Carrier in World of Chaos
3 dual type carrier?
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Carrier in World of Chaos
Author :junior_2000
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3 dual type carrier?

Tan li stopped in-front of a sixteen foot gate and behind which a big a giant tower reinforced by the transparent teemant rock which is same as glass except for the fact that it can be broken by the third tier with almost a ten strikes but a fourth tier can blow it away with a breath

After he neared the gate then a guy fully armed with the crystal guns

' these are at least second tiers and those guns pose danger to a third tier' pondered Tan li.he went near them, then one of the Guard by noticing the crystal powered bike.

"Excuse me sir , are you coming for the test "

"Yes , here is my id " Tan li shows the Id , and when he is about to leave he accidentally listens to guard's transmission

"Bro that guy doesn't doesn't even have a small amount of aura how can he be a Carrier "

"Yes this guy seems to go for a trial which he may even die just wasting our Hall master's precious time "

'ohh ! I don't produce any aura! ' this development made Tan li some what better.

'Either way it doesn't matter as long as I can pass the exam '

Then he went inside the building where he sees a number of people who are waiting for the exam to start.

Tan li feels that there are many equipment Capturing and scanning even though they are not entirely visible to first or second tier persons Tan lines can feel the energy fluctuations clearly.

Then a head of guard comes on the circular stage

"silence "

"our Hall master's will be here he is a fourth tier middle grade and only second to the Grand Hall master "

"this is a big headache ohh ..why does Hall master needs to preside over the test "

then he asks Tanli

" brother you seem not to know about Hall master " asks cao lin

" yes I am new here ." ,Tan li gave a impression of newbie to cao lin

"brother what is your name " asks cao lin

"Tan li from the east city"

"I expected it , brother by the looks itself you seem to rich " cao lin seems to be exited .

the guang shin city in which is the second strong base is divided into three sectors east city is the small place containing all the powers of the elite existed.after listening to name east city a chill erupted in the heart of the cao lin those only with highest

"brother what is your name ?" asks Tan li

"this ones name is cao lin " replies caolin . "the hall master picks only second tier high grade or above I have almost no chance "

' I guess I can have a chance to be selected ' thinks Tan li

Everyone stops what they are doing and waits in silence then a tremendous amount of pressure comes and a guy who is in mid twenty arrives with a heavy blade on his back.

Tan li sees many people breaking a cold sweat and some are trembling their feet except for some people who are strong mentally. the aura is unbearable . after some time the aura pressure stops .a voice which is aloud for all the thousand candidates reverberates in the hall saying " you all came here to be part of the nations army to protect the nation and its people"

"rights come through the responsibilities and its your responsibility to protect this nation which is in its infancy stage of stability due to waves of monsters every one who doesn't want to give it all and protect their country with their life can just fu*k off from this hall and go on and live in cowardice ."

this is truth, for every monster hordes many carriers are lost even if the tier 3 carriers are capable of dealing with 4th tier monsters individually a horde of second tier monsters attack can single handily defeated by the fifth tier person .

so the mortality ray is high , some people who didn't have hope left the hall and there are nine hundred or so people left in the hall .

"Every one has one chance to test their tier this is a energy stone is called ladata stone which can be used again and again for testing the carriers and this will change into the initial form before testing in ten seconds by absorbing "

every one is surprised by the stone the litmus energy stones which are expensive in ranks of the carriers which mainly change into a white brittle stone after a use .

this kind of stone is especially valuable for the organizations recruiting the carriers , like government and mercenary groups .

then starts the line for the testing mostly people in east city are elites so they are in the first among others and there is a guy with third tier grade high and is immediately recruited into the ranks since the third grade implies a battalion leader .

" Tan li" a officer calls out aloud .cao lin wishes Tan li a good luck .Tan li nods and goes to the

place where the stone is kept . then Tan li places his hand and releases the energy he had in the body to the stone shines and gives an output which makes even hall master surprised.

There are two types of energy showing up in the stone and they are clearly a second tier high grade .there are less than ten dual carriers in the city and new one is recognized today ,on outside the people are surprised and are telling news to the companies.

inside the mind of Tan li a sound which says

" host released enough energy to restart the system and identify the surroundings"

"congratulations on becoming the Dual carrier(can be up-gradable)"

"congratulations on becoming a space energy carrier and a sub-carrier in ice "


Tan li asks the hall master " is this enough for me to be recruited ".

Hall master says " yes ,this can make you a third tier carrier of high grade"

" this is your token and bind it using energy and you can be part of the Carriers society"

Tan li binds and smiles and starts his journey back to ouyang's home after telling farewell to cao lin who just passed the test with second tier middle grade


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