10 The Pas
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10 The Pas

After finishing the meal with the others, Frederick immediately prepared for the journey to Stolitz. Sophia and Albert would head back to Erlangen after a couple of more days, the former to attend the Great Ball and the latter to keep his word to Frederick.

Franz, however, would rush back to the east, to shore up the defences in case Weser tried anything. Frederick had sort of missed the banter between him and Leon, in these past few days. In fact, the very first face he saw when he woke up in this world was the dumb, shit-eating grin of Leon.

Apparently, the previous Frederick had tried to climb a tree in some inane contest of pride. He had fallen off, landed on his head and been knocked unconscious. Three days later, Frederick woke up and found himself in a new world, with a few unfamiliar faces and a slightly shoddy memory.

The last thing he remembered before awakening in this new world was the sound of gunfire, followed by a loud explosion and in the next moment he woke up in an unknown environment. He was thoroughly confused and disoriented. Which was exacerbated by the endless gloating of Leon. His undisguised pride and the 'I told you so' face put Fredrick in a terrible mood, and he could hardly stop himself from beating that pretty face of his.

Well, Frederick jumped out of bed and threw a fist at him. The shocked Leon quickly put on a serious face and retaliated. The two of them ended up trading blows and just as Frederick was about to put Leon in a chokehold the door opened, and a maid entered. Frederick momentarily distracted was quickly pushed back by Leon and on unsteady feet smacked his head on a bed post.

At that moment, a sudden flood of unfamiliar memories entered his brain. The life of the previous Frederick played before his eyes. Faces, names, people, places and information about this world all appeared in his mind. In that short instance he relived the entire life of the previous Frederick.

Slumped to the ground with a dazed expression and empty eyes, Frederick did not look fine. Leon panicked and hurried over as he shouted at the maid to find the Court Physician. Shaken out of her own shock at the situation, she immediately ran off to carry out the order.

Frederick felt someone shaking him and was pulled out of his stupor. He saw a familiar face that he now recognised.

"Leon?" Frederick asked in a daze.

"Frederick! What's gotten into you? You were like a completely different person, even your fighting style is far sharper and refined. What was that?" Leon shouted still a little panicked.

"Leon. I. What? Where? I need some time to think. Help me up."

As Leon helped him up, he felt a wave of nausea hit him. He supported himself by grabbing onto Leon's shoulder with one hand and the other pushed against the bedpost.

"Whoa, steady there Frederick, are you sure you're alright? You don't look it. Here I think its better if you lay down on the bed until the Court Physician comes and has a look over you." Leon suggested


Frederick could not think straight, it was as if two lives were attempting mesh in his mind. His original life and the memories of this body he now inherited. The twenty years he lived on Earth and the seventeen years of the previous Frederick assimilated seamlessly. Frederick was glad that his eidetic memory remained and was a little surprised to realise that he and the original shared this trait.

Frederick whilst lying on the bed looked over the memories of this world's Frederick.

Son of a Prince and heir to the throne of the nation Erlitz. He was the second eldest, with two younger siblings, a brother and a sister and an elder sister, who had already been married off. He was alarmed at the situation he now found himself in. His father, the current Prince had contracted a mystery disease and his health was declining day by day. The tasks of the Prince had slowly been delegated to himself as the heir apparent and the Prime Minister.

Frederick sighed aloud at the complicated situation he had taken over. Having inherited this body and the memories he could not find it in himself to abandon Erlitz. He promised to the previous Frederick that he would fulfil his responsibilities and duties in his place. However, Frederick also knew this was an opportunity for him to live out a dream of his and leave his indelible mark on the pages of history.

Frederick heard a loud cough and was brought back to reality. He realised he had been grinning like an idiot. He noticed the odd expression on Leon's face and was about to ask him about it when the door opened once again, and an old man strolled in, followed by the maid from before.

The old man had been Court Physician for more than twenty years and was named Dieter von Mend. His family the von Mends had held the position for as far back as the founding of the country. He walked over and nodded to Leon before he bowed before Frederick.

"Your Highness, what seems to be the matter? The maid came rushing in while I was tending to your Father claiming that you had suffered another injury. Fortunately I had already finished up with your Father. Now let me see your head." Dieter calmly spoke and then carefully took Frederick's head into his hands.

Frederick felt Dieter poke his head a couple times, mutter something incomprehensible and click his tongue a few times before he let go and looked over at Leon.

"Sir Leon, I'm assuming you and His Highness fought and he then smacked his head against this bedpost?' Dieter asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes, we tumbled around for a bit, and I pushed him a little too hard and he accidentally hit the bedpost. Is there anything wrong with him?" Leon admitted ashamedly and then asked with concern.

"Hmm… His Highness seems to be a little disoriented which is normal in these circumstances, after all being hit on the head twice in the span of a few days is definitely not normal. Fortunately nothing worse came of this. Your Highness, please rest for a few more days, you are not to work. Your mind is stressed, perhaps a stroll around Erlangen can allow you to relax. I will take my leave now. Sir Leon, please do not fight His Highness again, at least not while he is still recovering."

Frederick sat up and watched Dieter leave the room. Leon still stood in front of the bed and looked at him with concerned eyes. He noticed the maid was still standing by the door and feeling hungry he asked her to bring him some food. She immediately obeyed.

Leon quickly apologised to Frederick and left his room. Frederick sat there and wondered how this new life of his would turn out. If there was one thing he regretted, it would be that he had been unable to say goodbye to his parents. After all, he had been their one and only hope for the future.

Since he could not realise that dream in his last life. He would make sure to be the hope of this country, Erlitz.


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