Casanova of the Argent Clan
52 Returning to the Deva World
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Casanova of the Argent Clan
Author :K_ur_e
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52 Returning to the Deva World

Asher was lying down on a massive couch in the living room of his mansion, thinking back to the new information he got from his fifth brother Pandora.

'He wants me to become a leader of the younger generation, make them all our subordinates...'

Asher thought it was a pretty difficult task, he also had to convince his family to not kill too many God Beast's and anger them. Pandora gave him talismans that let the God Beasts know who were allies.

Asher sat upright on the couch and looked toward his right hand

There was a shiny and thick green ring that was many times heavier than it looked, wearing it was a sort of training in itself towards his physical strength.

The elegant green ring was previously a tree, Asher communicated with the soul of the Deva World and since it could take on any shape, he molded and wore it as a ring on his middle finger.

Asher activated his Deva Tattoo to communicate with the Deva World ring and his vision blurred as his body disappeared from the living room.

Asher found himself in a familiar small world filled with many gorgeous ecosystems and natural landscapes that resembled the real ones, he deeply inhaled and exhaled the perfect air and Spiritual Qi in this Divine ranked Spirit Artifact as he looked around.

"This place never ceases to amaze me."

Asher deeply said after looking at the Deva World, he soon closed his eyes to locate who he came here for.

Asher witnessed Isabella and Ashley currently going through the Deva Trials and smiled.

He previously told them that going through the Deva Trials would vastly increase their strength and before he could say anything else they quickly agreed.

They didn't want to be dead weight to Asher and wanted to do everything in their power to help him.

"Good girls"

Asher said with a smirk, it was truly fortunate to have two beautiful servants that would do anything for you.

Asher was the master of this small world and could send Isabella and Ashley his messages even if they were far away from each other.

They shivered once they heard Asher's charming voice and clenched their fist in determination, they were going to try their absolute hardest to ascend the Deva Trials!

Asher shook his head with a smile as he saw their immense motivation to improve.

He wouldn't see them for a year or so, the Deva Trial-grounds had an array that sped up time compared to the outside world for some reason.

Asher tried to deactivate it but didn't know anything about arrays, he could only accept not seeing them for a whole year.

Asher located the one other person training inside his Deva World, Chloe.

She was currently playing with an immature Kun Peng.

"Hey" Asher's voice rang out from behind her.


Chloe got startled from the sudden noise, but happily called out once she saw who it was.

Chloe was about to run up to him but stopped as she remembered something and crossed her arms.

"What's wrong?" Asher asked with a confused look

Chloe turned her beautiful head to the side and harrumphed

"You know...I can see the outside world from inside the Deva World."

Asher's mouth opened as he could clearly tell she witnessed him and Jade.

He looked at Chloe's angry expressions and sighed while he said

"Well, if you care about it so much then you can just break the Star God Necklace.

You are also it's master so it would break if you commanded it to, our vow to the heavens would be null if the necklace was destroyed." Asher feebly said as he looked away.

Chloe actually started crying after hearing Asher's heartless words.

"You are willing to throw me away, just like that!"

Chloe said as more tears trickled down her cheeks.

Asher sighed once more as he looked at Chloe, he walked up to her and said with a serious voice

"I thought you weren't happy, I didn't mean it like that...I really do care about you."

Asher said as he took Chloe's supple body into his embrace, trying to apologize for his previous words.

"I just don't want to be forgotten after you get a new girl, do you know how it feels to me?! You get with a beautiful new girl, how should I know that you won't just leave me after getting tired of me?!"

Chloe said as her soft lips trembled.

Asher slightly separated from Chloe, lifting her chin up, revealing an extraordinarily beautiful oval-shaped face with cherry blossom colored fox eyes, his heart skipped a beat at her beauty.

"You are a very pretty crier you know"

Asher said with a grin as he wiped the tears off of her now reddish cheeks.

Chloe hit his chest and tried to get out of his embrace as she said

"Stop it with your flowery words."

Asher hugged her escaping body tighter and softly said in her ear

"I will never leave you. You will ALWAYS be mine. Didn't we make a vow to the heavens?

I will never forget about you. You just have to look at the Star hanging from your neck as proof of our connection, you have nothing to worry about and we will always be together.


Chloe was still crying, but his meaningful words softened her tears a little.


Chloe's pretty cherry blossom eyes looked up at Asher hopefully.

'that was pretty easy' Asher thought to himself

'she already forgives me?'


Asher nodded as they stared at each other for an unknown amount of time, Asher eventually moved his face closer as he gave her a deep and passionate kiss...

"Hmph, you just did it with my friend Jade, we can continue once u get her slutty smell off you."

Chloe said with a pout as she pulled away from Asher.

"Ugh, fine, I need to go to class anyway, I'll see you later."

Asher said as he kissed Chloe on the forehead and disappeared, but he inwardly thought

'You will both be moaning together under me, haha it's just an inevitable thing'


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