A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
1030 Since There“s No Solution, I Will Just Enjoy Myself
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A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
Author :Whispering Jianghu
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1030 Since There“s No Solution, I Will Just Enjoy Myself

"It has been four hours! Despite just breathing in air and not absorbing any seawater, I still have not experienced any difficulties in breathing!"

"Eating that chicken and that amazing eggshell last night has really given me the ability to breathe on land!"

"My God! This is too amazing!"

Gina cried softly in excitement next to the huge fish tank.

The problem that had plagued the Lantisdeans for a thousand years, the curse that had imprisoned the merfolk in the deep sea, was resolved so easily.

If she had not experienced everything herself, she wouldn't have believed it. All this possible just because she ate a chicken?

There weren't any complicated practices, nor any painful procedures. She had attained the ability to breathe on land simply by eating a chicken blissfully.

Gina placed her hands on her chest and reverently said, "God, thank you for guiding me to find the man that you chose. You lifted the curse on me and showed Lantisde a way to the light.

"I will give everything to serve the spokesperson that you have chosen."

In the deep part of the Boundless Sea Realm, where the sunlight couldn't reach, everywhere was pitch black. Only the light from the gemstones shone in certain places.

The center altar.

The high priest, who was wearing a black robe, sat in the middle of the altar. Six illuminating gemstones lit up the altar.

A red and golden flame was dancing slowly but strongly in front of the high priest.

A merman wearing a golden robe and crown agitatedly said, "High Priest, Gina's Flame of Life is still burning, and it's becoming brighter and brighter as if she is still in Lantisde. Maybe she has already found the Chosen One?"

"Gina is fine… That's fantastic," a mermaid who was also wearing similar noble robes said chokingly with an excited expression.

"If Gina hasn't returned to the sea realm, she should have met the Chosen One and removed the curse. Otherwise, merfolk wouldn't be able to maintain their peak abilities on land," the high priest said in a hoarse voice, also filled with excitement.


The merfolk surrounding the altar were all ecstatic.

"But, the teleportation stones were all utilized by Princess Gina. How are we going to go to the Chosen One? If we cannot meet him, we are not able to lift the curse."

The merfolk around the altar began to quiet down as they became aware of the problem.

The Lantisdeans were trapped thousands of meters below the sea, and the Chosen One was only a human. It was impossible for him to come and save them at this depth.

"If Gina has already met him, she will try her best to bring him back. This is her calling and what she has been working toward for the past 18 years. She is the best seeker." The high priest's voice rang and reverberated through Lantisde.

It's so comfortable to breathe in air now, and it's just like breathing in the sea. Furthermore, I can eat the delicacies that Mr. Mag cooked every day and gaze at his handsome face. It's so comfortable that I don't even feel like going back to Lantisde.

Mr. Mag is only a human, so he can't breathe under the sea. If I brought him back to Lantisde, he would definitely drown! No! I cannot let Mr. Mag drown. What should I do if he drowns? But, what would happen to my people if I didn't bring him back?

Gina thought hard as she ate Yangzhou fried rice. However, she still couldn't come up with any good ideas even after racking her brains.

Since there's no solution, I will just enjoy myself.

However, she let things go very soon after, and immersed herself in the delicacy in front of her.

"Mr. Mag, do you have any tasks for me to do?" Gina pulled Mag aside after breakfast, and gestured at the ladies who were getting ready for opening hours.

These beautiful young ladies were all very hardworking. Mr. Mag had done so much for her, and even provided her with shelter and delicious food. How could she idle around and not do anything? Therefore, she also wanted to contribute to the restaurant.

"If you want to help…" Mag looked at Gina. Due to the language incompatibility, she couldn't be a server, and as someone used to eating her food raw, she obviously had no talent and ability in cooking. After much pondering, Mag decided to let Gina pacify the customers' children when they were in the restaurant.

There were many rules in Mamy Restaurant that endeavored to create a conducive environment for the customers' dining experience.

However, all these rules were indecipherable for those innocent little kids.

As the numbers of customers increased, there were also more crying and fussing children that affected the customers' dining ambience. This had also created a problem for him.

Because of Amy, he had begun to empathize with the parents' difficulties. A rule that banned children from entering was too cold and unfeeling, so he wasn't willing to set it. Gina's initiative had given Mag a new idea.

"Playing with the children?" Gina finally understood Mag's meaning after a while. She instantly nodded and smiled. "I love children the most. I believe I can successfully complete my task."

"Then, I will have to trouble you," Mag replied with a smile too.

Amy had gone to the magic potion shop for her lessons by herself, and the restaurant began its operation.

Due to the tofu pudding's amazing cosmetic effects, many housewives came to line up before the restaurant early in the morning. To them, making themselves look younger and prettier was a secret weapon for keeping their men, who gradually liked to stay out, at home. The tofu pudding's cosmetic effects were very obvious, and had rejuvenated many married ladies, so it was gradually getting famous in the rich and noble ladies' circle.

The young married ladies usually came with children, and many of those children still need to be carried. They couldn't bear to leave them home; hence, very soon after service started, crying of children could be heard.

Furthermore, this crying seemed to be infectious. One became two and two became four. Soon, the crying could be heard throughout the restaurant.

Although the customers didn't say anything, displeasure could be seen on their faces. Everyone just wanted to eat their breakfast in peace and start their new day happily, but all these piercing cries made them feel frustrated. They couldn't calm down and enjoy their food even when they had delicacies in front of them.

The mothers with children apologized embarrassingly and tried to pacify their children, but these children seemed to be in a competition where they were trying to outdo one another with their crying, and they had no intention of stopping.

"Little guy~ Watch this little fishy do a flip."

Right at this moment, Gina came out of the kitchen carrying a small basin—there was a red carp in it. She approached a crying child with a smile and waved her finger in the air. The red carp in the basin leaped out of the water, did a flip in midair, and returned to the basin again without splashing a drop of water.

That child stopped crying instantaneously, and stared at the red carp with teary eyes as if he had seen something unbelievable.

"One more." Gina's finger waved again.

The red carp leaped up high again, did a flip, and went back to the basin.


That child laughed happily and even started to clap.


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