26 chapter 26
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Author :Rottentothecore
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26 chapter 26

Next morning Ethan get ready and came downstairs. When Iris saw Ethan she smiled and said to Ethan "come have breakfast first". Others were already sitting and eating, Ethan also sits down and ate a little. He didn't eat until his stomach was full because he knows that it will affect his performance.

He didn't know what will be the test, but he thought that it will probably fight with someone here or something.

After breakfast guildmaster stand up and said to Ethan "let's start your test." He then leads Ethan to the basement. Other members also followed, they want to see how much Ethan was really capable.

Ethan was standing in the center of ground and waited for his opponent. When he saw his opponent he was rather surprised, he thought that Jayden or Kevin will be his opponent but unexpectedly guildmaster himself came as Ethan's opponent.

Guildmaster smiled and swing his sleeve and a crack in space appear beside him. From the crack came a small beast, pure white hair and red eyes it was a small bunny.

"I am a beast tamer, and your test is to beat this beast," Guildmaster said as he casually sits on the bench and become Spector himself.

Ethan read about this ability before, this is a unique ability that can only be used by those people who can produce Aura in their bodies naturally. He suspects that his sister was also taken because of this ability.

When Ethan saw the bunny that seems too harmless, but he didn't let his guard down. On hunting ground, Ethan saw different beasts that looked mostly harmless but they were really dangerous.

Ethan firm his grip on his sword that was provided by Jayden. Jayden gives the same sword that Ethan was using when he was in black eye camp. Ethan was wandering when Jayden picked up his sword and fix it, it became unusable after it was frozen by Simon.

The bunny starts running toward Ethan in full speed. When it was running its body starts getting bigger and bigger until it becomes as big as an adult and starts sprinting on his two back feet, it hands also become as human shaped.

The bunny was so fast that Ethan only saw blur image of bunny when it was already behind Ethan. It punched at the back of Ethan, Ethan didn't turn around but directly roll forward and dodge the attack of the bunny.

The bunny started running toward Ethan again when it saw that Ethan has dodged its attack and punch again. Ethan who just stands up after rolling defends its attack with his sword.

Ethan thought that the attack off bunny must be really powerful but it wasn't that powerful as he thought but still, it sends Ethan several steps back.

Ethan now starts his counterattack he was going to be in disadvantage if he only defends himself. Ethan swings toward bunny but unexpectedly bunny didn't choose to take Ethan attack head on instead it retreated.

Ethan follows it and swings his sword on it again and again but it dodges them easily. Ethan even tried to attack from the blind spot but it also didn't work.

Bunny always tried to attack Ethan from behind but Ethan didn't let him get behind him again. First time Ethan was caught off guard because of its transformation and speed but after exchanging some moves with it Ethan gasps it speed and didn't let get it behind him again.

15 minutes passed but Ethan still didn't able give wound to bunny at all, well he also didn't get any injury from bunny but Ethan was running low on stamina. He can't compete with a beast who has a superior body than humans and on top of it was a speed type.

After 15 minutes passes the bunny turned in his former form absurdly and ran toward guildmaster who was on the bench.

Ethan sends a questionable look toward guild master. Guildmaster stands up from his seat and said "sorry, but you failed the test."

When Ethan heard this he looked upset for a second before turning back to his usual emotionless expression. He didn't know, how he going to find Amelia without their help. When guildmaster point out that he will not able to find Amelia without someone influence who will able him to keep eye on the black eye like him, now that he had failed the test he doesn't know what to do.

Ethan's upset look was for an only split second but Nelson notices it. When Jayden heard this he came toward guildmaster and said in low voice "guildmaster, why you failed him? It was impressive that he was able to stand against an angry bunny without using any movement technique."

"if we give him the time he will surely become an outstanding fighter in the future," Jayden said.

"Well, Right now he needs our help, so he will think that we force him to join our guild and he will be uncooperative in the future. I don't want this, so if he wants to join our guild he must come himself." Guildmaster said and looked toward Ethan who was not standing too far away and said "now what will you do Ethan, as I said before I will help you find your sister regardless of the result. So you don't have to worry about that."

Ethan said, "give me another chance, I will beat that bunny."

"no, you can't it's not a wild beast that you used to fight. I am the one who controls it and I can say for sure that you will not able to beat it." Guildmaster said as a matter of fact.

"Well, how about it, you can stay here with us until we find your sister if you want to join our guild by then I will again test you," Guildmaster said and waited for Ethan response.

Ethan was deep in thought, he didn't want to bother these people but he will not able to find Amelia without there help.

As guild master knew what Ethan was thinking he said "you will not be a bother, you will be a temporary guildmember. You will live here, there are many free rooms." Guildmaster paused a little and added, "but most importantly you have to respect me as guildmaster and other members and follow our rules."

When he didn't hear the response of Ethan then he said: "if you don't want to then it will be alright."

"no, I will become temporary guildmember of your guild and I will do anything as long as you will help me find my sister," Ethan said as he made his decision.

Guildmaster smiled and said, "then welcome to our guild." He then waves at other members

"let me introduce them." Guildmaster said as others came toward them.

"you know him but let me introduce him again, he is Jayden, he is a teacher in academy city," Guildmaster said as he introduces Jayden.

"As Kevin, he is a student in academy city and he likes to laze around," Guildmaster said and looked toward Kevin who was looked like he can not stand on his foot even for a minute.

"Next is Iris, she is a healer and runs a small clinic in the city. And the girl you saw yesterday is the daughter of Iris, her name is Remi."

"In last me, I am guild master of this guild which is known as Crow, Nelson." Guildmaster self-introduce himself and added, "this is a small guild with few members there is one more member that is not around I will introduce her on a later date."

"you can treat these people like your own family and of course they will also treat you as a there family, even if you are only a temporary member." Guildmaster said with a smile on his face "I will send the rules and regulation of our guild later."

Ethan nodded and said nothing. Jayden came to Ethan and patted on his shoulder and said: "welcome to our little family."

Than Jayden turn around and said, "let's celebrate." "okay" others said in unison even Kevin who still looked like a lazy bum said with excitement in his voice. Ethan thought they must really like to party.

Jayden then said to Kevin "let's go to the market and buy ingredients for our feast tonight."

"why me I don't want," Kevin said but Jayden takes him with himself forcefully.

As Iris, she came to Ethan and said in a sweet voice "let's wait for them upstairs." Ethan follows her without saying anything.

Ethan didn't show but he was grateful that iris heal his wound her ability was really good she instantly heal him. If not her Ethan was still in pain right now.

There was respect in Ethan's heart for these people who show kindness to him when they can simply ignore him after taking him out of black eye camp. But they didn't only treat his wound but also give him shelter to live. Ethan resolves himself that he will help these people, in any way he can.


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