing but still assures her that he would try his level best. He then returns to the kingdom.

Next day as usual the affairs of kingdom starts and all the ministers wake up respecting the king. But GODOPEDIOLOGY sits down without raising up and this is recognized by the king's favorite minister, they consider this as a offense and immediately asks the guards to arrest GODO.

GODOPEDIAOLOGY is chained and brought in front of the king as a prisoner. The king orders the guard to unchain GODO and asks him the reason. GODO explains whatever he saw disguised and how badly the soldiers behaved with the refugees. The ministers try to shout loudly trying to hide their guilt but the merciful king decides to see the happenings in person, so he orders the other ministers to hold the court for the day and selects few trustworthy ministers and along with GODOPEDIAOLOGY visit the border as merchants.

The king and his courtyard ministers find all the scenario insight and couldn't believe their eyes. He looks at GODO hugs him and decides to reward him. The king upholds the court and looks at his other ministers and understands that they are behind all this and within no time asks the army to push them all into the prison and announces that the kingdom should treat all the refugees with dignity and self respect and hence forth they also would get the equal benefits as his kingdom citizens and the person who is responsible for this is GODO and he is promoted to the post of chief minister. Hearing this all the refugee feel that GODOPEDIAOLOGY IS A ANGEL SENT BY GOD TO THEM AND ASSUME HIM AS THEIR SAVIOR. Day by day GODO's popularity keeps on increasing and soon he becomes more popular than the king. The rival ministers take this opportunity to poison King's ears. The king though a good hearted person still doubts GODOPEDIAOLOGY.

Meanwhile in the kingdom a strange problem arises. In the mountain hilly areas where lots of refugee people have been allotted the abode to stay are being attacked by fierce monsters who kill all those who travel by the hilly mountain way. The monsters disguises themselves as ordinary merchants take them to the top of the mountain, lure the merchants in such a way that they are made to empty the watertank and after someway in between the hilly forest, the monsters suck the merchants blood and eat their bodies.


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