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Carrier in World of Chaos
Author :junior_2000
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2 New world

The main changes are air around globe became heavy due to a multi fold increase in the energy in air .

The mines are located on the meteorite,which contain energy crystals, one can use them to increase the power level and upper limits of the level are unknown.

The half of meteorite is in lost continent which is ruled by ULTIMUM FORCES.

There are many people who have control over energy are called as carriers and they had more privileges than people called non-carriers who cannot use the energy more than a trivial part

Or the people who cannot even sense the energy.

In the four years the mainstream society changed into two parts mainly the people having power are having more voice than the ones who remained normal ,under the world government parallel guilds/associations are formed. they are affiliated to world government . govt is head of all the groups.

All the business are given licenses .All the carriers are to be registered in World government carrier badge after passing a test which is crude since the carriers are common four years ago. First test will be a test on physical strength.

In this participant will deadlift weights made of teemant rock which is found in mines where low quality diamond but whole mines are changed .

it became a roughly ten times heavier and it also has some energy stored but the absorbing from it is harder than absorbing from surroundings.So none will try absorb the energy from it but the weight is enormous so it is used as the test material.

The weight is almost 2000 jin for one square foot block having a inch width.that is a base weights for any test that is 4000 jin .

If a carrier can lift that to a one foot and can hold it for three breaths then he can pass first part of the test .

Second test is about the energy output by the carriers and this is carried out by the world govt standardized transparent crystals which are given out to all the test centers around places ruled by the govt .

These are graded low, mid , high, epic. Higher the grade harder to produce the effect.implies that stronger one can only use higher grade ones.lower ones will explode .

These crystals are called litmus crystals which absorb the energy from the user and give a characteristic output ,which will be a display of the person's energy Displayed.but it will turn the crystal to white at end.

For example if a carrier with lightning ability infuses the energy in a transparent crystal then there will be the enhanced version in the crystal not affecting outside the crystal.One can view the form of the lightning and also the energy tier of the person by brightness.

If a person's tier is second tier middle grade and above they can join as a carrier.

Let us take a city of a half a million people.Then at most three guys will be having the fourth tier carriers who are overseers of the rules and final word in the city. There will be hundreds of third tier carriers

Second tier will be almost in ten thousands and total registered carriers will be almost 3 in 4 ratio means almost a 0.8 million people are carriers.army for an normal city will be consisting of the a hundred hundreds of carriers. They will given allowances and security from external forces for their family

What happens to the non-carriers they are weakest part of the society

The govt tried to make them as brain of the society.they are most involved in the research of the energy and its mysteries and are reason new technology is developing and govt could ward off hordes of the monsters and keep peace inside the city.

Monsters which adapted to new environment are sensitive to energy ripples which are produced by any carriers

Most important of these is a Protection Barrier which hides all the energy also makes the monsters think that there is a black hole which is intimidating for them.

If 20 non-carriers and a first tier carrier with a low grade are in for a fight then the carrier can sweep the floor with non-carriers even if he is not trained.

But even a tier one monsters are intimidating existence for first tier. So the a group of first tier will battle first tier monsters.

Tan Yuan who cut the meteorite is a fifth tier fire carrier.and he is not a core member of the ULTIMUM FORCES.This is also a reason which made the govt to stop the action against them.

strongest man in govt is Ouyang Guanting who is a carrier of spatial energy and he is a carrier of sixth tier and epic grade. he is the head of carrier association in govt and grandpa of Ouyang Desheng.

Which he always feels proud . Ouyang Guanting saved a city in Asca from a multi horde(at least a ten thousand in number)of the third tier lightning wolves which are known to be aggressive by teleporting all of them into void and suffering a backlash for a day which is a impossible feat even for any sixth tier carrier.

Even before the chaos period he is known for the security detail of the Acsa country.

All the material is either hunted or produced by some raw materials or by mining in the transformed mines or directly from meteorite.

Surprisingly all the theories in martial arts about energy starts become true which makes the teaching monastery a place where a carriers train.

All types of associations based on the carriers,but only guys who couldn't join carrier association will join other association .

Tan Li slowly checks the news in the websites ,' oh god just four years can change world in to a whole different place ' sighing clicks cappuccino button on coffee machine . This developing is too much for any person . after drinking it,'oh! ,Desheng applied for the recruitment I need to be on time ' then changes into training suit and hops on a crystal powered bike and starts for the test .


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