Carrier in World of Chaos
1 Start of Chaos
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Carrier in World of Chaos
Author :junior_2000
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1 Start of Chaos

it is a peaceful Sunday night . Tan Li became elated as he won a match with world no 1 player in a death match online game called world of war.

So, he went out for a ramen in a nearby restaurant . since he is a regular customer the chef directly places a ramen with garlic and pork on the table . after getting ramen , Tan Li says "thank you very much " and starts eating.

Suddenly a wave which feels like water and transparent hits everyone .every one feels that the are suffocated but it lasts for a few seconds.

After the wave hits everyone were shocked and they thought something is wrong with the restaurant and a customer resumes eating but the weird thing is chopsticks are bent and in a fright he hits a chair which is also bent according to his hand as if it is made of rubber. he was terrified and runs out of the restaurant with speed which looks like as huge wind passing by and all of the restaurant shakes.everyone inside is terrified by the speed of the guy who just went out side .

Then on that day many incidents started happening in the cities around the world.

Tan Li went home as fast as possible since the incident which took today is check there is a emergency broadcast on TV by president of UN saying that there was a huge meteorite suddenly appeared out of blue and it just landed on parafic ocean and it's a miracle that it didn't collide with Earth . Else humans would likely to be annihilated in an big disaster . Around the world there are incidents of people becoming abnormal or can control the natural powers.

The UN forms emergency meeting with all the countries and all of them form an alliance after there is an attack on the military base in Colorado and killing all the people who are fully armed to teeth and the cameras captured showed the humans are not killed by rpg's and personnel in the base had been killed by attackers' knives and blades . They called themselves "ULTIMUM FORCES FROM HELL" . To counter them UN formed a alliance and started world government i.e, world under one government. The president of world government is hidden due to the danger of the ULTIMUM FORCES.

Then Tan Li calls his brother Tan yuan to know where he is and they both meet at a bar to talk.there goes the big mistake in Tan Li's life,after getting into bar brothers have a big jug of beer. When Tan yuan is about to keep the jug down there is an explosion and everyone except for the bartender gets down for cover then the then four man squad of the bar engages in a fight.attacker is only a guy with looks of twenty ,none of the bullets can pierce skin.until all the magazines are empty squad shoots thinking that he will be dead but to their astonishment there is not even a scratch on his body only the clothes on him are torn.he then shouts " FOR THE ULTIMUM ". there is a wave of white gas and whole squad turns into a ice sculpture and then they scatter into bits of red snow flakes then he seals the door with ice and then starts walking towards bench under which Tan Li and Tan Yuan are present then he grabs Tan Li up and asks who is Tan yuan. Tan Li says that he is Tan yuan, tan Yuan also says he is the one .the guy gets pissed off and says who is not tan Yuan will die of he continues and the real Tan yuan is required for the ULTIMUM FORCES. Then yuan force fully says that he is yuan and other guy is his elder brother and begs ice guy not to kill his brother and he will do whatever ice guy says . Tan Li curses himself that he is powerless for the first time in his life. then that ice guy knocks off Tan Li and then takes away Tan Yuan in a ice cage.

Tan Li feels that his head is heavy and struggles to open the eyes .Then he realizes that he is in a hospital room even moving his eyes is painful and then he remembers the incident in restaurant .

Clenches his fists gritting the teeth he is saved by his own brother who used to hide from small problems behind him .then there is a headache and Tan Li loses the consciousness then he wakes up in a totally different space full of blackness then Tan Li thinks that this is a bad dream then hits himself he couldn't Feel the pain but he feels that he hit a tough wall made of energy there are ripples of the energy around his body and there are small wisps of energy and it form some characters around Tan Li and when Tan Li try to touch the it changes into a message into the mind of Tan Li and it says that a change occurred in the world everyone's body changed in to a entity which can use energy which is omnipotent . Tan Li gets a vague idea after absorbing much wisps of the energy in the space then again after some time the wisps disappear.

After sometime he sees a blue drop in his space and his body in the space will be absorbing that blue drop form,gets translucent and after that he gets conscious and then he sees that he is in same hospital room but there is a doctor at this time then Tan Li asks for what happened in the restaurant. Then, doctor introduces that he is a friend of Colonel Ouyang Desheng.

Who is taking care of him for four years and three months. wondering how did a need of new colonel came to the Country ,Tan Li waits for his friend to come and then suddenly near the bed a part of space will crack , then Ouyang comes of of it and hugs Tan Li saying that he missed him much this is golden day of the year .after seeing the doctor in the room Ouyang orders him to give reports of the health to Tan Li,tan Li gets awestruck by reports date Which is after almost a four years from the incident in the restaurant .Ouyang tells that he has a miraculous body which is discovered when the ice energy in the restaurant totally absorbed into Tan Li but due to excessive energy for the body is temporarily changed to a induced coma and even in coma the body absorbs the energy. Why didn't it wake Tan Li up after he is healthy is a mystery. Then ouyung tells that world changed after the chaos period and the in a year the ULTIMUM FORCES and GOVT FORCES came to a dead end and a agreement is made this lead to formation of two parts of the world. One with ULTIMUM FORCES and the other one formed by all the governments in the world combined which is the WORLD GOVERNMENT .

The meteorite which landed has many treasures but the one which released a lot of energy and made everyone know what happened to their body and other information related to using the energy is intuitively known by the people . the govt started the old martial arts schools in the area and many people started practicing the art of the energy, getting control of the energy and the weird thing is usage of the energy changed the way of world .then Tan Li asks about the Tan Yuan whereabouts and Ouyang says that he is a part of the ULTIMUM FORCES and played a major role in making no mans land and he also split the meteorite into half with a blade made a nickname "meteorite slicer" and is living a high positioned life in FORCES.

Then Ouyang removes a small crystal from pocket and says that it is called a energy crystal and its is a type which absorbs very small part of energy from the person and gives that a clear and visible change of the energy's form, Tan Li holds it and releases some energy crystal glows and give a major ice, minor space slits and green color energy.

Then some fire in the litmus crystal engulf the whole crystal and it will change into a normal white rock, this makes everyone in the room thinking about the real type of energy Tan Li can Use. and Ouyang tells that may be that crystal is defective and we can check later since it's just been a small time after the getting conscious so maybe then that affect the energy in body. Then Ouyang takes Tan Li out for a walk outside Tan Li is astonished by the massive buildings and constructions Ouyang says that there are many kinds of people and powers and one of them is making blocks of walls made of concrete.

There are construction companies who hire the people and give the training to build. Only thing is that they need much of energy and time if not trained .and they basically build all walls and by combining the main components In almost no time .

The energy crystals are not only became artificial but also cheaper. All because of ULTIMUM research in meteorite.

They are used to power all the vehicles , flying cars are common at this time. after knowing that his brother is still alive and strong enough that govt has to give face Tan Li heaves a sigh . Now starts a long journey of Tan Li in a world of chaos


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