87 Extra: Summers Stories #9 - Final Confession
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Author :JD246
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87 Extra: Summers Stories #9 - Final Confession

Mikael stared steadily at the extended hand.

"If we dance, will you explain what is going on?"

"Of course." Larkin smiled.

Mikael blushed as he took Larkin's hand into his own.

As they stepped onto the dance floor, a soft classical melody filled the room.

The two proceeded to dance.

Suddenly, both the men's appearances changed. The two looked as they did back in their days as members of The Organization.

"You look..." Mikael began, his eyes twinkling.

Just as they spun, he noticed his physical changes in a reflection as well.

"So," Larkin cleared his throat.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions..." He chuckled.

"Yes well, will you answer them or will you proceed to dodge them?"

"Ouch!" Larkin let out a hardy laugh.

"I suppose I deserved that, huh?"

"Mm." Mikael nodded unenthusiastically.

"First," Mikael paused.

"Am I dead?"

Larkin looked at him, as they spun.

"Nope," he began.

"This is only a dream." He smiled, almost sadly.

"I see..." Mikael whispered.

"Good because I'm not sure I want to think about how Iris Azalea would react upon seeing my corpse." He laughed nervously.

"Aha..." Larkin chuckled.

"Larkin..." Mikael whispered.

"Why are you so quiet...?"

Just as he asked that, another song came on. This time it was an uplifting, much more lively melody.

As the music changed, yet again so did their appearance. This time they appeared just as they did during the days they were busy raising their family.

"I'm going to be honest," Mikael began.

"I think this is the sexiest you've ever looked in your life." He smiled as he broke out into laughter.

Larkin quickly blushed, then proceeded to laugh as well.

"I don't know, I personally really enjoyed you with long hair." He laughed, then looked steadily at the floor.

"Even if it was for a moment that I got to enjoy that look..." He whispered.

Mikael's eyes twinkled.

"Larkin..." He whispered.

The music once again shifted. This time it was a slow, bittersweet melody.

As the melody shifted, so did their appearances.

The men looked as they did in the present.

"W-wait..." Mikael began.

"Does this mean...?"

Larkin closed his eyes, smiling sadly as he gently spun Mikael.

"Larkin!" Mikael cried.

"Please..." Tears began to fill his eyes.

"YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME, NOT AGAIN!" He cried out, sobbing.

Larkin's eyes widened, as tears formed in his eyes as well.

"Mikael..." He whispered as he slowly began to disintegrate.

"Look at me please," he pleaded, smiling sadly.

Mikael looked up tearfully.

"I've wanted to tell you for so long so please, listen!" Larkin cried out.

"Mikael Landon..." He whispered, gently caressing Mikael's cheek.

"I love you..." He whispered.

"I love you so much..." Before his body completely disintegrated, Mikael saw a gentle, yet victorious smile curl Larkin's lips.

As Larkin completely vanished, Mikael fell to his knees.

"YOU SELFISH ASSHOLE!" He screamed, banging his fists on the dance floor.


"LARKIN!" He sobbed wildly.

After a few moments, Mikael sat up. Taking a few deep breaths he gulped.

"I-I..." He sniffled.

"You knew..." He whispered.

"You knew I loved you..." He swallowed hard.

"Larkin Olsen," he continued.

"Just know, I will always love you..." He whispered, smiling to himself as the room and the dance floor faded.


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